Lifelike glass jellyfish sculpture

Rick Satava is a glass blower in California, he created an extremely realistic glass jellyfish sculpture. His work is so real, people often wonder if the glass is really jellyfish. 20World80At the end of the decade, the artist was inspired by the reference to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. He saw the Pacific Coast jellyfish, which caused his thinking. . He knew that he needed to capture the beauty of the jellyfish in the glass. After three years of experimentation, using glass cover glass technology, his sculpture is in 1990Starting sales in the year. His work sells so well, as of2002Year, he designed and created each month 300 a jellyfish sculpture.

Satava describe your own sculptures:“Vertical colorful psychedelic jellyfish and tendril-like tentacles, a round bell wrapped in outer layer, glass The ball shrinks from the top to the bottom, roughly forming a shape, and a part of the jellyfish sculpture fills almost the entire transparent glass.& rdquo;

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