It’s time to play ball!

Play ball! The inaugural Crescent Little League baseball season has begun! La Palma Continental Little League and Buena Park American Little League have merged into one league. On Saturday, Feb. 28, the newfound league kicked off the season with its Opening Day ceremony. A robust pancake breakfast preceded the ceremony.The Kiwanis Club of La Palma was at Walker Jr. High School bright and early, preparing breakfast for the teams, coaches and parents. Breakfast was served in the gymnasium of the junior high. Perfectly shaped pancakes and sausages were served and orange juice and coffee flowed freely. The local club has been serving this event for more than 15 years and is proud and happy to continue the service.For most of the early morning, the line for food was out of the gym door, as parents and young ballplayers filtered in at different times, but always in healthy numbers. Once they entered the gym, they were greeted by members of the Kennedy High School freshman football team, who were there to show support and to fundraise. Members of the team handed out plates and utensils to the eager eaters. There was a station of Kennedy stickers, tee shirts, and hoodies to dig into if one wanted to reciprocate the support.Gift certificates from local restaurants, complimentary meal passes, bobble heads, pitching lessons, and coolers were raffled off, among other items. There was also a 50/50 raffle, which ended up netting the lucky winner $206.After two hours of breakfast being served, everyone marched on to the neighboring Continental fields. Once the teams had organized in and around the baseball diamond, the opening day ceremony was initiated by league president, Bill Mead. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, and God Bless America had been voiced, last year’s All Star team was introduced and celebrated.After a few familiar guest speakers, Mr. Mead introduced the teams, beginning with the sluggers of the t-ball division. These teams were followed by teams in the Minor C, Minor B, Minor A, Majors, and Challenger divisions.“What a start to the day,” said Mead. “To start with an awesome breakfast and to blend two great traditions into one makes this really special.”The players were ready. They could be seen running the bases or playing catch whenever they could get away with it. In addition to serving large portions of Buena Park and La Palma, the Crescent Little League also serves areas of Cypress, but not all. Interested parties can visit the league website,, for an official league boundary map and other official league information.After introductions, some select teams stayed on the fields and began warming up. Games ran from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. because opening day is exactly that. The season is here and full of possibilities. Games will be played at the Continental fields in La Palma and at the American fields in Buena Park.“As a parent, these days never get old,” said Alyssa Mora. “To see the kids having fun, ready to start the season is priceless.”

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