How to install plastic steel windows?

The installation of doors and windows in home decoration has to be paid attention to. However, the installation methods of doors and windows of different materials are not the same. What are the installation methods of plastic steel windows?
  How to install the steel window:
  1, about the amount of plastic steel window lap

   plastic steel window frame and window sash The connection is sealed, and the overlap between the fan and the frame is called the amount of overlap. Industry standards do not specify the amount of laps. For casement windows, the amount of overlap is generally between 8 and 10 mm. If conditions permit, the amount of overlap should be chosen as large as possible. In this way, even if the frame overlap position is slightly misplaced during installation and use, the sealing between the frame fans can be ensured. The use of different hardware is also a factor affecting the amount of overlap.

  2, processing of the drainage hole in the middle slide of the sliding window

  The intermediate slide processing drainage hole is more difficult than the outer slide processing drainage hole There is a long drill bit in front of the welding frame to drill at a certain angle from the end of the window frame at a certain angle. It is also possible to use a T-milling cutter to directly mill at the end. The latter method is more beautiful and drains than the former one. The effect is also good.

  3, Determination of the thickness of insulating glass

  Insulating glass is increasingly being used for its good heat insulation and sound insulation properties As used, its thickness is mainly determined by the thickness of the glass and the intermediate spacer. The thickness of the spacer production is generally 6mm, 9mm and 12mm (refer to the size of the middle spacer after the hollow glass is made). The glass is generally 5mm and 4mm. The thickness of the insulating glass is determined by the plastic frame (fixed frame), the fan profile, the glass bead and the glass sealant.

  4, about the window frame, sash straight

   due to the poor rigidity of plastic door and window profiles. Plastic steel window frames and window sashes are prone to bending and deformation, which not only affects the appearance but also the sealing performance of the window. When the four corners of the window frame and sash are welded, it is difficult to correct. Therefore, the calibration work must be performed before welding. First of all, the next good reinforced steel is not straightened to be corrected first. The window frame and sash member assembled with the reinforced steel should be inspected before welding. The simple method of straightening is to insert the window frame and the sash member between the two horizontal bars separated by a certain distance, and the lever is straightened.

  5, about the filling of expansion joints

   In general, the gap between steel, wooden doors and windows and the opening is cement For mortar filled doors and windows, the thermal expansion coefficient of PVC plastic steel window frames is much larger than that of steel, aluminum and cement. Filling with cement tends to make plastic steel windows unable to expand and deform due to temperature changes.

  6, steel lining selection

   true enamel steel windows are to be added to the steel lining. The wind-resistant performance of the steel doors and windows is mainly determined by the specifications of the lining steel in the cavity. The larger the cross-sectional dimension of the lining steel, the greater the thickness, the greater the moment of inertia, and the better the wind pressure resistance.
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