Meraas Holdings revealed that Dubai Paradise plan was delayed

Meraas Holdings has launched a blueprint for the Dubai Paradise and Resort project in Jebel Ali. The project was originally completed in 2014 but has now been postponed until 2016. The first phase of the Dubai Paradise & Resort will feature a family-themed hotel that will satisfy both tourists and residents looking for a weekend getaway.

The master plan (approximately $27 billion) also includes theme parks such as Dubai and Bollywood Parks in India And Legoland, as well as Riverside Park, the entrance plaza area, retail, dining and entertainment options. Dubai Bollywood Park, advertised as “the first theme park in the world dedicated to the Indian film industry”. Legoland Dubai will be an interactive paradise for children from 2 to 12 years old.
Meraas Holdings Chairman Haby said: “Meraas is committed to developing new concepts and building it into one of the world’s greatest new cities, as Dubai’s status. Dubai Paradise and Resorts are designed to be the leader, opening three theme park gates at the same time as a good place to go. & rdquo; Dubai Paradise & Resort is designed as a leisure and entertainment destination, serving all within an 8-hour flight distance in Dubai.

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