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Interpretation of new retail in the chain city billion shopping mall. New retail will only happen when online and offline and logistics are combined. “In the next ten or twenty years, there is no such thing as e-commerce, as long as new retail.

Interpretation of the new retail chain in the chain city. The future of e-commerce will disappear, and online and offline and logistics will combine to create new retail. Online refers to the cloud route, offline refers to the sale of stores or producers, new logistics to eliminate inventory, reduce the amount of goods.

Example: Everyone has their own store in the e-commerce channel, focusing on the sale. It can only be in a pool, which is very limited. Create a new retail, satisfied with the following needs: The interpretation of the new retail chain chain shopping mall.

On the other hand, traditional online e-commerce has been difficult to fill since its birth. Significant short board, online shopping experience has been less than offline shopping is an indisputable reality. Related to the intuitive characteristics of visibility, audibility, touchability, irrationality, and usability when offline stores provide customers with products or services, online e-commerce has not been able to provide real-life scenarios and outstanding shopping. The actual way of understanding. Therefore, in terms of the user’s consumption process experience is far less than the physical storefront. Unsatisfied with the increasing demand for high-quality, heterogeneous, and experiential consumption, it will become a “bad” to prevent traditional online e-commerce companies from ending up sustainably. Especially in the case of the continuous increase in the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents, the focus on shopping is no longer limited to the advantages of low-cost online e-commerce companies, but rather the importance of consumption. The experience and feelings of the process. Therefore, exploring the use of the new retail model to initiate the promotion of consumer shopping experience, promoting the innovation of consumer shopping methods, and building a full-scale ecological format for the retail industry will surely become another useful test for traditional e-commerce companies to complete their own self-discipline. . Interpretation of the new retail chain chain shopping mall.

&nbspquo;The central point of the new retail is to promote the integration process between online and offline, the key is The online Internet power and the offline store terminals form a true synergy, and then the e-commerce channel and the physical retail storefront are optimized for promotion in the business dimension. Together, promote the comprehensive transformation of the era of price consumption to the age of value consumption. In addition, some scholars have also proposed that new retail is “to retail data.” Mobile Cloud Mall summarizes the new retail as “online + offline + logistics”, and its center is fully open to consumers-centered members, pay, inventory, service and other aspects. Interpretation of the new retail chain chain shopping mall.

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