Komatsu Museum is like a rolling hill

The museum of round and curved roofs in Komatsu, Japan, covers the grass and creates a series of rolling hills where visitors can climb opposite. Designed by Tokyo studio Marie Ito, its past projects include a kitchen countertop of a house, Komatsu Museum, used as a communication center and archive. The building is located in a factory on the site of one of the world’s largest mining and construction equipment manufacturers, so the short-lived creation of a building could lead to public interest in science and industry.

Ito’s concept is to integrate architecture and landscape, create architecture, and serve as a public park. The curved contours of each space are shown as four waves, framing the courtyard, pathways and roof lawns. The auditorium is contained within the northwest corner dome, while the main exhibition space is located in one of the big waves below.
The roof is greened with extra insulation inside. The slab is cleaned from the ground and then formed into waves that add a natural and sensitive design. In the evening, the space was transformed by the light show, and hundreds of current air movements equipped with wind speed sensors made a variety of interpretations of the current air movement. The entire building is intended to be in harmony with science and encourages visitors to explore the various scientific discoveries in practice.

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