New retail experiment of “Enterprise Second Generation”

“ The second generation of enterprises took over the new retail, and the upgrade of the private economy has a more wonderful imagination.

Chinese private companies are experiencing a period of large-scale inheritance that is rare in history.

In the media reports, one by one, the chairman and president of the second generation of enterprises constantly refreshed the definition of “the youngest.” According to the latest statistics, 44 of the A-share listed companies are currently under the age of 35, and two of them are after 90.

Most of them are generations standing on the shoulders of their parents, growing up in the wave of globalization and the Internet. But in the current wave of this wave of change, the challenges they face are far more than the transformation of personal identity. Because at this point in China’s economic transformation, the intergenerational inheritance of enterprises is accompanied by drastic changes in their own business models.

Focusing on the most basic business areas —— retail, this dramatic change is reflected in the transformation of traditional retail to new retail.

Haishu House Zhou Lijun: From the offline king to smart retail

2017 In August, Haishu House and Tmall signed a new retail strategic cooperation agreement

One is an online squat, one is an offline king, and the Tmall and Haitang homes are before the end of this summer. Successful marriage. On August 30, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. The red rope that holds them is the new retail of Ma Yun’s endorsement.

In February of this year, 29-year-old Zhou Lijun officially took over the position of president of Haishu Group from his father Zhou Jianping. A series of transformational attempts, including the cooperation with Tmall, is the most important task for Tsinghua University’s top students.

First turn the pointer of time back to a year ago.

At that time, Haicang House and Tmall have cooperated for many years and are the second-ranked brand of Tmall men’s wear. However, when the latter found the Haishu House with the latest strategic cooperation plan, Zhou Lijun said that “slowly slow down.

Is this a “conservative”? In fact, under the impetus of Zhou Lijun, the concept of new retail has long taken root in the company.

As for why the cooperation with Tmall will be postponed because he wants to concentrate on completing an internal upgrade. Building a smart supply chain is the key.

For example, Haishu’s home used conventional large-scale storage equipment, which had a large one-time investment and a long period of inefficiency from input to use. Zhou Lijun thought of the RFID technology he had studied in college classes.

He proposed a solution —— implanted RFID chips for 200 million items in the supply chain of Haishu Home, and effectively increased the efficiency of warehousing logistics and reduced fixed assets and manpower through software investment. The cost of investment.

This is just one of many technology upgrades. In order to make the application of these technologies fall into practice, Zhou Lijun also needs to sort out the more complex interests of suppliers, franchisees and e-commerce platforms.

Therefore, before completing a series of preparatory work, Zhou Lijun proposed to Tmall a proposal to slow down first. Until this summer, the time is finally ripe.

According to the agreement between the two parties, Tmall will help the Haishu House offline store to be fully upgraded to “Smart Store”. To put it simply, based on the big data solution provided by Tmall, the two parties will start a package of cooperation around the new retail in new product launch, channel management, big data empowerment, online and offline omni-channel integration.

People who have seen Zhou Lijun often comment on him —— beyond the stability and modesty of their peers. Transforming new retail as a systematic project is just as demanding as a mature businessman, dare to contend and step by step.

Princess Erdos: From operating products to operators

Famous supermodels, &ldquo The big cousin Liu Wen endorsed Erdos, which made the brand more fashionable temperament

On the evening of August 29, 2017, Erdos brand ERDOS<; glory 2017 autumn and winter big show was held in Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center.

At the finale stage, “Large cousin Liu Wen, as the spokesperson, appeared in the ERDOS custom-made cashmere mopping skirt, which caused a cheering scene.

In the official flagship store of Ordos Tmall, the big show live is going on, and some of the styles on the show are also on the shelves. Fans can buy it immediately.

—— Ordos has never been so close to consumers as it is today.

In 2015, after 80 years, Qian Jin Wang took over the 30-year-old cashmere group from his father Wang Xianglin. In the past two years, her biggest change to Ordos has been to make it a business that operates.

Once upon a time, an Erdos cashmere sweater is a representative of rare quality, a product that only a few people can consume. However, with the increasing segmentation of consumer groups and the diversification of consumer concepts in recent years, the target consumers in Ordos are becoming increasingly blurred.

