Modern architecture in the Swedish suburbs

The building is modern in style and has a good interpretation of livability, and the building is still very low-key. The interior is comfortable, the colours are bright and comfortable, while the ceiling is slightly arched. The main public room of the home contains a kitchen and living area that occupies approximately two-thirds of the space. The last third of the home consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom. Despite its small size, the house is complete and the basic amenities of modern life are complete.
The location of the house is slightly out of the way, but it is very flat, with its mirrored wood and metal exterior finish mirrored into the local dry vegetation and soil.
Because of the light of the house, some of the windows in the room are completely open, and ample natural light flows through the windows to the room, making the room bright and without a trace of darkness. A tall chimney sticks out of the roof, and the compact home almost has a traditional cottage feel that doesn’t look like most villas, but its overall architecture and interior design are modern. At the rear of the home there is a large integrated living space, as well as the children’s bedroom. Most of the tiny living sides are made of wood, and the rear window wall provides enough light, but the windows on both sides are still necessary. Its glass panels are made using accented silver technology. Inside, there is a variety of polished and colorful light, chic furniture and bright white walls that keep every room ventilated and lit. In the living room there is a three-sliding door, each leading to a different private room in the house. The room is reduced as much as possible in the room, and instead it is directly from the main leisure space to the individual rooms.
The kitchen area is isolated by a small wall, a combination of retro and modern architecture. It has monochrome appliances as well as a traditional tiled baffle and a fairly common cabinet.

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