Open a furniture store to make money? It is critical to do activities to stimulate consumption!

Do you want to make money at a furniture store? I believe this is a problem that many investment entrepreneurs who want to join the store to buy a store. In fact, if you want to make money, you have to have customer consumption. The best way to stimulate consumption is to do activities. What activities can a furniture store usually do to attract customers?

Open a furniture store to make money? Do activities to stimulate consumption It’s critical!

Brand Events

Brand activities are generally designed by the brand, and the relevant policies are issued to each store. For example, Canoa’s “Antaric Home Stars” activity has been full of sincerity: the 7th 钜惠力度 has unprecedented history, set aside 10,000 yuan of furniture expenses, explosions of single items, classic packages, and cooperate with the company. Vigorous materials and personnel support, activities have also achieved very good results.

Festival Activities

There are many traditional Chinese festivals, such as the Spring Festival, New Year’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, Labor Day, etc. Every holiday will be a holiday, which is why many stores Choosing traditional festivals to do activities, the traffic is large and there are more gimmicks. Festival activities usually bring some holiday elements in it, such as the Dragon Boat Festival to enter the store to send dice, the Spring Festival to send Spring Festival, and so on, on the one hand, to allow consumers to better feel the traditional culture, on the other hand, also promote physical store sales, can be described It is the result of a win-win situation.

Cross-industry alliance activities

If there are many different brands in the same industry around the store, the best way is to start a cross-industry event, exchange customer information, and make the most of the benefits. For consumers, it is also easier and faster to compare and purchase the products that you like. Such activities are also a popular type of brand activity.

Shopping Organisation Activities

I believe we will also see large shopping malls such as the Real Home. The Red Star Macalline Mall itself will organize events to invite the participating brands to participate, and the collection will be collected by the mall. The event discounts or offers are also the responsibility of the mall, such as full reduction, discounts, gifts, coupons, etc., the form of activities is not the same, it is also a good way of activities.

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