How to waterproof in bathroom decoration? Five tips are easy to get

The modern home decoration process involves the bathroom, but in the bathroom In the design, the functions of the bathroom are often encountered. The sanitary ware is also gradually changing with the design of the house. The design of the bathroom also requires the fashion trend. Then the consumers in the bathroom and the waterproof knowledge of the daily life of the bathroom seem to be more It is important. Now Zhongbo Quanwei custom small series here briefly talk about five aspects of bathroom and bathroom waterproofing.

First, waterproof is the basic project in the renovation of the bathroom, the old house renovation, or the new house When dismantling old walls and floor tiles for new bricks, they need to be re-waterproofed. At present, in the home decoration, asphalt cold oil and other processes have been banned, replaced by a new process of polyurethane two-component waterproof material, but because of the new process waterproof performance, the price is also higher, many people are doing waterproof Area saving is not advisable, especially in places with showers. The waterproof layer should reach 1.8 meters above the wall. Otherwise, the shower will infiltrate or soak the wall, and the ground waterproofing will lose its effect.

Second, according to the importance of the owner’s living habits Arrange in order, such as toilet, wash the countertop (column or wash basin), mirror, etc., and determine the size of all items. When the use of the project is restricted by the small space, you need to ” Choose admission, reluctantly cut love, such as using a mirror box to combine mirror and storage functions into one.

Three, the current sanitary clean has to save water Certified, there are also certifications such as waterproof, consumers can rest assured to buy. At the same time, it is also necessary to recognize the model number of the product. Not all models of the same brand have passed the relevant certification. At the same time, the installation of the toilet also has certain requirements, which should be installed by professional installers.

Four, home improvement market, brand and The styles are quite rich. When selecting the owner, in addition to considering the appearance factors such as style and color, whether the structure and installation dimensions can match the situation of the home is the key to judge the choice, such as toiletThe problem of the water inlet and outlet, electric water heater. At this time, find a more professional person to assist you in selecting, otherwise, if a few thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars of sanitary ware are bought and cannot be installed, the loss can be large.

5, Towel bar, bath towel rod, toilet paper holder, bathtub handle bar, soap box, cup holder, coat hook, etc. are all essential, and the determination of their position and height determines whether it feels comfortable in the future. ,convenient. This requires the designer to have some experience and sufficient communication with the owner.

Reminder, power supply design and electrical use of the bathroom . Electric water heaters, exhaust fans, hair dryers, washing machines, hand dryers are all commonly used appliances in the bathroom, and the bathroom is a place that is moist or even full of water vapor. The power supply and switch surface should be selected from waterproof brand products. In the choice of position, it is guaranteed that it will not be directly sprayed by water.

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