How about making a curtain box at home?

In fact, in today’s era of light decoration and decoration, curtain boxes still exist for a long time, especially in some European style decoration. There is also a ceiling decoration in the hall. Many decoration companies have made curtain boxes and ceilings. The incidental curtain box is still necessary. So in the end, how big the curtain box should be, this should be no standard.
After our actual combat experience, the depth of the curtain box (deep up and down) is recommended to be 10 cm to 15 cm. This can cover the track and facilitate the removal and removal of the curtains later. If it is deep, it is not easy for non-professionals to remove the curtains from the curtain box that is too deep. I believe that many mom-level owners have experience. The width of the curtain box (width before and after) is recommended to be 12 cm to 15 cm. This should be noted that the width is very important. The need depends on how many layers of curtain fabric you design. For a normal single layer, ten centimeters is enough. Especially not recommended to be within 10, so too small, will often pull, when pulling the curtain cloth, the double layer will rub, or even pull. Even if you only do a single layer, we also recommend that you do more than ten centimeters, unless you are sure that you are going to be a single layer, and you don’t want to add a double layer in the future. Here, we must also pay special attention to the case, in the case of a single layer, no matter whether you install curtains or window covering products, the box can not be too deep, the important thing is the window covering products, too small and too deep, there is no way to install the window coverings, see It can be installed, but there is no installation space, so it can’t be installed. The owners have to pay attention, especially the design elites of the decoration company. In reality, we are miserable by you.

If you want to do three or four layers, it is recommended to do 15 cm to 20 cm. The three layers are: cloth, yarn, and three layers. This is the most reasonable of fifteen centimeters, so that they do not rub each other. If the four layers: cloth, yarn, shade cloth, and four layers, it is strongly recommended to be more than 20 cm. Of course, it is also possible to sew the shading surface to the cloth together, which is also possible, and can reduce the space occupied by the curtain fabric. But not conducive to cleaning. Of course, you can hang the cloth and the blackout cloth in seasons, hang the blackout cloth in the summer, and hang the curtain cloth in the winter.

The total length of the curtain box, which is at least 20 cm to 30 cm wider than the side of the window, so that the light of the glass is blocked when the curtain fabric is tightened. It can also be more opaque when used! Of course, the wall is OK. According to personal preference.

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