How to join the chain city billion purchase chain city billion shopping mall to join?

Are you looking for such an opportunity? Formal legality, physical landing, no risk, fast earning, earning more, earning a long time, most importantly, or an inevitable trend. Market demand is very broad! A good opportunity &# 10133; A correct choice! Will bring you a long-lasting stable income!

Chain City Billion purchase, new retail, new trends, new opportunities! Entity landing company has its own online shopping mall, offline unmanned supermarkets, to create a smart business street, to achieve offline industry-wide store intelligence! New trends, new opportunities in front of Speed ​​and big data! The company’s first step is to quickly recruit members to build big data, and then filter some members to become our regional agents!

You can register as a member for free, and you can become a consumer by spending 998 yuan in our online store. In addition to being able to purchase all kinds of daily necessities at the platform, you can also share. The right to operate can also become the owner of our online store and offline convenience store!

Become a consumer and get the following commission:

I. Merchants reward:

Consumption of 998 yuan, become a platform member, directly push a member, you can get 5840 coupons, release 16 coupons per day, equivalent to 16 yuan per day, 365 days to finish!

Intermediary reward: 2nd generation, you can get 1095 coupons, release 3 coupons per day, equivalent to 3 yuan per day, 365 days to finish!

Cash withdrawal: 100 yuan integer multiple withdrawal

Example: Zhang San 998 buys a set of products to become a member to recommend Li Si to become a member, Zhang San can get 16 yuan / day every day, such as Li Si recommended Lao Wang, Zhang San get 3 yuan / day 365 days to finish out)

1️⃣Level: Recommended 100 people & times; 5840=584,000/year

2️⃣ Level: Recommended 10000× (3&times ;365)=1.95 million/year

This reward will only increase if you reach it, you can take it every day!

II. Team Management Rewards:

Direct recruitment of 10 members is Sales Supervisor ❗ ️

Directly recruiting 20 members is the sales manager ❗️

directly recruiting 50 members is the sales director ❗️

Directly cultivating 6 directors is the company’s honorary director ❗️

Supervisor can take 2% of the team’s total performance

Manager can take 5% of the team’s total performance

The director can get 8% of the team’s total performance

If you encounter one of the above 3 levels, you will be recruited for consumption. Business, then you will use his team to manage 10% of the reward income.

Directors can take 1% of the new generation of unlimited performance. This 1% is never leveled!

III. Retirement commission:

1️⃣ Level market repeat consumption takes 10% The commission!

2️⃣ Level market repeat consumption takes 5% of the commission!

IV. Merchant sales commission:

Get one 5% commission for sales of the class merchants!

Take 2% of the sales of the second-tier merchants!

70% of all the above revenues are coupons, coupons Can be directly transferred to cash withdrawals, online shopping online and offline, 30% is a recurring coupon, and coupons can only be used for shopping.

365 days a day withdrawal, within 12 hours, cash withdrawal time 10am – 6pm ❗ ️❗️❗

Investing in 998 yuan to become a consumer, you have to set a gift (imported red wine + tea gift box) to promote a consumer company every day Back to 16 yuan vouchers (equivalent to 16 yuan in cash) full 100 cash withdrawals, the same day to the day of the account, more pushes! Nobody supermarket plus online mall! New retail, new economy, new era, you are free to merchants Check in our online store! Let your products sell well all over the country! There are more bonus systems!

The machine first docked the leader! Invested 998 yuan to become a consumer, you have to pack a gift!

Promote a consumer company to return 16 yuan per day (equivalent to 16 yuan in cash) income up to 5840 yuan

Full 100 withdrawals, the same day to the account, more than a lot! & #9989; unmanned supermarket plus online mall! New retail, new economy, new era, you are a business can stay for free Online store! Let your products sell well ! There are more bonuses! More details Digital reply 8. invite you into the study group, 20:00 company specializing in instructor-led.

We have a WeChat investment briefing at 8:00 every night. We are interested in sweeping WeChat reply 8 to enter the Merchants Group!

Chain City Billion Chinese leader docking WeChat: QQ1941314943

Chain City billion buy Chinese leader docking mobile phone: 13922893139

First-hand information, docking national leaders!

Chain City Billion Purchase Order Center

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