Noah Wealth Wang Jingbo: Wealth is like snowballing, to maintain a sense of crisis

“It is not a peer to beat Noah, but a big data technology company that uses big data analysis to achieve precise marketing and precise risk control for wealth management.

On September 23, 2017, Wang Jingbo, founder and chairman of Noah Holdings, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, said at the 9th Jinji Lake Fortune Summit Forum. In addition to Wang Jingbo, Chairman of New Oriental Education Group, founding partner of Hongtai Fund, Yu Minhong, partner of Jinglin Assets, general manager Gao Yuncheng, founding partner of Qihe Capital, former vice president of Baidu Strategic Investment M&A, Tang Hesong, etc. And nearly 2,100 high-net-worth clients gathered at the Jinji Lake to discuss how to find new directions and new impetus for wealth growth in the market and era of transformation and upgrading.

Don’t be opportunistic, wealth is a snowball process

Investment and life actually It is a truth, like snowballing, the slope should be long. Do things with long-term value, not short-term interests.

Doing VC/PE investment, especially VC/PE investment for outstanding startups, is a snowballing business.

In the forum, Wang Jingbo introduced “Moore’s Law & mdash;— the correct innovations are relatively simple and extensive when entering, but time will form an inflection point. In the words of Wang Jingbo: “While some startups have died, they have nourished the land and provided nourishment for the towering trees behind.

Creating new things from 0 to 1, the typical case is the famous VC/PE investor Peter · Tyre, investing in Facebook to get 20,000 times return, people will always overestimate the next two years The changes that come, while underestimating the changes in the decade.

Now, these inflection points are really coming. They used to sell land for real estate. With the rapid development of the market economy and the continuous warming of the dual-creation environment, it was once called “World Factory and” China, a low-exporting country, has gradually become a leading international innovation country. The opportunities for wealth creation brought about by the new business model innovation are also emerging, and VC/PE investment institutions play an important role in this tide.

Noah Wealth pioneered the VC/PE business as early as 2007, laying out the head manager early. According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2017, there were 147 listed companies supported by VC/PE in the market, and the IPO penetration rate reached 55.1%. As of the end of June 2017, 80 of the PE funds that Noah had cooperated were Investment companies have successfully listed, of which 63 IPOs were issued, 8 were listed by mergers and acquisitions, and 9 were listed by backdoor. After nearly 10 years of development, it has now entered a comprehensive harvest period.

At the 9th Jinji Lake Fortune Summit Forum, Wang Jingbo said: “In the current development of entrepreneurial innovation and artificial intelligence, the old business model has failed, and the existing industry has been overthrown, and VC/ PE is the driving force of innovative venture capital, and equity investment is changing from the alternative to the mainstream, entering the era of booming.

In this forum, Noah Wealth also specially invited the chairman of New Oriental Education Group and Hongtai Fund. Founding partner Yu Minhong, teacher Yu Minhong shared his view of wealth through his entrepreneurial experience. “The whole life of a person is from a confused to a sober process. When you have money, you must be clear about what you want to do. My concept of wealth is based on the premise of three life goals and positioning: continue to do a good job in New Oriental, do everything in its power to help young people start their own businesses and grow, and contribute to society.

Teacher Yu Minhong also encourages everyone to do long-term and valuable careers. Capital helps entrepreneurial innovation and enterprise growth. The success of the latter will inevitably bring rich returns to capital.

Tang Hesong, the founding partner of Qihe Capital and former vice president of Baidu Strategic Investment M&A, also attended the forum and spoke. He has rich investment and research experience in the Internet field. He used to invest where to go, Aiqi Art, the acquisition of PPS and other famous success stories.

Maintain a sense of crisis and fear when others are greedy

Finance is a high risk Industry, fraud, greed, market irregularities, lack of supervision. Therefore, wealth management and asset management must maintain a sense of crisis.

Since the beginning of the road, the development of Noah’s wealth has also encountered many crises, such as fraud risks, lack of attention in foreign investment management, misreading trends and credit defaults. Faced with these problems, Noah Wealth began to gradually shift to an asset-oriented quasi-investment bank from the initial product-oriented financial consignment platform, and took the initiative better in the hands to avoid these crises.

In May 2010, after five years of cultivating wealth management business, Noah established a new brand of Gefei assets, one step ahead of the peers into the asset management field, meaning Noah entered a broader The track.

