How to identify the quality of solid wood flooring?

The reason why everyone buys solid wood flooring is because of its natural, noble and comfortable. Solid wood flooring without any chromatic aberration is definitely not a good floor (of course, some wood species have very small color differences such as: borneol, rich wood, iron wire, mahogany, etc.) because it is repaired with defective plates. Processed. How to distinguish whether the color difference of the product itself is small or has been processed by color correction?

The method is very simple: just look carefully at the surface of a layer of paint is very thick. The thick paint on the floor surface is the process of finishing the floor. However, the color difference of some wood species is very large. Many consumers have always had a question. What kind of color difference is called normal? What are the color differences that occur due to quality issues? There are several reasons for the chromatic aberration of the floor. The chromatic aberration of the floor is the normal chromatic aberration:

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1. Some of the floorboards are made of tree roots, some are made of tree slabs, and the floor near the roots is dark and heavy; close to the treetops. The place is light in color and light in weight; the place near the bark is light in color and light in weight; the place near the center of the tree is dark in color and heavy in weight. Therefore, it is found that the color depth of a box of floors is sometimes inconsistent and the weight is different.

2, the opening direction of the floor is different (such as some floors are cut into diameter, some are cut by strings), the texture of the floor is inconsistent after processing, the two floors of different wood grain put a visual There will also be chromatic aberrations on the top, which requires careful adjustment by the installation workers.

3, wood is a porous material, the material of different parts is different, and the degree of light and paint is not affected by each part. Same, this is why the same piece of land on both sides The color will appear dark and the color depth of the different textures is inconsistent (if two different colors appear on a floor, it is a quality problem). Overall, the large and thick woods have a large color difference, texture The small and delicate wood has a small color difference. The texture of the large and thick floor covering is rough, natural and wild. The texture is small and delicate. The floor is fresh and clean. There is no absolute good or bad. It should be based on the living room. Relatively speaking, the current wood species with large color difference are: grid wood, two-winged beans, braised skin jade, dried croton, heavy ant wood, oak. Wood with less color difference: borneol, rich Wood, rose mahogany, iron thread, black heart wood lotus, iron wood, garlic fruit wood. Other wood species are between the above. Of course, although the solid wood floor has color difference, if the manufacturer’s color separation work is done well, the paint process is good and right. If the color difference standard of the factory products is strict, the color difference of the floor will be relatively small. In addition, everyone should not be confused by the perfect sample display of the business.

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