Manhattan apartment has been remodeled in the contemporary era

Billinkoff ArchitectureAccepted a Westchester, New York7000The renovation of a square foot Manhattan home. The apartment was built in 60<span style="font-family: Times New Roman; white brick building with low quality surfaces and details .

The new apartment needs to have the same attention to detail, the same as the owner’s previous home, but it does not need to be a replica. Their wish is a modern urban interior that allows large families to get together and has plenty of storage space.
The only requirement for a new apartment is that it must be integrated into the precious art collection that the owner has accumulated over the years.
The living room is covered with a built-in storage cabinet, there are 42Inch high, can display artworks and various sculptures.
A bench covered in leather upholstery is built into the storage wall as an extra seat.
Sliding doors are removed and ceiling and floor heights are flat to create a seamless transition.
Two pieces of wood are used throughout the apartment——Dark walnut provides warm, light-colored plywood for contrast. Other blends of black and steel are made of black steel and charcoal.

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