The so-called smart home is just the intervention of voice? okorder

Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology (AI) is being applied more and more to home appliances. Intelligent innovation is also considered as the main development direction of the future home appliance market. The whole house intelligence is becoming the hottest new favorite of the society. “.
Only need to move the mouth, the whole house of home appliances can listen to the command, complete a series of activities on their own… This is the beautiful “smart family” use scene that has been portrayed in recent years. Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology (AI) is being applied more and more to home appliances. Intelligent innovation is also considered as the main development direction of the future home appliance market. The whole house intelligence is becoming the hottest new favorite of the society. “. But then the problem has come, what is intelligence. I believe that the word “smart” has been heard countless times, but there are very few products that can really be intelligent. The smart configuration of most products is just a matter of fact, and the gimmick is more than practical.

Recently, a brand launched a new “AI Smart Interconnected Kitchen Voice System” at the 20th Anniversary AI Smart Connected Kitchen New Product Launch Conference, and implanted the voice recognition function into the range hood. Is it artificial intelligence? First of all, don’t worry about the conclusion, let’s first think about the use scene of the range hood. Noise is one of the inevitable sensations of the range hood when it is turned on. How to ensure the accuracy and stability of speech recognition in a noisy environment is a very difficult proposition. In the environment of the exhibition venue, the author had the privilege of experiencing the range hood with voice recognition function. At the time, the author issued a voice command to the range hood: “Turn on the range hood, turn on the hood, turn on” and then shut up. The hood is turned on with a single touch. In the original simple operation form, it is a bit unclear to choose a voice command that is not related to the unknown effect of the device. What is the difference between “pseudo-smart” that takes out the phone, clicks on the app, connects the device, and then clicks on it? More like the concept of “remote control” replaced by the concept of “voice control.”

For the intelligence of kitchen appliances, Fang Tai gave a very clear explanation. Intelligent innovation should be based on the convenience and stability of product use, and optimize the experience. Faced with the enthusiasm for intelligence, companies should be aware that users need more than just the “intelligence” of concepts, but the combination of “more convenient”, “more enjoyable”, “healthy”, “safer”, etc. A “better experience” for multiple needs. Among them, artificial intelligence technology is a tool and a way to achieve a better experience, but we must not use the so-called “intelligence” such as “networking”, “remote control”, “data reading” as a unified means of implementation to bind users. In fact, this is true. The real “artificial intelligence” needs to be done not only to control a single product, but to realize the interconnection between all the smart devices in the home, by constructing a network connecting objects and objects. Let the data “communicate” between the product and the person and the product, thereby fundamentally improving the user’s product use experience.

In general, voice control is only a step-by-step test for the intelligent development of home appliances, but it is far from the absolute direction. The combination of voice control and range hood requires more consideration of user usage scenarios, optimizing the experience and ensuring the accuracy and stability of the functions. Otherwise, it may not be artificial intelligence, but artificial obstacles, making the safe and convenient use experience deviate from the original direction.
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Taking Ali, Tencent and Jingdong as examples, several possibilities for future Internet home improvement okorder

