Modern city top floor

The modern city riverside attic on the edge of a large natural park in Bucharest, Romania, is a perfect example of how to balance nature with timeless neutral colours and avant-garde design. Designed by Ralu Dofin, the 200m2 apartment is located near Herastrau Park and has a great natural light that illuminates a comfortable and stylish home.

The most striking feature of entering the apartment is the entrance passage, a dark hall with a style that mimics the corroding surface. A light that is inserted into the beam splits the wall and floor at an asymmetrical angle. The light lines appear to be from the light-filled room at the end of the hall. Additional lights are provided by fixtures along the ceiling and walls, adding a sense of space.

In contrast to the dark corridor, the living room is defined by a large amount of natural light. Large leisure spaces are divided into dining and living areas by furniture groups. On the one hand, the beautiful photo wallpaper on the table gives a unique atmosphere. In general, the furniture in the space maintains a neutral hue and a soft, smooth shape.

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