More than 7,000 families in the UK still use black and white TV sets

[World Wide Web] Black and white TV is just a memory for many people, but in the UK, there are still many people still watching this TV. According to the British “Guardian” reported on November 8, although color TV programs have been in the United Kingdom since 1967 began to broadcast more than 50 years, but now in the United Kingdom, some people are still watching black and white TV sets.

According to reports, the largest number of black and white televisions in the UK, the number of London is 1,768. This is followed by West Midlands (431 units) and Greater Manchester (390 units). A total of 7161 households did not watch color TV programs.

According to reports, in July 1967, with the Wimbledon Tennis Open, regular color programs began to air on the BBC. Since then, the number of black and white TV sets registered each year has been declining year by year. In 2000, it was 212,000 units. In 2003, it was reduced to 93,000 units. In 2015, there were only less than 10,000 units.

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