   As a pioneer, we are always able to find new development possibilities from the Internet giants, thus opening up a new development. This is the case in the traditional era, the Internet era, and the same in the upcoming new retail era. Through the development of Ali, Tencent, and Jingdong, we can find out the possibility of future Internet home improvement.
   The first possibility: technology empowerment will be more in-depth, and first-line home improvement companies will be deeply changed. As mentioned above, the trend of the future development of the home improvement industry has begun to become obvious, and the grasp of the trend is only based on the concept can not be achieved, the future must be more in-depth empowerment, in order to make the first-line home improvement industry to undergo profound changes, thus Bringing a further increase in the efficiency of the home improvement industry.
   At the moment, Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, and are beginning to make relevant arrangements for technology empowerment. It is certain that the next decade of development is the era of the industrial Internet, so we can conclude The development possibility of Internet home improvement is to use the means of technology empowerment to profoundly change the operational logic of the home improvement industry. By empowering the front-line home improvement industry, it will completely change their traditional and obsolete image and truly decorate the home. The development of the industry has brought it to a new stage.
   With the gradual deepening of technology empowerment, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence that seem to have nothing to do with the home improvement industry will be linked to home improvement, by transforming the traditional home improvement model and delivering new The home improvement energy, subverting the traditional home improvement process, thus achieving a more profound change in the home improvement industry. It is foreseeable that the future home decoration will bid farewell to the era of manual-oriented, and enter an era of AI, big data, and cloud computing.
   The second possibility: the home improvement industry may no longer exist, but evolve into a part of people’s lifestyle. With the advent of the era of hardcover delivery, the home improvement industry has begun to be more closely linked to the real estate industry, and the possibility of home improvement as an independent industry is gradually weakening.
  In the future, with the gradual disappearance of home improvement as an independent property of decoration, the future home decoration may become a major function to satisfy people’s new lifestyle, and no longer exist as an independent industry. From a logical point of view, the future home improvement industry will evolve into a part of people’s lifestyles.
   In addition, through the development of Ali, Tencent and, we are also beginning to see that the future technology will no longer be an independent existence, it is more to meet people’s needs and become people. Part of the way of everyday life, not a existence that is independent of people’s lives.
   As the decoration function of the home improvement industry is gradually weakening, its main functions are beginning to be more reflected in the specific needs of people’s lifestyles, thus opening up a new era of industry function expansion, home improvement Life and home improvement scenes will become the main development trend in the future.
   The third possibility: the home-based home improvement industry system will be replaced by ABC-based home improvement industry system. Whether in the traditional era or in the Internet age, the main body of the home improvement industry is people-oriented. One result of this system is that people determine the efficiency and quality of the home improvement industry, which is very important for the home improvement industry. aspect. However, due to the uncontrollability of people, the efficiency and quality of the home improvement industry often cause many problems.
   With the layout of new technologies represented by Ali, Tencent, and JD, for artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, the theme of the future home improvement industry will change from people to these new technology.
  A here refers to artificial intelligence, where B refers to big data, where C refers to cloud computing. From the transformation of people to the main body of ABC is not to say that the role of people will be weakened, but that people will carry out higher-level work, by controlling ABC to achieve more precise control of the home improvement industry, thereby further enhancing Home improvement industry efficiency.
   As a leader, the development of Internet giants can always find new directions for us, and now it is the same. When the Internet giants represented by Ali, Tencent and JD. began to deploy new retail, new technologies and new models, the home improvement industry will also start new changes. These changes are more thorough, deeper, or subversive than the Internet era. Our original knowledge of the home improvement industry has opened up a new era of home improvement industry development.
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Is the electric faucet safe? okorder

Electric faucets have the advantages of convenience and time saving, but many people are worried about its safety. Let’s discuss whether the electric faucet is safe.
leakage protection device (double)

   In fact, many electric faucet products now have a better safety protection against leakage. Among them, for example, photo-ceramic technology, the special materials used in photo-ceramic technology can reduce the electrical loss of common metal materials, and more importantly, it plays an important role in the safety of human body. The photo-ceramic technology is different from ordinary electric heating heaters. Experts test, even if exposed to water, will not cause leakage accidents, as well as the application of leakage protection plugs, double protection.

Electric faucet principle

   Because it has a cold heating function that can replace the faucet, it is called “electric faucet”, which is a non-insulated The water is heated in a slightly insulated container, which is only temporary storage of hot water, and has a miniature instant electric water heater that controls the water temperature device. In layman’s terms, it refers to an electric heating device that rapidly raises the temperature of water when cold water flows through the heater. According to the water discharge type, it can be divided into two types: outlet closed type and outlet open type. The company’s products are open-ended design.

