M. Patmos Resort 2018

Marcia Patmos approached resort from a practical, retail-oriented viewpoint. “It delivers December/January, so I was trying to think of things you can wear in New York when it’s still a little chilly,” she said, pointing out a cardigan. “But then you have this cute dress to throw in your suitcase for vacation.” In other words, the collection featured the best of both worlds. The line was rooted in black-and-white and navy-and-white patterns, plus a few colorful and sparkly pieces. A set of slouchy cotton cashmere sweatpants and a cropped jogger sweater was woven with Lurex. There were the occasional pops of color, inspired by a book Patmos picked up a few years back while working in Tokyo, “An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds,” which features portraits of birds in “fun and happy” colors. Ababy blue shearling jacket with three-quarter sleeves reversed to metallic gold leather. On the brighter, lighter side wasa red smocked sundress with a matching cardigan.Also noteworthy was a range of nontoxic scarves woven in Peru and dyed in New York by Audrey Louise Reynolds, a natural dyer, who infused the yarns with bonus features. For example, a yellow scarf was made from expeller-pressed turmeric, the blue was activated charcoal, a black version came from overripe banana peels, and pink was made from rose petals and Himalayan sea salt. “That one has extra vitamin D that your skin absorbs,” said Patmos.

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