Japanese English level into the Olympic dead hole TOEFL score is worse than North Korea

Japanese English level into the Olympics, the TOEFL score is worse than North Korea

Data Map: The English Prime Minister’s Chairman and former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori’s English is not well criticized by foreign media.

Chinanews.com, February 11th According to Hong Kong’s “Wen Wei Po” report, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee held a press conference in Sochi, Russia on the 9th. At the meeting, the chairman of the organizing committee, the former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, 76, self-deprecating English at the press conference was not high, and was questioned by foreign media.

According to the report, the Japanese are not proud of being fluent in English or regarded as the label of the elite. Therefore, the English level of the general public has been mediocre. However, since Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics in 2020, the Japanese government intends to promote English learning so that the people will not be dumb to the foreigners during the Olympics.

The US Educational Testing Service (ETS) previously published a report that the average score of the Japanese on the TOEFL test is lower in Asia than in North Korea. Japanese people’s English is limited to “thank you”, “good morning”, “goodbye” and other basic vocabulary, college students are often only good at writing in English, oral communication is like a dead hole.

For the Japanese who averaged 3,000 hours of English learning, but still half the battle, Tokyo University of Medical Sciences Professor Emeritus Kakuda gave a scientific explanation that Japanese is “single-brain language”, English It is “re-brain language”, that is, when the Japanese speak Japanese, they only need to use the left brain to process information, but when they speak English, they have to use the left and right brains to deal with the rhythm and tone of the language, so that the Japanese have the congenital Disadvantages.

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