  The principle of rapid energy saving of electric faucet is to use special titanium and other anti-corrosion high-strength magnetic materials to make chips, so that the water will heat up instantly under the action of high-strength magnetic field. The faucet also adjusts the power depending on the flow to suit the water temperature supply required for different seasons.

  The best electric faucet brands are: Ding Nai, Xun Tenger, Ya Le, Maxwell, Ke Yi Le, Chuan Fu and so on.

Is the electric faucet safe?

  1, the water and electricity double-layer isolation, the withstand voltage of 1500V or more is completely afraid of the occurrence of “just in case”.

  2, insurance companies undertake product liability insurance to make consumers more comfortable to use.

  3. The main body is grounded, and the traditional imitation measures are also a reliable protection measure.

Electric faucet price

  Olier instant electric faucet-6D-authentic special price¥298.00

   Oriel Instant Electric Hot Water Tap-3C-Genuine Special Price¥288.00

   Oriel Instant Electric Hot Water Tap-3D-Genuine Special Price¥288.00

Introduction of electric faucet

  The safety problem of electric faucet, I believe this problem is a problem that many friends are more concerned about. Because the electric water used by the electric faucet is heated, many friends are more worried about whether the faucet will conduct electricity. In fact, many electric faucet products now have a better safety guarantee against leakage. Among them, for example, photo-ceramic technology, the special materials used in photo-ceramic technology can reduce the electrical loss of common metal materials, and more importantly, it plays an important role in the safety of human body. The photo-ceramic technology is different from ordinary electric heating heaters. Experts test that even if exposed to water, it will not cause leakage accidents, and the application of leakage protection plugs, double protection.

  The electric faucet generally has the safety protection measures:

  1, water and electricity double layer isolation, withstand voltage above 1500V – not afraid of “in case “Occurrence;

   electric faucet (also known as hot water faucet or quick faucet), including faucet body and water flow control switch, the faucet body has a heating chamber And the electric control chamber, the electric control chamber and the heating chamber are separated by a sealing plate, the electric control chamber is provided with a heating circuit, and the heating chamber is provided with a heating tube, the heating tube power is generally 2-3KW, 3-5 seconds Heating the hot water, the heating pipe is connected to the heating circuit, wherein the heating pipe is an insulated heating pipe; the insulating heating pipe is a hydroelectric isolation type insulated heating pipe; the faucet body is mostly a high temperature resistant engineering plastic type, and a few are all Metal type; the electric control chamber is provided with an insulating water pressure switch; the heating circuit is provided with an electrical switch, the electrical switch is connected with the end of the insulating water pressure switch, the water is energized, the water is cut off; the heating circuit is provided with a temperature controller and Dry burning device; it can also be provided in the heating circuit Leakage protection switch.

  Characteristics of electric faucet:

  1, electric faucet quickly heats up: 30-60 degrees of hot water can be supplied in 5 seconds. It is hot immediately, meeting the high standard and fast-paced life needs of modern people.
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What are the common lighting materials? okorder

Nowadays, lamps have become a must-have for home decoration, and a wide variety of lamps, not only have a lot of styling classification, but also more The material classification, and different materials, different styles, different styles of lamps can bring different effects to the home. So, what are the lighting materials? What kind of lighting is better? The following small series will introduce you to the common lighting materials.

  1,Which common lighting materials – crystal lighting materials

   commonly used lighting materials here refers to the body material, which Crystal lamps are the most common type. These crystal materials can be used in many types of lamps such as chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and table lamps. The most common ones are crystal chandeliers. For the luminaire, after the illumination of the light source, the effect of the illusion can be produced. Of course, the crystal luminaire of the material has a good light transmission effect, and has great advantages both in use and decoration in the home. It is mostly used in living room lighting decoration. Such crystal lamps can create a sense of fashion, so it is also a very good material for making fashion lamps. Crystals have different colors, so crystal lamps can also achieve colorful colors. The effect.

