Is the steel door a security door?

Many consumers often have this misunderstanding when buying security doors, and mistake the steel-wood doors for solid wood doors. Since the shape of the steel door is very similar to the shape of the security door, it is difficult for many consumers to correctly distinguish the real security door. So, how do consumers correctly distinguish between security doors and steel doors?

First, when purchasing an anti-theft security door, you must authenticate the dealer’s business qualifications and check whether the operator holds the “anti-theft security door certification” issued by the technical defense management department of the Public Security Bureau.

Second, pay special attention to inspection. The thickness of the steel plate of the qualified security door frame should be greater than 2mm, the thickness of the door is generally above 20mm, and the weight of the door is generally above 40kg.

When purchasing an anti-theft security door, you should check whether the national certification standard “FAM” is printed on the safety door, and you can also ask the dealer to provide the national security security door inspection report brand safety door. If it is not a national inspection report, special attention must be paid to the inspection report or the inspection report of the “steel gate”.

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