How many new men are there in Japan? More than 30% of men do at least 3 days in a week.

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Overseas network November 13th According to Japanese Fuji TV station reported on the 13th, the Japanese society is now popular “man cooking” & rdquo; The tendency to be younger and stronger is stronger. According to the survey, one out of every four Japanese men will do at least three days a week.

Bookstores & quoquo;Cooking Men”Related Books (Fuji TV)

Recently, a marriage and love service company targeted 2090 people aged 20 to 59 Men and women have investigated the issue of male cooking. I was asked if I usually cook, and I answered 23.8% of the men who did more than 3 days a week. Of course, it is rare compared to 72.1% of women, but this result indicates that one in four men does more than three days a week. I was asked if I had done a lunch (taken to the company for lunch) and answered “1.5% of the men who did more than one week”, that is to say, one of the six men was “something male”. .

In terms of age, the survey results show that men who love to cook are the most likely to be between 20 and 29 years old. In other words, the younger you are, the more men are taking time to cook.

(Fuji TV video screenshot)

Asked why they cook, answer & ldquo; can eat their favorite dishes & rdquo; & ldquo; to save money ”“For health” there are more people.

So what do women think about men who cook? The results showed that 81.8% of the responses "like" were answered, and 72.9% of the respondents were very handsome. That is to say, women generally had a good impression of men who cook.

Programming brother interviewed (Fuji TV)

The person in charge of the investigation also took to the streets and asked the pedestrian about the male cooking. A 20-year-old programmer said that he would do 1 or 3 meals a week. He said: “Occasionally, if I go back early, I will make fried noodles and the like.” It is also to save money and to be healthy. ”

Company staff and wife are interviewed (Fuji TV)

Another young company employee who also cooks occasionally says: “If time If you don’t catch up, I don’t often do pasta, when my wife is tired. & rdquo; And his wife also said: “He can help me cook, I am very happy, I feel a lot of burden. I think the boys who will cook are great, super handsome. ”

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