How do all the smart home products coexist harmoniously?

Some people say that it is a matter of switching a light, and it seems to be complicated by the field of intelligent lighting. Do you want to make so many colors at home? Do you want to open the APP when you want to turn off the lights? When the smart home enters our lives, the lighting becomes incredible, controversy and imagination are in the same place, and the future can be expected.

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Speaking of smart lighting, what keywords can you think of? Remote switch lights, time switch lights, color temperature adjustment lights … … Well, this means that you are not a smart white, but It is not enough to know only these. Today’s smart lighting has been refreshed by new technology, and it has been endowed with humanistic connotations: you can not only see the changes of spring flowers, summer, autumn and winter snow from a lamp, but also feel the love and dependence of couples. .

Boutique T-stage

Philips show “4 o’clock

People are born in four seasons, by extracting the tones of the four seasons in Chinese ancient poetry, Philips show creates A “four-hour theme space” allows users to recall the four seasons at any time according to their mood or season: spring flowers, summer, autumn, and winter snow. A little & ldquo; spring flower pattern, visible on the lampshade “Peach Blossom Spring Green, with pink and light green to show the spring blossoms in front of the scene; call out “summer mode, cool colors let the blue sky and white clouds come into view, but also In the autumn, it adds a touch of coolness; in the fall, it can be adjusted out, “Qiu Xia, the room has a “Landscape and the lonely sky, the autumn water has a long-lasting feeling; for the Guangzhou people who have not seen the snow all year round,” The winter snow mode lighting can solve the pain of Acacia on the snow.

Philips show “Luxury”

“ Humanities use the three idioms of the game to set the scene light effect, “game world,” “night night Yangko,” If you are a game fan, open the game at this moment, you can let the gorgeous light with you to play a king of glory; alone Lele is not as good as the music, invite friends to come home to play at the weekend, open at this time “all night, Yangge, Open the party mode; everyone is exhausted, & ldquo; leisure clouds wild cranes let you enjoy the fullness of the wine and lean on the lounge chairs on the balcony, waiting for the passage of time, you can see a sunset from a lamp. The Philips Show Smart Lighting System allows you to quickly adapt to different situations in different scenarios.

Philips Show “Love”

The theme of the intelligent lighting system explains the Chinese feelings about love: lovesickness, love, and dependence. The blue tone is turned on, it is for “Acacia”; the red tone is for “love, and the pink tone is for “dependence.” The creation of the atmosphere can promote the burst of hormones. Philips intelligent lighting is not just a simple switch or voice control, but can adapt to different emotional needs in all aspects of life, for the needs and for the needs.

Sony Smart Lights


Sony’s smart light unit Mu ltifu n ctio na lLight, built-in humidity sensor, can transmit humidity data to air conditioner, constant temperature Equipment such as equipment. The luminaire also has a built-in microphone and speaker that can be used as a home intercom system. It is no exaggeration to say that Sony has almost all of Amazon’s smart audio Echo technology built into the luminaire, and this luminaire is more like a small flying saucer.

Ubiant Smart<;Candlestick

Ubiant’s device called Lum inion looks like a “candlestick,” but it can be a smart home device. center. Lum inion’s upper half can emit different colors of light, and U biant’s cloud solution is built in to integrate smart home energy consumption, family member health data management and artificial intelligence.

It is reported that Lum inion has a large number of sensors and N FC modules built in, which can display the current smart home data in the whole home in real time. Users can also connect to NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets via the My Apps application. For many people, it also has a very beautiful decorative effect, or a colorful smart “candlestick.”

