How to design the bathroom ceiling more delicate?

As a relatively small space, the bathroom will generally have a caisson at the top. If the ceiling is not designed, the whole space will appear hollow, and the top pipe and caisson will also appear discordant and unnatural. Therefore, basically the bathroom is in the decoration. We will do the ceiling when we are, and today we will introduce the ceiling design of the bathroom!

I. Hanging flat

The top of the whole bathroom is made of a flat ceiling. This design is more integrated and has better visual effects.

Second, aluminum gusset plate

Aluminum gusset plate is a relatively common decoration method, this design is easy to disassemble, which is conducive to the later maintenance of the bathroom.

Three, stacking shape

If you don’t want the whole space to be flat, you can also do the stacking according to the top pipe and caisson position of the bathroom. Ceiling shape.

4. Middle hanging flat + side Tibetan lamp

The middle area ceiling is flat, leaving a circle of lights around, so the whole The shape is also very generous, and the lighting design is also very elegant and natural.

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