  2,What are the common luminaire materials? Acrylic luminaire materials

  acrylic is a plasticity Polymer materials, from the performance of materials, have very good transparency, processing and dyeing are very easy, and the appearance is beautiful, is an excellent choice for lighting materials, among which acrylic ceiling lamps are the most common, of course, acrylic is not only It is only used in the manufacture of lamps, and it has a wider range of uses. Lamp production is only one of its uses. Acrylic can also be called plexiglass, but some people call acrylic plastic, no matter what the name of acrylic is. The effect of the luminaires produced by them is the most important. Acrylic is a commonly used luminaire material. The acrylic luminaires produced by them have good light transmission, and are mostly used for lampshade materials. The light source is transmitted through acrylic. The light is very comfortable and soft, creating a visually soft feel that is very comfortable.

  3,What are the common lighting materials – fabric lighting materials

   fabric is also commonly used lamps Material, from the use of fabric lamps in the home, you can know how common the lamps of this material are. For fabric lamps, there are variability in style, pattern and color, among which the exquisite and rustic The lamps are most popular. Of course, some simple wind fabric lighting is also very fashionable. The light source has different effects through different fabrics, some with a touch of sweetness and some with a trace of Romantic, and some with a touch of warmth, such materials of the lamps through the fabric to express the different emotions of the lamps, thus reflecting the different decorative effects of the lamps.

  4,What are the common luminaire materials – metal luminaire materials

   The metal material can not be forgotten. As a metal with retro and fashion and personality, it can express the different characteristics of the lamp. The antique lamps made of bronze metal materials will be interpreted by the classical atmosphere. So realistic, it is the effect that other luminaire materials can’t achieve. It is like the beautiful luster metal hides its unique fashion sense. It is used in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns. This fashion sense can be expressed. Some people like wrought iron. A sexy, so metal wrought iron lamps meet the desire of those who pursue individuality.
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What are the selection methods for the ceiling Yuba? okorder

Yuba is installed in every household, but the type of installation is different. The ceiling Yuba is the most common nowadays, and now people like it more. This kind of Yuba is also divided into brands. When buying, everyone is better to master. The selection of skills, then what is the selection method of the ceiling Yuba? The following small series will introduce you to everyone.
Sucking bath selection method

1. Packaging and accessories. The products of regular manufacturers are smooth and smooth, and the graphic printing is exquisite and clear. The products are equipped with accessories such as switch board, junction box and exhaust vent; the product package contains instructions, certificate and safety manual. Its Yuba accessories are complete.

2. Mask. The quality of the mask is critical to the function of the Yuba. The high-quality mask is not only moderate in thickness, but also has a smooth surface and high temperature resistance and high flame retardant rating. Such as a Yuba, the use of the United States General Electric Company’s plastic materials, can withstand the high temperature of 200 ° C, which is generally comparable to the use of PPO, ABS plastic products.

3. Highlight the decorative Yuba. The Yuba is installed on the ceiling of the bathroom, and the thickness of the Yuba has changed a lot, and the decoration does not take up too much space. There are even Yuba products, even in appearance, color, and a modern atmosphere, so that the highly decorative Yuba is full of natural beauty.

4. Heating the lights. The infrared quartz radiant heats the bulb as a heat source, and the room air is heated by direct radiant heating, without preheating, the heat is adjustable, the heat effect is concentrated, and a wide range of heating effects can be obtained in an instant. Due to the quality of the materials, some manufacturers have poor explosion-proof performance and low thermal efficiency. Some brands use quartz hard glass, save electricity, and have been subjected to strict explosion-proof and service life tests, which are relatively reliable.

5. Lighting. When using Yuba for a long time, strong light will cause light pollution, so use a soft light bulb. Some products use GE (US General Electric), PHILIPS (Philips), OSRAN (Osram, Germany) and other brands of lighting, soft lighting, long service life.
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The home industry is going to go public? okorder

In recent years, two new phenomena have emerged, or two new paths, whether they are manufacturers or distributors, are large or small in scale, and the development time is either long or short.

