How long does it take to customize the cabinet? Custom cabinet installation methods and precautions

Customized cabinet installation, after kitchen wall, floor tile laying, ceiling completion get on. It usually takes 15-30 days to make a custom time. It takes 1 day to install the door, and it is installed on the same day as the stove.

Cabinet is the main device that makes up the kitchen cooking function. Customized cabinets installation is not as we imagined So simple, usually a professional master is required to install, otherwise if there is a problem in the process of custom cabinet installation, it will affect the later use. So, how long does it take to install a custom custom cabinet? Custom cabinet installation method and precautions What is it? What should you pay attention to when installing a custom cabinet?

How long does it take to customize the cabinet installation?

Custom cabinet installation, after the kitchen wall, floor tiles, and ceiling are completed. It usually takes 15-30 days to make a custom time. It takes 1 day to install the door and install it on the same day as the hood.

Custom cabinet installation method

1. Before custom cabinet installation, clearly define the size and installation position of the cabinet, the installation staff will sweep the space, the installation position and wall of the custom cabinet Face position measurement and mark, then proceed to the next step.

2. First install the cabinet. Before installing the cabinet, level the cabinet, right The position of the cabinet is adjusted. In this process, it is necessary to ensure that the cabinet is tightly connected.

3. Next, install the wall cabinet. When installing the wall cabinet, measure the crane on the wall. The size of the cabinet, the cabinet is about 700 mm from the table top, and the installation height can be measured according to the height. It also needs the seamless connection between the cabinets to ensure the stability between the cabinets. After installing the cabinets, adjust the level, otherwise it will be Affects the overall aesthetic.

4. Countertop installation: Kitchen decoration, which will lead to dimensional errors, custom cabinets The manufacturer installs the countertop after the ground and the hanging cabinet are installed, which is convenient for adjusting the possible tabletop error and ensuring the accuracy of the installation data.

8 precautions for overall custom cabinet installation

1 Quartz stone countertop: See if the color is the primary color, use the sharp tool to test the effect on the countertop; and whether the countertop interface is fine, the finer the better.

2. After the ground and the hanging cabinet are installed, shake them hard to see if they are loose. The floor cabinet should be shaken in front of the unpacking platform. After the floor cabinet is installed, measure whether the floor cabinet is level. The quartz stone countertop is 15mm thick. If the plate is free, the countertop is covered with a 16mm moisture-proof plate (or large core plate).

3. After the countertop is installed, put on the white glass glue and look at the quality of the white glass glue. Good glass glue that looks like jelly.

4. Look carefully at the front and back of the door panel, whether there are scratches or inconsistent colors.

5, the door hinge should have 6 screw holes, and when it is installed, grab the door and shake it to see if it is loose.

6. After all the doors are installed, check if the door is flush and not bumpy. Is the handle installed loose?

7, pumping hood hood to be fixed on the wall, there must be no looseness or jitter after booting. The distance between the bottom of the hood and the table top is 700mm. Too high will affect the smoking effect.

8. The venting holes are installed in the door panel of the burner, and 4 explosion screws are used for each lifting code.

The above is the general situation of installing custom cabinets, I hope to help everyone.


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