How does the villa for installing smart home become?

   Smart home is a brand new home concept. Different groups have different understandings of smart homes. Different families have different requirements for smart home functions. Smart home systems are often designed in a targeted manner based on the specific circumstances and actual needs of a family. Each family is not exactly the same.

  How to install a smart home?

   Let’s share a villa case and see how the family changed after the owner installed the smart system!

  1. Smart lighting

  Intelligent lighting system can control the intensity of the light, showing bright or soft in different scenes Light. The lighting fixtures in the living room are connected to the smart dimmer, allowing the lights in the living room to switch freely in a variety of color modes, or in the rhythm of rhythm and rhythm. The outdoor lights can also be automatically turned on or off depending on the surrounding environment, and the lights can be turned on or off remotely.

  2. Smart Linkage

  The light sensor connected to the system in the indoor garden can be made according to the intensity of the light reflected by the window. It is judged that when the indoor light is insufficient, the curtains will be automatically opened to maintain the indoor light and allow the plants in the garden to be fully illuminated.

  3. Air Conditioning Control and Environmental Sensors

  The HVAC of the owner’s home is connected to the intelligent control system and can be automatically operated according to changes in the surrounding environment. For example, when the indoor air quality is below a certain value, HVAC will turn on the ventilation mode, so that the user is always in a healthy environment. Of course, users can also control HVAC through wall mounted panels, mobile phones and other devices. For example, you only need to turn on your phone when you are ready to go home, and you can enjoy the comfortable temperature when you get home.

  4. Home theater

  Confined space environment, often suppressed by a turbid taste, in the host family The home theater can also maintain a comfortable air environment under the influence of the smart home system, and it also has a cinematic experience.

  5. Video Entertainment

  There are many room-controlled background music systems installed in the host, so that the owner can listen to the music at any time. Just take out your phone and push it with one click.

  6. Electric curtain system

  The electric curtain can intelligently control the curtain under the action of the illuminance sensor after the owner’s home is equipped with the electric curtain system. Opening and closing. It is also possible to remotely control the operation of the curtains, such as the switch, and the electric curtain can be turned on (closed) in addition to the remote control.

  7. Security and security

  Security and security include intelligent alarms, security monitoring, connection to smart door locks, scene simulation and more. The owner of the house installed a gas leak detection device for the kitchen. If the gas leaks, the system can automatically cut off the gas switch and report it to the owner. If the indoor smoke exceeds a safe level, the smoke detector will send a voice alarm through the background music, and send a reminder message to the owner’s mobile phone to effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

  8. Smart home timing function

  A busy day, the intelligent control system is ready for him at the moment of entering the bathroom Beautiful music, comfortableAllow the owner to relax at room temperature and water temperature.

  The home’s garage and landscape fountains are also equipped with intelligent controls to maximize the convenience of smart homes.


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