How about ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite panels?

Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board is a new type of building material. It has better impact resistance than ordinary natural stone. It is only 8~11kg per square meter. It is 1/7 of the weight of ordinary natural stone, but its compressive strength is it. 3 to 5 times of the total, it completely overcomes the defects of large weight and fragility of natural stone, and provides a new generation of building materials with better performance and wider application fields. The ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board is simply a composite of 3Mm ~ 5mm stone sheet and aluminum honeycomb substrate through the adhesive, which not only saves the stone material but also reduces the weight of the finished product, and can better reflect the stone effect in some In buildings with high requirements for load bearing. However, since these materials have not been used in our country for a long time, and have not been widely used in building curtain wall decoration, we must pay attention to the fact that the quality of composite boards cannot be judged by the common knowledge and physical and chemical indicators of ordinary stone. Professional testing institutions to detect, especially the bonding strength, aging resistance, water resistance and deformation coefficient of the surface material and the substrate.
Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite panel features:

1, light weight: stone honeycomb composite panel marble can be only 3Mm thick, saving a lot of cost, load on the building It is the best choice in case of restrictions.

2. Increased strength: After the composite of stone and aluminum honeycomb panel, the bending, bending and shear resistance of the stone are obviously improved, and the damage rate during transportation, installation and use is reduced.

3, anti-pollution ability: ordinary marble board in the process of installation or after use, half a year or a year, the surface of the marble appears a variety of discoloration and stains. The stone honeycomb composite panel back bolt can be used to avoid the rubber contamination of the metal pendant and the stone joint.

4, easier to control chromatic aberration: because the marble composite board is cut into 3 pieces or 4 pieces with 1m2 original board into 3M2 or 4m2. The 3, 4m2 pattern is almost 100% identical to the color, so it is easier to ensure the consistency of color and pattern when used in large areas.

5, easy to install: due to the above characteristics, in the installation process, easy to install, improve efficiency and safety.

6, sound insulation, moisture-proof: composite board made of aluminum honeycomb panel and marble, because of its hollow hexagonal honeycomb core made of acoustic hexagon, soundproof, moisture-proof, heat-insulated, cold-proof Performance. Therefore, these characteristics far exceed the performance characteristics of ordinary marble slabs.

7, reduce costs: because the stone composite material is thinner and lighter, it reduces the cost in transportation and installation, and for the more expensive stone varieties, the composite board is made to different degrees than the original board. The finished board is cheaper.

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