Korean companies actively prepare for the OLED market and increase investment

As one of the core components of many electronic products, the development trend of electronic screens has attracted the attention of related companies. Recently, Korean companies are generally optimistic about the development potential of OLED screens. Some analysts believe that in the next few years, OLED screens will continue to adopt new products and gradually replace LCD screens, which may become the development trend of electronic screens. In 2018, the market size of OLED will double that of 2016 and will continue to expand thereafter.

In this regard, South Korea’s Samsung and LG and other related giants are actively preparing for: increase investment in OLED, including Samsung today and tomorrow At least 16 trillion won will be invested, and LG will invest at least 10 trillion won this year and next. In addition, companies have also expanded their product coverage. Among them, Samsung strives to expand and develop large-scale OLED screen products based on the advantages of small and medium-sized OLED screen products such as mobile phones and tablet PCs; LG seeks to expand and develop small and medium-sized OLED screens while maintaining the advantages of large-scale OLED screen products. product.

Author: Bai Yunfei Source: Economic Times

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