How to debug the tubular screw conveyor?

The tubular screw conveyor is composed of a discharge device, a screw shaft, a feeding device, a driving device and the like. The working principle of the tubular screw conveyor is to feed the material evenly into the feeding port, and the motor is driven by the motor in the driving device, and then the coupling is transmitted to the screw shaft, and the material enters from the feeding port, in the spiral The material is discharged from the body under the action of the blade. So how do you debug the tubular screw conveyor?
1, tubular screw conveyor must ensure that no material is transported in the conveying pipe when no-load start, which can effectively prevent overload start.
2, the material conveyed by the pipe screw conveyor should not be mixed with hard bulk material, so as to avoid the damage of the whole machine of the screw machine when the screw shaft is caught during the feeding operation.
3, after the mechanical machine is installed, you need to manually turn the screw shaft to see if there is any jamming, and it can be tested after normal operation.
4, when the machine is in trial operation, it is necessary to carefully observe the flexibility of each component, and whether there are any abnormal phenomena such as loose noises in each rotating component, and the production can be expected without any error.
5, during the test run, the speed control motor controller’s speed control knob should be turned to the minimum speed, the whole machine rotates normally, then turn the speed control knob from small to large, if there is abnormality, stop in time Check, solve and then start debugging.
6, the lubricant in the bearing of the tubular screw conveyor needs to be replaced once every three months, the amount of addition is 2 / 3 of the volume of the space inside the bearing is appropriate.
7, in order to extend the service life of the tubular screw conveyor, it is necessary to carry out a thorough overhaul and maintenance after three months of continuous mechanical operation, especially the mechanical integrity and clean type, to prevent the mechanical parts Wear too fast.
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