Luo Ke builds new ceramic species and plays new ceramic consumption

Recently, China Jingdezhen International Ceramics Expo (hereinafter referred to as “China Porcelain Fair”) has come to a successful conclusion in 2018. The China Ceramics Expo is a grand event in the international ceramics industry. It has been held for 15 consecutive years in Jingdezhen, a millennium porcelain capital. LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and LKKER shared the design platform for the first time. Many innovative products were deeply involved in this porcelain fair.

Viewing new ceramic species from the Los Angeles Pavilion

This year is the first time that Jingdezhen Luoke has exhibited. It covers the largest area of ​​1900 exhibitors, reaching 555m2. The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors in the China Expo and won praises from consumers, media and enterprises. The three new ceramic species products represented in this exhibition —— capsule cup, gyro cup and expression cup broke through the established thinking method of ceramics, taking ceramics as the entry point, based on cognition, technology, Efficiency, experience and exploration of new species of ceramic products, the use of more diverse scenarios, and the establishment of emotional connections and spiritual integration with consumers.

(Capsule Cup)

Just as financial author, Wu Xiaobo, founder of Wu Xiaobo Channel Said, “The new species, nothing to do with the industry, is related to genetic reengineering. The ceramic new species exhibition created by Jingdezhen Luoke is not born out of nothing, but is rooted in the ceramic culture of Jingdezhen Millennium Ceramics. For thousands of years, it has been the center of the world of international ceramics, one of the cultural heritage of the eastern handicraft industry.

Luo Ke takes root here and studies the ceramic industry in depth. At the same time, as new consumers, new categories, new content, and new brands continue to become the most valuable carriers in business, Luo Ke expects to pass more yuan. The design concept establishes a new context in the ceramic industry, and continuously produces products that are more pleasant, more human, and more experience of the scene.

In addition to being rooted in Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen Luoke will also build a guest design valley to make a longer-term layout. The establishment of the Lok Valley will bring together many artists and designers from home and abroad. Those who are thousands of miles away and full of literary youth will be surrounded by the misty Jingdezhen in the green hills. The form of imagination promotes the fusion of ceramics and design, and looks at the stars together to create a paradise for designers.

What is a new ceramic species?

When building a new species, Loker follows the principle of “five forces:

I. Emotional design. In the trend of consumption upgrading, on the one hand, users no longer only pay for the functionality of the product, but pay for the spiritual appeal. On the other hand, satisfying the user’s emotional desires can complete the cultural design of the product, achieve the value recognition, and establish the product in Brand recognition in the user’s mind. Taking the expression cup as an example, by rotating the protective cover to give emotion to the cup, the user can adjust the body expression with the daily mood adjustment, thereby grafting the user’s emotion on the product, so that the product has the emotional design power to highlight the user’s personality.

Second, the user product power. As a shared design platform, Logo really makes the design of the product “from the user to the user, and reconnects the connection between the product and the user with the user as the core to make the design more warm. The focus capsule cup in this exhibition can be described as a representative of the user’s product strength, a single cup, a tea leak, a tea can and a wooden container that can hold a small tea break, the package can be used twice, both for pumping The carton can also be stored. On the one hand, it expresses the individuality proposition of young groups, on the other hand, it directly attacks the pain points of consumption from the dimensions of function and experience.

Third, platform creativity. Luoke platform gathers 100 creative partners to provide good ideas for products, 1 million+ creators produce good content, 30,000+ quality designers from all over the world create good products, share the imagination of the people, and create a new way in the Internet. Create good products. Inspired by the user’s often used fingertip gyro, the shaker cup is created and the cup is free to rotate. On the one hand, it can realize automatic mixing, on the other hand, it is conducive to thinking and decompression, and at the same time increases the fun of drinking water, helping consumers to develop good habits of drinking water and drinking water.

Fourth, cultural integration. The birth of new species is often derived from the dissolution boundary of multiculturalism. The new culture born from the integration and penetration of different cultures has more stereoscopic and profound meanings. Therefore, this exhibition presents design works from 32 outstanding designers from China, the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, South Korea and other countries. In the dynamic and fluid content ecology, the cultural fusion is extracted.

V. IP content. LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group Chairman, LKKER (LKKER) shared design platform founder Jia Wei created the brand “on the top, showing the IP’s innovative gameplay. For example, the big ear blessed tea set created with the big ear as its element is inspired by a folk saying. “Blessed is the ear, the ear is on the side, the blessing is in the disk, and the folk IP is interpreted in an innovative way. Content power.

International Design Big Coffee

As the main curator of this exhibition, Chairman of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and founder of LKKER shared design platform Jia Wei It is proposed that the industrial era is an employment era, and in the post-industrial era, it will be a platformized era. Luo Ke brings together innovative products, research and development supply chain, marketing, investment, product ecological chain and other products to create a full-process service. Around these five dimensions, a shared design platform centered on product innovation is formed. In addition, it invites design masters from all over the world to enter the platform to promote the integration of diverse design culture.

Luoke platform currently signed more than 130 international masters, including blackChuan Yazhi, Liu Xiaokang, Ishikawa and other super-class masters at home and abroad. The co-curator of this exhibition, Mr. Song Tao, the founder of the self-made society O-GALLERY and the curator artist, and the Luo Ke platform invited 32 outstanding designers from home and abroad, including China, the United States, More than 100 ceramic works in Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, South Korea and other countries. Luo Ke will explore the new ceramic context and new experience for new consumers in the context of consumption upgrades with designers at home and abroad on the platform.

Martina Zwolfer’s “Game of Bandag” is based on a dialogue between different cultures using modern tools and paintings to express oneself and express things; Richard W. James’s “Untitled” explores us as human beings, how to treat ourselves and our hopes Others see the difference between us; Hyeon Jin Son’s “Robot Teapot” explores the fun of teapots beyond functionality. “Not too round” (teapot group) is the work of Taiwan’s boutique lifestyle brand “Ding Ting founder Shi Dayu”. He loves bamboo and natural materials, and is committed to developing a design concept rooted in Chinese culture, driven by influential design. Breakthroughs in process technology and technology have won numerous awards in the international design arena; “Trashbag” is the work of Francois Ruegg, a member of the International Ceramic Society. He believes that the creation of black and white works because black and white represents the color of life in the past. Add some more realistic things to the work, about life, about humans; “Folding” is the work of the famous Italian brand Driade designer Xie Dong. The natural rounded texture of porcelain makes the items have a natural and dynamic feeling, “It has a kind of The strength of being squeezed, this invisible eternity can only be expressed in this artistic form ……


LKK Rococo Design Group Partner, Jingdezhen Luoke Ma Lin, general manager, said that Jingdezhen, as a millennium porcelain capital, has an indelible contribution to the inheritance and development of ceramic technology. Luo Ke hopes that in the future, on the basis of inheritance, through the ceramics + new crowd, “ceramic + new The scene, “ceramic + new features,” ceramics + new experience and other dimensions of design innovation, empowering traditional enterprises, allowing more consumer groups to enjoy the innovative experience brought by ceramics.

It is reported that in the subsequent Rococo · Luo Ke’s new species design exhibition tour, ceramic new species will also be displayed as an important chapter, so that more people can see the innovation of ceramics. development trend.

“ Even if it is so low, thousands of sustenances, new species are still coming out. This is Rococo · Luo Ke participated in the China Expo for the first time, and I look forward to the future of Jingdezhen Luo Ke can bring more diverse and more innovative products to the public.

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