Komatsu Museum is like a rolling hill okorder

The museum of round and curved roofs in Komatsu, Japan, covers the grass and creates a series of rolling hills where visitors can climb opposite. Designed by Tokyo studio Marie Ito, its past projects include a kitchen countertop of a house, Komatsu Museum, used as a communication center and archive. The building is located in a factory on the site of one of the world’s largest mining and construction equipment manufacturers, so the short-lived creation of a building could lead to public interest in science and industry.

Ito’s concept is to integrate architecture and landscape, create architecture, and serve as a public park. The curved contours of each space are shown as four waves, framing the courtyard, pathways and roof lawns. The auditorium is contained within the northwest corner dome, while the main exhibition space is located in one of the big waves below.
The roof is greened with extra insulation inside. The slab is cleaned from the ground and then formed into waves that add a natural and sensitive design. In the evening, the space was transformed by the light show, and hundreds of current air movements equipped with wind speed sensors made a variety of interpretations of the current air movement. The entire building is intended to be in harmony with science and encourages visitors to explore the various scientific discoveries in practice.

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UK house price growth slowed slightly in June okorder

The data shows that the annual inflation rate for housing prices is 10.7% in the UK, 3.5% in Wales, 6% in Scotland, and 4.9% in Northern Ireland. Overall, the data shows that house prices have grown substantially in most parts of the UK, and prices in London once again showed the highest growth at 19.3%. In the South, prices rose by 9.7% and East England by 7.9%.
However, excluding London and the South East, UK house prices increased by 6.3% in 12 months to June 2014. After seasonal adjustments, average house prices may increase by 0.5% from June 2014. The market is widely recovering across the country, and housing price growth is driving in a stable, healthy direction.
London is still above, driving national housing prices up, showing its special appeal to places where domestic and foreign buyers are living and investing. In addition, the market has improved, driving consumer confidence and encouraging sellers to put their homes on the market, leading to a fresh wave of available-for-sale properties. This is good news for the London real estate market as it continues its strong, sustainable economic recovery.

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Floating swimming pool on the Thames okorder

The London Octopus Design Studio has revised its floating swimming pool on the Thames to become a building next to the subway station. It has now been announced that it is planned to move faster in the pool, whether it is using fresh water or recycling rain, not river water.

Architect Chris · Romer said: “We have turned slightly to our focus from 20 years The vision is more practical. How can we make this thing happen in the short term. It will be a long time to finish cleaning the Thames water. So now we are working with marine engineering development with freshwater conversion, a custom pontoon in the Sanchi. & rdquo;
“ We chose one of the sites on the North Shore, one of the forgotten stretches of the London River Walk, explained: “Lushi-Lee, his past projects and studio octopus including restored The amphitheatre and a corner of the house extend.
Three separate swimming pools will be included in the pontoon, which will be supported by the spiral arms to avoid the accumulation of debris in the surrounding area. The pool can also be transformed during the winter to accommodate other activities, from the gym to social gatherings. The architect also insisted on the original plan and would not be abandoned. We don’t think this is a one-off opportunity, which can happen in multiple locations to meet different populations.

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Austrian multi-purpose office building flexible architectural design okorder

Austria is a landlocked country in central Europe. The architectural style is mostly European. This building is built as an office building by NMPB Design Office and is mainly used as a research room, lecture hall and library.

The new venue allows for connection to the information building, distributed in different buildings, in a unique structure. This communication science building has a seminar room and seven computer labs. The Library of Information and Communication Science is located on the ground floor and underground floor and is part of the Chemistry Library.
Special attention is paid to students of multi-functional services and communication spaces. The University of Vienna continues its project student space: the central goal of this project is to shape the university’s “environment” in an attractive way to optimize learning and research space, increase space communication and adequate infrastructure in the conference Room and lecture hall.
From the entrance of the building, you can access the lecture hall in the basement, the library on the top floor and the seminar room. Depending on the orientation of the building, different functional areas are optimized. The university library has its own entrances and exits. The building provides a place for students, scientists and management staff to work and communicate appropriately, such as the construction of libraries and communication infrastructure. The project has the characteristics of flexible design and can adapt to future expansion needs. In addition, the design of the building takes into account the savings in operating costs and the requirements of sustainable development.

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2014 World Cup Brazil Sao Paulo Stadium (Photos) okorder

Brazil photographer Leonardo Finotti filmed a group of photos of the FIFA World Cup 2014 Sao Paulo Stadium in Brazil.

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Beacon’s latest winter floor lamp okorder

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Human sculpture for rest okorder

British sculptor Anthony · Antony Gormley built a giant humanoid sculpture containing a house outside a hotel in London. Antony Gormley’s giant humanoid sculpture room is made up of rectangular blocks of various specifications.

This hollow figure sits on the platform. The room inside the sculpture is only four square meters, with a 10-meter ceiling and a small window positioned between the legs of the sculpture. Guests will be able to stay in this room for £2,500 per night.

Anthony · Antony Gormley In the statement, I said: “I use the body as our main habitat. The people who live in this sculpture will be very peaceful. The blinds between the legs of the sculpture can cover everything from the outside world. Let us go.” Feeling the darkness itself, my goal for this work is to bring the most intimate and intimate experience. ”

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Italian shipyard CRN won the 2014 World Superyacht Award okorder

The Italian Shipyard (CRN) recently won the jury award, and its 80-long superyacht (chopi chopi) won the 2014 World Superyacht Award.
Hosted by Boat International Media, the World Superyacht Awards are specially designed for large-displacement power yachts of 2000GT and above. Guests attending the event included industry leaders, owners of superyachts and elites from around the world.

Italian Shipyard (CRN) is the Ferretti Group Part of the Ferretti Group, specializing in the manufacture of large yachts, made of steel and aluminium, with hull lengths ranging from 40 to 90 meters.
In February 2014, Chopi Chopi won the Interior Design Award and the Grand Yacht Preparation Design Award. Chopi Chopi also received a special award from the World Superyacht Award for its innovation, design and onboard technology.

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Frick Art Collection plans to expand New York New Hall okorder

The Frick Collection announced that they have decided to expand the Carrère and Hastings history pavilion in New York, a six-story, 42,000-square-foot building. The area includes galleries, exhibition halls, classrooms, auditoriums, and a rooftop garden terrace overlooking Central Park. The personal apartment of Frick on the second floor of the new building will also be open to the public.

The original building of this new building is Henry · Clay · Henry Clay Frick. His wife Adelaide, and their daughter Helen Cly Frick’s residence, had previously been intended as a museum, made up of Indiana limestone as the architectural theme material, the building Acquired in 1914 by Thomas & Middot; Thomas Hastings, located between 70th Street and 71st Street, Fifth Avenue, New York, and Lenox Library.

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Lawn roof, building into the mountains okorder

Dominica, a house designed by the Chilean architectural firm Vasho. Although the building was contained in the mountain itself and the lawn roof, it was hidden. Although the house is big, it is not easy to detect. Because the structure of the house is combined with the mountains, the family is invisible.

Rocks are collected and thrown away for use as architectural and decorative materials in the home itself. The subsequent rock walls, both inside and outside, add to the natural beauty of the building and help it blend into the surrounding landscape and even more. The stone wall casts images from the hillsides from archaeological remains of ancient times.

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