How to match the color of the living room bedroom curtains to show the atmosphere?

   rustic style bedroom with floral and solid wood accents. Double bed made of ash solid wood, custom-made sponge backrest on the bed, soft and comfortable. Surrounded by smooth lines, the delicate workmanship of the work, the rounded corners of the bed at the four corners, the smooth surface, the exquisite connection, all show the master’s sublime taste for life. The same color solid wood floor paving, using the original pattern of its own, interpretation of a retro beauty. The wall of the room is covered with floral wallpaper, and the gray-green background reveals an elegant example. Light green floor to ceiling curtains with a good drape.

   Modern young people’s bedroom decoration is comfortable and comfortable, revealing a Lazy atmosphere. Soft fabric double bed, the backrest is filled with memory foam, and the long-term leaning will not collapse. A set of four sets of gray and pink gold velvet bedding, a touch of luxury. The elegant blue floor curtains and the folds made at will show the casualness of the bedroom. The bedside wall is paved with light coffee-colored wallpapers and two horse-headed paintings that bring the stylish taste of the bedroom.

  Older senior bedroom room, not only to get rid of the complicated decoration of the bells and whistles And to reflect a taste. A double bed made of high-quality rubber wood, the wall lines are blended with a modern, sturdy vertical strip to create a unique Chinese modern style. The bedside arc, the four-corner small cylinder of the bed, highlights the tranquility and elegance of the room. Two bedside tables of the same color and the same material, fine workmanship, elegant body, and promote the taste of life. A splicing curtain hangs on the floor-to-ceiling windows. The appearance is chic, the workmanship is exquisite, and it is not fancy but gives people the same taste of life.

   middle-aged bedroom decoration, will be nature-like The floor is laid on the ground, the natural retro texture, the close connection and connection between the floor and the floorPick up, all highlight a kind of exquisite life. The bedroom wall is covered with white latex paint, which reproduces the elegant and elegant side. An air purifier is placed in the corner to make the air more clear. The bedroom bay window sill is yellow imitation marble, and the sky blue and gray stitching curtains are made of bay window sills, which are not dragged, and are more clean and neat.

  Home bedroom curtains choose blue and white The yellow cross-color design is designed to get rid of the monotonous feeling of the same color in the past, bringing a stylish atmosphere. The natural and compact bedroom design has a double bed in the middle of the room, a white bed frame, and a white Simmons cushion, which is comfortable for 20 cm. A few bunches of camellia are placed on the white duck down, and the blue and green highlights a faint temperament. The solid wood frame on the bedside and the backrest filled with soft sponge in the middle are comfortable and easy to enjoy. The entire bedroom bedside wall selects horizontal small solid wood panels, neat workmanship, delicate connection, all bring a simple and elegant feeling to the bedroom.

  Bedroom curtains are intertwined with blue and white to create a blue sky A wonderful feeling of white clouds. In the middle of the bedroom, there is a double bed, a sky-blue sponge back, and a thick wire drawing process to create a delicate split. The white solid wood bed board has an elegant charm under the embellishment of the four-piece gray bedding. The entire bedroom floor is covered with solid wood laminate flooring, quaint patterns and delicate seam treatments, all bring a refined and elegant feeling to the bedroom. The desk is placed at the foot of the bed, the three sliding drawers on the left side, the piano painted white surface, the bottom right side hollowed out, with a blue cushioned stool, complement each other to bring out the style of the whole room, elegant and intellectual coexist.

   blue with a little green curtain, lazy Designed with a white tulle blue, whether it is clear blue or dark blue, it gives people an open-minded and fresh feeling. The entire wall of the living room is painted with a hint of blue-based latex paint, and the smooth finish gives the living room a delicate taste. The living room TV wall uses a superimposed TV cabinet, and the different heights are placed in a step-by-step manner. The interspersed arrangement of gray and blue fabric sofas is exquisitely decorated with a round metal coffee table. The living room and the kitchen partition wall are hollowed out, and the blue hole is used around the hole to increase the spaciousness of the living room.

   living room curtains made of blue and green tones, with yellow accents on the sides of the curtains to create a distinct silhouette The whole living room wall is painted with a light blue color with an environmentally-friendly latex paint. The fresh and indifferent atmosphere fills the whole living room. The pink-blue leather sofa is made of back-brushed shape, filled with memory foam, soft and comfortable feeling for your body and mind. Get endless relaxation. A warm yellow sofa chair with the same leather workmanship, comfortable angle, placed on the balcony near the sun, comfortable and leisurely enjoy the afternoon tea time.

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