How to choose various materials of carpet, how to take it,

Many people like to put carpets in the living room and bedroom, especially in the autumn and winter seasons. Carpeting will give people a special warm and comfortable feeling. I suggest that before you lay the carpet, please take a look at this knowledge, how to choose, how to take it, how to take care of it, etc., very practical, fast collection!
What are the materials of the carpet?

The current mainstream materials for household carpets generally have pure wool (mostly wool), blended, and chemical fiber.

Silk carpets are extremely expensive and very expensive to maintain. There are not many factories and workshops that can produce high quality silk carpets. It is not the mainstream consumer choice for ordinary families. The discussion object of the article.

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Pure wool (wool) carpet

Advantages: long fiber, good hygroscopicity, warmth and noise reduction; />
Disadvantages: expensive, expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, poor antibacterial;

chemical fiber carpet

Advantages: good wear resistance, flexibility , good cleaning, easy to dry, no wrinkles;

Disadvantages: static, flammable;

blended carpet

Advantages: integrated wool and The advantages of chemical fiber are both wear-resistant and minimize the aphids and mold, the feel is similar to wool, the price is better

Disadvantages: negligible

Matching and maintenance

If the home really lacks such an aesthetic craft, then it is necessary to carefully select, mix and care.

Where is the carpet placed? ▕

One principle: stay away from water, oil, food, and moving lines.

So the bedside and reading corner of the bedroom is the best choice. The mainstream practice will also be placed around the coffee table in the living room. If you come to the guest at home, forget it, in case the guest is not aware. It’s very embarrassing to step on the shoes or eat the fruit.

How to match the color? ▕

Carpets and curtains can be said to be the largest area of ​​home softcover. Before you start, you need to choose the overall color of your home.

When the home needs a large area to use the carpet, you can choose the color of the carpet as the background color;

When the home does not need a large area to use the carpet, Carpets are used as decorations, just like the principle of choosing the color of the dots.

Conventionally, it is not easy to make mistakes in the same color of carpets, bedding, and pillows.

How to do maintenance? ▕

Daily cleaning:

If the home is equipped with a fresh air system and does not open the window often, in the weather in Beijing, it needs to be cleaned at least once a week with a vacuum cleaner;

If the window is normally open, the local environment shall prevail;

If a small amount of liquid is dripped onto the carpet, it is timely (very important!!) to wash off the liquid with paper. Wipe gently with a little dampened water from the kitchen paper, and then use a paper towel to remove excess water;

Thoroughly clean:

Carpet cleaning can be done with a steam sauna machine or a multi-function machine. Machine, vacuum suction machine, combined with special disinfection and decontamination agents, and finally use anti-fouling spray for anti-fouling protection.

It sounds complicated. Right? You can’t do it at home. Please ask professional staff to do it!
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