One phenomenon is that some companies with strong financing capabilities will design competitive business models, which are very beautiful, the prospects are full of imagination, and then through the effective channel, continuous support from the investment company, and then Realize business acceleration. What is the concept of strong financing ability? It is the core team of the founding company that has at least one capable person, has a strong background in the industry, has a deeper experience with the investment community, has some investment institutional resources, and has won the recognition of some investors. He is a self-contained aura, and it is possible to introduce a new company. Some statistics show that it is not that your company’s profits are high, there is a certain scale, you will be able to get the right investment, some companies are not profitable at all, the revenue is very small, even registered for three or five months, but the million angels have already Announced. This is related to the ability to finance. Therefore, if the model is really good, holding the core original cutting-edge technology, there are some patents on hand, the products are excellent, it is not available in the current market, or it is better than the peers, but it needs to be funded soon after starting, it needs Find a backbone with strong financing capabilities.

The following are several sets of data:

From 2016 to August 2018, there were 229 total financing events in the home furnishing sector, accounting for 12.4 in large consumer financing. %. In 2017, a total of 33 companies in the home improvement sector were financed, with 34 cumulative financings and a total financing of approximately 2.573 billion yuan. However, there are not many companies that can get the B round of financing in 2017, and there are even fewer home improvement companies that continue to invest in 2018. Many of the financing of Internet home improvement companies have only melted into two rounds, namely, the Angel Wheel and the A Wheel. Few companies can go to the B and C rounds. Explain that there is a problem with the business, and many companies have closed down. From the point of view of financing alone, many new companies in the Internet home improvement sector have demonstrated greater capabilities than traditional decoration companies, but their business capabilities have not kept up, resulting in a lack of foundation and insufficient growth. It is naturally difficult to continue to invest.

A common problem is that its own ability to hematopoietic is not enough, no new funds have entered, and even survival has become a problem. This is very bad. In the case that the financing ability is not strong enough, it is recommended to design the function of hematopoiesis as soon as possible in the established mode to ensure that the external investment is broken and that you can support yourself. In the field of home building materials supply chain platform, custom home, cloud design software, home services, etc., there have also been many financings. For example, in the field of home services, Alibaba has invested 25 million US dollars in Shenong 007, which is the C round. Before going to Capital, Morningside Capital invested in A, A+, and B rounds. Yuanjing Ventures has given millions of angels.

The cool furniture, three-dimensional home, dressing house, etc. started with cloud design tools, and there are also financings, such as Cool Jiale, 5 years and 4 rounds. In March this year, Shunwei Capital, Temasek, IDG GGV, Yunqi, etc. invested in the D round of 100 million US dollars. At the earliest time, in 2013, I got the Angel Wheel. After a few months, I introduced IDG’s tens of millions of A rounds, and then ran on the financing road.

Three-dimensional home this year’s B round of financing, there are 300 million, Red Star Macalline main investment. The dressing house went to the A+ round of financing this year, 75 million yuan, led by Dingxin Great Wall and Quanzhu. In 2015, together with the decoration network, Hui Jinquan jointly invested 18 million. After the A round, the introduction of Red Star Macalline 40 million. In the field of home building materials supply chain platform, there are also many companies successfully financing, such as the mid-loading match, completed 20 million yuan Pre-A round of financing in October this year, the Galaxy Venture Capital, Oriental Fuhai, Pengfeng Rongcheng and other joint investment . There is also like Hometown, which last year merged 50 million from Red Star Macalline. Yi Youtong has reached a million yuan in the A round this year. Internet home or home building materials e-commerce brand, there are several companies successfully financing, such as children’s study table and chair brand “Love Fruit”, in June this year to get 100 million A investment, behind the map, Ruiqi. Most of the companies with strong financing capabilities have adopted new strategies and introduced new tools. In the traditional home building materials and decoration business, they have loaded technology genes such as the Internet and the Internet of Things, so they have gained more attention. .

