How do we overcome the pain point to purchase a household water purifier?

Although the household water purifier has become the current market, “just need, but after the expert research, it is found that there are still many blind spots when consumers purchase the water purifier, and even there is a blind election. The phenomenon of purchasing a water purifier. In the end, what should you pay attention to when purchasing a household water purifier? This article teaches you how to overcome the pain points and purchase a household water purifier.

First, the storage bucket: the pain of secondary pollution

In addition, the early products of the RO reverse osmosis water purifier will have a pressure tank to achieve the ready-to-use effluent, because the RO membrane passes The slower rate makes it difficult to meet consumer demand for water output, so the water tank is used in early products. The benefits are obvious. When we turn on the faucet, the clean water in the storage pressure tank will flow out at high speed, and the user will not experience a bad experience such as long waiting time due to small water flow. However, due to the weak acidity of the purified water, the water storage tank has become a breeding ground for the bacteria, and the phenomenon of excessive bacterial flora has frequently occurred. The secondary pollution problem of the water storage tank is a headache.

Especially when we can’t continue to use the water purifier, this kind of phenomenon is especially obvious. After 3 days of business trip, we need to discharge the water source in the water tank for secondary filtration to avoid the situation of excessive bacteria. There is inconvenience in the use of consumption, and there is a waste of the environment again. Therefore, the water purifier designed by the traditional water storage bucket was abandoned, and the pain of secondary pollution of the water storage bucket was improved, that is, the purification method of the filter was more suitable for the habits of users today.

Second, the filter should be replaced: the pain of high cost of use

The water purifier is different from other products, and a large part of its cost of use comes from the replacement and maintenance of the later film. That is to say, the longer the life of the RO membrane, the lower the cost of use for us. Therefore, it is more necessary to choose a product with reasonable price and long RO membrane life. Although the sensitive price is important, it is built on the product and is easy to use. Durable based.

Selecting a big brand with core patent technology

The purchase will eventually fall into the brand selection and price range, which is also the sensitive area of ​​the consumer, then the consumer How to weigh the brand and price? The simplest is that we can judge whether the brand is trustworthy through market sales. After all, the truth in the consumer field is always in the hands of most consumers. How to judge the OEM products is also very simple, here we provide two identification methods.

1. Whether the brand you choose has unique core patent technology support;

Second, whether the brand has a complete service system can guarantee follow-up services.

Third, high proportion of concentrated water: wasted pain

We can safely say that although the RO membrane water purifier is safe, it is far from perfect. Due to the filtration principle, the initial RO membrane products have a large number of use experiences, and the users who used the RO reverse osmosis water purifier in the early stage have more say. Because the RO membrane purifies the water purification process, it will be discharged. “Concentrated water is also waste water. Generally, the ratio of clean water to wastewater in the market will reach 1:3, that is, we need to consume 4L of source water to get 1L of pure water. It guarantees its own health, but it runs counter to the green and healthy concept of environmental protection. This is the RO reverse osmosis principle water purification equipment maximum “drink point, after the technological changes, and the company’s continuous exploration efforts, to overcome such pain points of the product has become our preferred choice.

Through reasonable water circuit design, after reasonable reflow and high-quality RO membrane use, there are already 3:1 clean water-to-waste ratio products in the market, and only 3L is obtained when 3L of clean water is obtained. The waste water, such products are worthy of our purchase, while ensuring the health of our drinking water, we also take into account environmental protection and refuse to waste.

Purchasing water purifiers can help you become a water purifier. Experts: RO reverse osmosis products, high water-to-water ratio, long-lasting membrane life, brand must Hard enough, the price needs to be reasonable, it is not difficult to select a satisfactory water purifier after these points are met.

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