Rediscovering the task of the consumer, fell on Wang Hao’s head.

She first drastically split the brand. Currently, Erdos has four brands for different segments:

1980 is a specialized brand for traditional mature customers; ERDOS is for emerging middle-income groupsFashionable, international brand; 1436 is positioned as a higher-end cashmere luxury brand; BLUE ERDOS is aimed at young urban customers.

Brand splitting and reshaping are also happening in Tmall. On the existing basis, Erdos has expanded into a multi-brand store management model including Group Store, ERDOS Flagship Store, BLUE ERDOS Flagship Store, 1980 Flagship Store and Taobao C Store.

In Wang Wei’s view, e-commerce is not only a sales channel, but also a vital consumer communication and insight platform, as well as a platform for online and offline product sharing and interaction. The live broadcast on the evening of August 29 is a test of the new cooperation model between Erdos and Tmall.

In terms of offline channels, Wang Hao also repositioned the functions of the store and turned it into an interface for communication with consumers.

At present, Erdos is testing the new retail format of this brand collection store in Rongyao Space. It attempts to convey a quality and artistic lifestyle to the user through the use of scenes.

In the concept of new retail, “people, goods, and fields are an organic whole, and people are the core. Since childhood, playing games in the factory, Wang Hao, who wrote homework in the conference room, is inheriting the demanding pursuit of quality by the older generation of entrepreneurs, while embracing the consumers of the new era enthusiastically.

Weijun Supermarket Huang An: From Empiricism to Data Driven

Weijun Supermarket before and after the renovation

The intergenerational inheritance of enterprises is not only a problem that big companies will encounter, but also a small store in the streets and lanes.

The Weijun Supermarket, located opposite the Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University, has been in business for nearly a decade. It is now the first Tmall shop in the country to focus on serving the community.

A year ago, Huang An, 23, left the Hangzhou Administrative Service Center and took care of the community supermarket with his father Huang Haidong.

Like the general community supermarkets, the past military supermarkets have problems such as extensive environment and outdated categories. In addition, a convenience store such as the whole family and Rosen was opened nearby, and the source of the customer was diverted a lot.

However, as the Weijun supermarket entered the retail platform, the situation slowly improved. This is the one-stop shopping platform launched by Alibaba Retail Business Division for community retail stores. A year later, the retail channel launched the Tmall store plan, and the father and son immediately signed up.

Now go to “Tmall Weijun Supermarket, you will find earth-shaking changes.”

Just entering the door, you will feel that it is similar to the chain convenience store 7-11. Commodities and other items are regularly placed on different containers. The checkout counter is a smart device that provides Alipay scan code payment. Next to it is fresh food such as Oden, sausage, and steamed buns.

The most conspicuous aspect of the shelf area is a container with the contents of the Tmall Explosives, which are specially used to put out the special products recommended by Tmall, such as herbaceous chestnut kernels and dried strawberries. These “red goods” are very popular with the students of Zhejiang University. In the innermost area, there are still many daily necessities that are sold in community supermarkets, such as plastic washbasins.

Huang An studied computer science at the university, so he is very sensitive to data. In the past, my father’s business was based on experience, and his Tmall store will calculate the product and layout that suits him best based on the composition of the customers radiated from each store.

Previously, his father used a notebook to record the contact information and purchase records of dozens of different brand dealers. Now, more than one-third of Huangan’s merchandise is sourced from the retail platform. And now he can use the computer to view real-time sales, inventory and other data in the store, as well as the store’s merchandise sales ranking.

According to incomplete statistics, “Tmall’s sales have increased by 45% since the completion of the transformation. According to the plan of Ali Retail, the Tmall shop in the country like this is expected to exceed 10,000 by the end of the year.

From chain giants to individual stores, from high-end brands to community businesses, the shift of Chinese private business owners is forming a trend. Under the new normal of the market economy, the success or failure and quality of the second generation of enterprises have no longer been limited to individuals and enterprises themselves. It even determines the development of China’s private economy in the next 30 years.

The new era background, new participants, new retail as the new fulcrum of the company’s potential energy, thus completing the intergenerational inheritance under their joint promotion.

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