Another phenomenon is that some home building materials and decoration companies are not particularly large in scale, with a scale of several hundred million or tens of millions, but they will take advantage of the company’s advantages under the guidance of the seniors. Doing enough, doing well in some details, can be sold to big companies, especially to listed companies, and strive to sell a good price. Now in the pan-home industry, there are more than 100 A-share listings. I want to be a boss. I want to enrich my products, make up for short-boards, deploy big homes, and even think about the company that dominates the rivers and lakes. There is no shortage of masters who hold heavy gold.

In recent years, it has become more common for listed companies or large companies to acquire certain small and medium-sized home building materials and decoration companies. The scale is not big, the key is to have unique competitiveness, such as: Some time ago, it spent 424 million to acquire Quanzhou Tunbao Home. The latter is not famous in China, but it is a big coffee exporter of domestic mattresses. Gujia bought it and enhanced the competitiveness of mattress export. There is also the family to buy Bilchi, the latter mainly operates the whole house customization, the customization of the eight living spaces, the smart factory is also quite perfect, just happens to be the one-step heavy chess for the family to enter the whole house customization. Last year, Foshan Lighting, a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, spent 180 million yuan to acquire a 32.85% stake in Nanhe Industrial. What does Nanhe Industrial do? Mobile phones, LED desk lamps, LED spotlights, LED ceiling lamps, telephones, etc. After the capital intervention, those excellent potential small and medium-sized companies are likely to get investment, incubate and go public, and may also be acquired by listed home companies. In short, there is a lot of room for display.

Before, in the pan-homeLiving in the industry, whether it is selling furniture, home textiles, or selling building materials, or engaged in decoration, everyone is thinking about recruiting dealers, building more outlets, selling more, but the above two new directions, no doubt more cool, everyone Two roads. From now on, down to earth, looking up at the stars. This is not a new thinking. In the new economic field, it has long been a common phenomenon. However, it has only affected the pan-home industry in recent years, which has brought about a major change in business thinking. Among these operations, there is a special type of investment company. They are gradually keen on the big home field and will consider three roads:

The first road is to invest by themselves, or to join other investment companies to screen quality projects. Then invest, incubate to a certain extent, then sell to a listed company, or stand alone.

The second way is to select projects with listed companies, jointly invest, and finally transfer the shares to the listed company, or independently listed.

The third road, to help listed companies develop capital strategic plans, screen mergers and acquisitions and investment targets, promote landing, investment by listed companies, do not vote, earn consultant fees or commissions.

The big home industry faces many new impetus such as brand maturity, Internet of Things invasion, supply chain reshaping, listing, etc. It is expected that more companies will enter the capital market, or with the help of investors. Drive on the fast lane.
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How can the home industry change to stand out from the contrarian? okorder

In 2018, the home industry has gone through a tortuous year in the overall adversity. In this year, the changes in the household consumption market continue to bring new challenges to home furnishing enterprises through their own industrial structure, product quality and service level. Constantly upgrading, some excellent home furnishing enterprises can rise against the trend, and bring a lot of enlightenment to 2019. In 2018, it has entered the last month. What new trends will be in the home furnishing industry, how can we change from the contrarian trend? ?
Technology under the “new innovation” becomes the core competitiveness

With the changes in the consumer market, the “pseudo-innovation” style of “Shantou” is no longer the case. The era of attracting consumers is gone forever. Even children know that they can check the Internet. Mr. Yang, who has been in the home industry for many years, told the Beijing Morning Post reporter. Consumers will pay more attention to the inner experience of home products. In recent years, many home furnishing companies have gradually shifted their research and development focus to “inside”, through innovation in the design, work quality, raw materials and comfort of home products. Under the environment of “Made in China 2025”, the “new innovation” products suitable for Chinese consumers are the magic weapon for the home industry to seize market opportunities.