In just 5 years of entrepreneurship, Noah Wealth facilitated the market in the US New York Stock Exchange in November 2010. The resulting demonstration effect directly led to the rise of third-party wealth management in China. At the peak, there were tens of thousands of newcomers at the same time, and quickly became a bursting bubble.

A few years ago, the Internet financial market was liberalized, and various P2P, online banking, third-party payments, and virtual currency growth were rampant, and Internet finance was overwhelming. Some even said that Noah is a typical A company that has been subverted by the Internet. But soon in the big waves, most of the Internet finance was killed and killed, and Noah’s wealth continued to maintain a sense of crisis in the market, and continued to grow in the turbulent environment.

As Buffett said, fear when others are greedy, greedy when others fear. After the Internet finance was shuffled, the industry was gradually standardized, and financial supervision was also followed, Noah experienced another major transition to Internet finance.

Noah’s wealth has not been subverted. The current Noah has not only the offline management of wealth management and asset management, but also the launch of the wealthy and Ark wealth under the impact of the Internet and mobile Internet. Financial product.

Wang Jingbo said: “We always respect the market and have awe of the market. We must be prepared to tie in with risk and engage in deep thinking and learning. A true mature and rational market participant.

The same philosophy is also from Gao Lincheng, a partner of Jinglin Assets, at the 9th Jinji Lake Summit Forum. Speech: “Investment must be reverse investment, the core is not to buy expensive, never according to the market’s short-term mood fluctuations. For example, the recent stock price surge of new energy vehicles, in the face of such short-term fluctuations, more questions about whether there will be more exciting news about new energy in the future, and how likely the policy is expected to be launched in the future.

Maintaining a sense of crisis is a commonality in wealth management and investment, and it is a sign of a true maturity of a company.

Focus on spiritual wealth, making investor education better for Noah

The famous philosopher Ann &middot of the 20th century; Rand has a famous saying: “Fortune is a person’s ability to think. product.

In this era when the mind decides the pocket, only by eliminating the old and outdated way of thinking can we continue to grasp the opportunity. Wang Jingbo, the founder of Noah’s wealth, said: “Wisdom and wealth are absolutely parallel, you are under One success must be due to your cognitive improvement today. In the world of Wang Jingbo, the pursuit of wealth and the cultivation of the soul are not separated, and there is no conflict. The two complement each other.

Capital nature is profit-seeking. In recent years, on the one hand, Ponzi schemes in the financial market have emerged one after another. On the other hand, the asset-deficit investors’ financial needs are close to being blown out.

& ldquo; Previously, Jiangsu and Zhejiang were the worst-hit areas for usury, and Noah’s wealth could not be opened in these places. Many people did not have financial common sense and believed this. Wang Jingbo said frankly, “China’s financial penetration rate is quite surprising. I have a relative who came to the house to promote financial products. My mother-in-law spent tens of thousands of dollars and was fooled. Even my family will have this problem, let alone other families.

So, as Wang Jingbo said at the Sanya Diamond Annual Meeting last year, whoever can solve the pain of investor education will win the market in the coming year. Wealth management pursues the beauty of the system. The most important thing for investors in the moment is not information, but the most effective access to knowledge and trends in a unit of time. Investors are generally not professional, and the knowledge they hope to receive is not overwhelming and dull.

To be a wealth manager with a preference and no bias, you need to constantly think about learning. As the pioneer and leader of China’s independent wealth management industry, Noah has gradually developed into a multi-service mainline with wealth management, asset management, global open product platform and internet finance, providing wealth management for more than 160,000 high net worth clients. A comprehensive financial group with overseas asset allocation, high-end insurance and high-end education. Noah Wealth has practiced investor education for more than ten years, established Enoch Education Overseas Study Tour, Enoch Fortune School, etc., and even held the Jinji Lake Fortune Summit Forum every year, all in order to share with investors. progress.

“ We just want to simplify complex financial knowledge and make each customer a pan-financial expert. Noah Wealth always believes that only by truly understanding wealth and continuing learning can we retain wealth for a long time. Therefore, wisdom and wealth have always been the firm belief of Noah’s wealth. Investor education is one of Noah’s most important tasks.

This Jinji Lake Fortune Summit Forum is a series of “Leaders” held by Noah Fortune in recent years. One of the series summits. Noah Wealth helps high-net-worth groups to increase their understanding and understanding of investment and wealth by inviting domestic eminent economists and investing in various investment fields to build a platform for deep exchange between high-net-worth clients and investment opinion leaders.

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