In the past 20 years, the existing 10% of the house in Moscow will become a dangerous house.

People’s Network Moscow, February 19, according to the Russian News Agency, Moscow City Construction Bureau Director Sergei · Levkin predicted that in the past 20 years, Moscow’s existing one-tenth of the house may become Dangerous house.

According to his prediction, by 2034, about 25 million square meters of housing in Moscow is no longer suitable for human habitation. More than 60% of the broken houses or dangerous houses that should be demolished in the city. Since 1995, the Moscow City Government has planned to implement the first phase of the demolition plan for a five-story simple residential building. However, this demolition plan has been delayed, and in January 2014, there were 286 simple residential buildings ("Khrushchev-style residences" in the capital Moscow). The city government plans to dismantle them in 2017.

The director of the Moscow City Construction Complex revealed last year that 80 million square meters of residential houses were built in Moscow in the past 25 years, accounting for 37% of the total urban residential area. Only 3.1 million square meters of housing were put into use last year.

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng

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