Live Experience

Intelligent Lighting & ldquo; Unlimited Potential in Xiuwaihuizhong

Recently, Philips Lighting has created 5 equipments in the creative space of Shanghai Huaihai Zhong Road. The hardcover rooms of Philips “Showing Intelligent Lighting System” let the media from all over the country experience the personalized intelligent lighting system of “5 Days, 4 Hours, Mo Yun, Humanities and Love” to showcase personalized intelligent lighting. “Under the potential of Xiuwaihui.” Philips lighting designer introduced that for Chinese users, in addition to the basic lighting functions, lighting is also an important part of the home atmosphere, and the intelligent lighting system displayed this time through the season (one day, four o’clock), occasions ( The three aspects of ink rhyme, humanity, and mood (love), from the life of the day to the life of the four seasons, from the world of humanities to the world of inner emotions, show the Chinese understanding of light, and in different scenarios. The need and use of light.

Seeing is believing, the experience of the scene also makes the reporter feel deeply: everyone’s mobile phone,Can turn into the color palette of the room, and you can call up the lighting and atmosphere you want. It turns out that lighting can be so smart and so literary. Intelligent lighting is not to say that the pursuit of high brightness and high functionality, but to meet our daily needs, with mood changes.

The most impressive thing is that the four-time model room, Philips show the spring season, summer, autumn, winter snow changes in the same space in the same space, “in the past, human In keeping with the weather, now, using technology, we can let the day come to our mood. The designer of the Philips show told reporters.

Because the Chinese have a deep feeling for the ink and wash landscape, the intelligent lighting system of the ink theme meets the Chinese people’s emotional and ambience needs. The designer believes that the ink is not pure black, the ink is divided into five colors, coke, thick, heavy, light, clear, plus white, collectively said “six colors.” In the ink rhyme, “ink” uses the different color temperatures of white light to create a layering similar to Chinese ink painting, while the colored light strips placed on the cabinets, under the sofa, and behind the mirror show Danqing (red, Blue) and the color of rice paper (yellow).

The Philips white light atmosphere lighting series launched this time meets a series of needs from ceiling lamps, floor lamps to table lamps, and then with color light atmosphere lamps, Philips Hue G o portable Magic lights and light strips have opened up a new world of intelligent lighting for domestic consumers.

It seems that magical operation on the designer’s hand will be difficult to master. Technology white does not have to worry, in fact, the operation is very simple, can be controlled by the new Hu eA pp. If you don’t want to hold your phone all day, you can also control the luminaire with a wireless dimmer. H ueA pp is mainly divided into “home,” “leave, “wake up, and “sleep” several modes, you can choose different scenes, and the brightness, color, color temperature, etc. of each light in the scene. Adjustment. According to Philips Lighting, the Hue smart luminaire contains red, blue and blue wicks, which can be used to match 16 million colors.

In the field of intelligent lighting, Sony’s smart luminaire, the ultifunctional Light, is also on the list. How intelligent is it? It is reported that the built-in motion sensor of the luminaire can sense that the user is located in the room. Directly turn on the TV; and the LED bulb color version launched by Xiaoye Eco-chain’s lighting company Y eelight, compared with the Yeelight LED white light bulb, adds 16 million colors based on the remote control and brightness adjustment function. More abundant, such as warm color is suitable for dating, birthday, cool color can meet better viewing needs.

Reporter’s observation

How do smart home products “harmony?”

Some people say that it is a matter of switching a light to the field of intelligent lighting. It seems to be complicated. Do you want to make so many colors at home? Do you want to turn on A PP when you want to turn off the lights? Actually, the mood is not a necessity. You only want to hang a fluorescent lamp, and you want to eat a cup of tea. Also rises as usual. But it is undeniable that many young people who like to try new things are far more accepting of smart products than we imagined. Their pursuit of personalization is far more than their predecessors.

From the experience of the reporter’s site, the process of using Hue APP to control the luminaire is not complicated, and it is easier to get started, but if you want to use more smart home products, the operating experience will not become This is complicated. This is also the problem faced by many smart home brands. After all, when the smart home rises, many people’s homes often don’t have only one brand and category of products. At present, there is no unified standard for smart home brands on the market. How to integrate multiple functions in one platform will also be smart home. One of the keys to the popularity. Intelligent lighting systems are no exception.

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