How should the orientation and color of the carpet be chosen?

The carpet in front of the sofa is equivalent to the Mingtang in front of the house, and it is also equivalent to a piece of green grass in front of the house. The following points should be noted when setting:

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1, it is advisable to use colorful carpets, avoid monotonous carpets, with red or gold as the main color. ;

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2, harmonious composition, bright colors The carpet is pleasing to the eye and is the best choice;

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3, try not to use a single color carpet, too cold, will make the living room look lifeless, not conducive to the accumulation of gas.


carpet if dense and thick Texture, in the winter can slow the flow of air, adjust the indoor microclimate. If the color and pattern of the carpet can be properly matched, the hall will produce different gas field and space changes. Use the color of the carpet to make your home.

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General patterns have their own five-line attributes, such as the wavy shape of the five elements of water, straight stripes are wood, star-shaped, pyramidal pattern genus or plaid pattern is earth, round is gold, with orientation Place with color to bring good luck.

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Corresponding position of the gate

If the gate is opened in the south, the color of the shipment is red. Because the south is a fire, the red carpet with straight stripes or star-shaped patterns on this side can make the family full of energy and bring fame and fortune.

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If the gate is open in the east, southeast, and shipped The color is green, because the east and southeast are five-wood, green is the main color of the tree, and it has a dynamic meaning. The green carpet with a wavy pattern or a straight pattern on this side has a positive catalytic effect on home transportation and fortune.

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If the gate is opened in the southwest and northeast The color of the shipment is yellow, because the southwest and northeast are the soil, and the yellow represents the honor and wealth in China. At the same time, this orientation is the dominant wisdom and marriage. If you can put a star or a yellow pattern in this orientation. Carpets can bring strong fortune and make marriage and beauty.

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If the gate is opened in the west and northwest, the color of the shipment is white and gold. Because white and gold symbolizes noble and pure, if you can put a white or gold carpet with plaid patterns or graphics in this orientation, Bringing good people with luck and fortune can also increase the reading and transportation of children.

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If the gate is open in the north, the color is shipped It is blue. Because the North is in charge of the cause, if you want to find a good job or want to improve your career, you can place a round or wavy round blue carpet in the north of the living room, which will help the business flourish.

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