How to identify high quality sliding door hardware products

There are many kinds of sliding door hardware products, which provide consumers with more choices, but the difference between good and bad will definitely cause different degrees of loss to consumers, bringing undue shortcomings.
   High-quality sliding door hardware products are mainly reflected in the design and manufacturing level of its pulley system, and the supporting track design. The bearings used to manufacture the pulleys must be multi-layer composite structural bearings, the outermost layer is a high-strength wear-resistant nylon bushing, and the nylon surface must be very smooth and cannot have prismatic projections; the inner ball cage is also high-strength. The nylon structure reduces the friction and enhances the lubrication performance of the bearing; the bearing structure of the bearing is steel structure, which can effectively reduce the noise during the sliding process of the pulley, and can {TodayHot} make the pulley need no care and enjoy the lightness. Lubricated for at least a decade. The track matched with the pulley is also crucial for the use of the sliding door. The track for the sliding door generally has two types of cold rolled steel track and aluminum alloy track. Consumers generally think that the rails are more durable than the aluminum alloy rails, and the thicker the rails, the better. High-quality sliding door hardware is the perfect combination of track and pulley, not just a certain part. The track must have a perfect curvature with the pulley, followed by a material problem. In general, imported materials should be superior to domestically produced materials. Consumers should know that it is not difficult for any product to make the same shape. The hard part is that it looks like it does not leave. Any consumer wants that the sliding door hardware they purchase can be used without any trouble for a long time, so high-quality sliding door hardware manufacturers must also consider the steel ratio of the steel rail and the alloy ratio of the aluminum alloy rail, so consumers The thickness of the track should not be unilaterally emphasized.

   In the choice of rail and aluminum alloy track, consumers should not think that the rail should be better than the aluminum alloy track. The good track is determined by the strength design of the track and the track. The smoothness of the contact surface of the pulley, the good aluminum alloy track is superior to the rail in terms of noise resistance. In addition, consumers should not be confused by the packaging of the product or the coating on the surface of the aluminum alloy. Unreasonable plating can only destroy the surface finish of the track, so don’t think that the darker the coating on the track surface, the better. It is likely to be counterproductive. The packaging of the product is only for its temporary use, and it is not necessary for the manufacturer to bear the extra high packaging costs.
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