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Robert “Bob” Witkowski and his wife, Dora Diaz Witkowski, celebrated their 50thWedding Anniversary on Saturday, Sept. 21, at the home of their daughter, Lisa, and son-in-law, Mark Ethington at 8351 Santa Margarita Lane in La Palma. The Witkowskis were married at the First Methodist Church in Hollywood on Oct. 5, 1963. They have been residents of La Palma since 1965 and have been active in the local community with different groups. Bob Witkowski represented the city of La Palma and served on the La Palma Intercommunity Hospital Board of Directors for about ten years. He was recognized for his service as chairman of the board from 1988 to 1992. Dora was active with the La Palma Methodist Church when her daughters were young. She later joined the Crystal Cathedral Hispanic Ministry and has been active there for many years. She was also active in the past with Children’s Home Society in La Palma and the La Palma-Cerritos American Association of University Women. Both Bob and Dora have volunteered to help with La Palma’s Run for Fun when they were physically able to do so.The anniversary celebration was hosted by Bob and Dora’s daughters, Nancy Witkowski and Lisa Ethington, with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres starting at 3 p.m. followed by a delicious Hawaiian dinner catered by Kela Katering. The backyard of the Ethington home was transformed with easy ups, circular tables and chairs to accommodate the 53 relatives and friends who came to celebrate with the Witkowskis. Each table was covered with white tablecloths and beautifully decorated with golden centerpieces and gold-covered candy kisses prepared as party favors. Golden streamers were hung from the patio cover and glittered as the sunlight hit each of them and added to the festive atmosphere.The 50thanniversary celebration was an opportunity for relatives and friends who lived some distance away to come and visit with each other. The George Quezada family and other relatives from the Diaz family, came from San Bernadino and Fresno to meet the Witkowskis for the first time. The Steve and Nicki Swartz family, from the Witkowski side of the family, hired a limousine to bring family members from San Clemente to the celebration. Other Witkowski relatives from Oregon also came. The Ethington and Kono family came from Northridge, Irvine and La Palma and helped at the party. There were also number of close friends from La Palma in attendance. The one person who came farthest was Dora’s friend for over 48 years, Myra Erickson. Erickson lived in La Palma years ago but recently retired and moved to Missouri, and later to North Carolina to be near family members. She came from North Carolina to visit family in California and to celebrate the Witkowski’s anniversary with them.Mary Lou Quezada said a prayer before the Hawaiian luau food was served. She said that their family members were so happy to have found relatives that they had not known about before. Myra Erickson added more prayers and read a prepared tribute to Bob and Dora as part of the celebration. Dora and Bob Witkowski thanked everyone for coming to help them celebrate their anniversary.The party came to an end after everyone joined in feasting on the luau dinner and were served coconut haupia cake for dessert. Family members and guests enjoyed visiting with each other till it was time to return to their respective homes miles away.Photo by Edna Ethington

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