New species × black technology Explosive international invention exhibition

On September 13th, the three-day 10th International Invention Exhibition and the 3rd World Invention and Innovation Forum were officially opened in Foshan. The theme of this exhibition and forum was “Inventing to realize dreams and innovation to lead the future. There are more than 5,000 invention and innovation projects from more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

Rococo · Loker < 2018 New Species Design Exhibition Debut at the 10th International Invention Exhibition & uarr ;

Foshan Luoke Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was invited by the municipal government to participate in this exhibition, and was presented at the exhibition in the form of Rococo · 2018 New Species Design Exhibition. Take a step forward and feel the unique decoration and “new species”, which will undoubtedly bring visual enjoyment and creativity. After the opening ceremony, the exhibition hall began to stir up people. This time we deliberately handed over the new design of BAIC New Energy. The Luoke shared design platform, through the “first-generation creation method” in the automotive industry, “products generated by user-involved innovation” —— LITE car swayed into the exhibition hall, LITE as the world’s first public car to participate in the public, so that many car enthusiasts feel that the future car life will gradually become personalized and scene.

And the most frequently asked is the first one developed, designed and produced by LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group. “Fast & lsquo;Last & rsquo;Warm Cup —— 55° series cups. The 55 degree cup is a high-tech product with a utility model patent. Its core is to achieve the function of temperature rise and temperature reduction through phase change materials. Everyone is curious about this black technology cup.

The new species design exhibition presented Rococo · Lokker’s good products for users in recent years. Let the people marvel and stay on the sidelines, and “micro-bicycles that are dismembered; Xiaoya AI smart speakers that can communicate with people; Alibaba’s rookie small G robots &hellips in black technology; even friends from other booths We all ran to experience the charm of the new species. Visitors can discover a secret & mdash;— from industrial manufactured goods, software digital products to service systems and experiences, from the elaborate layout and experience, the service and supply chain that Lokker can provide now has become more and more perfect. .

Zhang Jianhui, Vice President of Rococo Innovation Design Group, General Manager of Foshan Luoke Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd., interviewed by media &uarr ;

Zhang Jianhui, general manager of the company, said that as a shared design platform focusing on product innovation, Luo Ke can provide “design + supply chain services” for innovations of makers, inventors and inventors. The invention results in better products and is brought to market.

Liu Bingqiang, general manager of South China R&D and supply chain, said in an interview with TV station that this invention exhibition gathered domestic invention institutions, research institutes, and even individual inventors, inventors and makers. Associated, the next step for makers is a subversive invention. Science and technology as the core drive to change the way of life. The good idea of ​​the maker is only one step away from the realization. Luo Ke is doing the bridge for this weightlifting step.

Foshan Luoke Urban Design Center settled in Nanhai Financial Park, Foshan Maker’s creativity and ideas will be able to achieve landing and create value in this crowd-creating platform. Luoke is committed to providing products for enterprises to create a product-product design-production supply chain-product marketing-investment and other covering products to create a full-process service, aiming to create good products for enterprises, detonate good products, and empower products.

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