Join the Sanyou sharing platform and share the 4 trillion building materials home market

   Under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, many entrepreneurial projects have sprung up. In all kinds of complicated investment projects, how can entrepreneurs set aside the fog and find a suitable business project that is suitable for them? The market is the only touchstone. Good projects can help entrepreneurs maximize their profits while reducing costs. . The launch of the Sanyou Sharing Platform is undoubtedly in line with the biggest demands of entrepreneurs.

  Low-input, high-profit, Sanyou sharing platform is How can a magical project help entrepreneurs make money easily?

   Use technology to seize the opportunity

   In recent years, the traditional home building materials industry has mourned everywhere, not only offline The homogenization competition is fierce, and many online companies compete for cakes. At the time of internal and external troubles, only the use of new technologies to transform the traditional sales model is a sustainable development path. The Sanyou Sharing Platform is a new type of virtual warehouse that relies on the network to purchase agency information such as furniture, building materials and equipment for merchants and owners. As a result, the labor costs of building materials manufacturers have been greatly reduced, helping traditional building materials manufacturers to achieve online take-off.

  In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition in building materials and home furnishing, Internet + building materials are undoubtedly A road to transformation. Coupled with the needs of designers and users who have accumulated over the past ten years, the three-in-one sharing platform has become a new path for building materials sales.

   According to statistics, in the fierce market competition, accurately matching user needs is undoubtedly creating orders key. This year, Sanyou will also open a 100-city strategy to create a space for creativity in 31 cities across the country. The required building materials and home information will be screened first among the building materials manufacturers. The Sanyou sharing platform will also seize the opportunity of building materials sales in this blue ocean market.

  Hundred City Recruitment Nuggets 4 trillion building materials home market

  This year China’s home building materials industry market size exceeded 4 trillion yuan, joining the construction equipment, materials, home appliances and other sectors, no doubt A massive Big Mac market. The Sanyou sharing platform connects designers, employers and building materials manufacturers to form a business closed loop. In the era of Internet +, the building materials sales model has been redefined.

   Sanyou Sharing Platform will quickly deploy 31 cities across the country by developing franchisees We will develop tens of thousands of suppliers and will cover the whole world in the future and become an international large-scale building materials supply platform. Sanyou sharing platform will provide professional platform and technical support for the resident manufacturers, business operation and training, relying on the output of Sanyou brand.

   It is reported that Sanyou shared platform from Since its launch, it has been widely sought after by the industry. At present, the Sanyou sharing platform has been launched in Shenyang, and it is expected that many domestic and foreign well-known brands will settle in.

  This year, Sanyou Sharing Platform will be officially open to the home building industry and recruited nationwide Acting, jointly nugget 4 trillion building materials home market. At present, dozens of interested merchants from urban areas have visited.

  4 trillion home building materials market has great potential, 100 city linkage, just waiting for you!

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