Differentiated products continue to be favored by consumers

In recent years, although the scale of the customized home market has not expanded as expected, it is undeniable that more and more Consumers are beginning to accept differentiated customized home experiences, and more and more families are beginning to try to meet different home needs through a “customized” approach, especially with the lag of the “two-child era”. Time will increase the household consumption of the two-child family as the main consumer group, and the demand for differentiated products will become more and more visible.

Diversified channels for symbiosis and win-win

Before this year’s “Double Eleven”, many traditional home furnishing companies, such as large stores and home improvement companies, have chosen a variety of ways. The Internet e-commerce platform “marriage”, from the actual sales data and consumer market feedback, also achieved good results. Due to the special nature of household products, there are a certain proportion of consumer groups in various channels, such as online and offline retail, home stores, etc., and the balance is difficult to be broken in a short period of time. In the new year, how The organic use of diversified channels is a key factor in achieving good results in 2019.

Environmental consumer demand continues to increase

In 2018, environmental issues in rental housing have caused concern about home environmental issues. Nowadays, many consumers have already chosen home products. The environmental protection attribute has been put in the first place, and since many consumers in the process of purchasing, they constantly learn about environmental protection knowledge through the Internet and other channels, and the environmental identification ability of household products has also been greatly improved. The improvement of consumer identification ability has made some pseudo environmentally friendly products nowhere to be seen, and some excellent environmentally friendly products have been favored. Under the head and tail effect, environmental protection has become the key word for the reshuffle of household products. In the new year, It is the general trend to do environmental protection in a down-to-earth manner.

Service-oriented home business to fine transformation

In 2018, at major home exhibitions, some big home manufacturers can be seen to do some “small things” “A home improvement app, a data management software or even a smart light, as long as it is more about the comfort of the home experience, it can attract consumers to stop and win business opportunities. In the new year, how will Some high-tech technologies such as big data, VR, and AR have come to the service experience, which is a problem that every home enterprise must consider.

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Five major trends in new home retail okorder

The five major trends in home new retail
Combining the current state of the industry and the main features of new home retail, we believe that the following five major trends in home new retail are worthy of attention:

Life philosophy – from product sales to sales The change of life concept

Building, home improvement, furniture, electrical appliances and other local brands that sell products mainly have begun to change the concept of selling life. Under this transformation, “lifestyle first” has become a stepping stone to the hearts of consumers, that is, brand owners resonate with consumers by creating and promoting a certain life concept with motivation, which in turn causes them to pay attention to related products. . In terms of lifestyle communication, brand owners often use real and virtual scenes to bring consumers an intuitive experience, and experience becomes the main decision factor for purchase. In this regard, some e-commerce brands have made many beneficial contributions by virtue of data accessibility and data analysis capabilities. The realization of the user’s portrait, around the key information such as the type of household, for the lifestyle and appeals of the representative customer group, the online experience store launched scene matching, the low-frequency home consumption scene embedded in the high-frequency retail scene. For example, the Life Aesthetics Museum jointly developed by Intime and Tmall creates an immersive shopping experience for consumers by setting up real-life scenes such as offline experience zones and scene display zones. We also saw that some brands and channel vendors such as Red Star Macalline have joined the team that uses VR and 3D modeling technology to build virtualized home scenes.

Channel Convergence – From multi-channel to omni-channel convergence

In the context of channel diversification, the active transition between consumers has become the norm. Take the home appliance industry as an example, 93% of respondents are omnichannel consumers. From the demand side, there are more and more consumers pursuing omni-channel non-sense shopping experience in 2017. The most fundamental technical support for omnichannel is the Internet of Things and cloud technology. To achieve the omnichannel of all stores in the future, retailers need to do the following things: the same user online and offline has only one ID; online and offline the same paragraph, the same price, unified inventory; whether online or offline channel purchase, You can choose to deliver the goods to your door or store; help the merchants to manage the separate online and offline channel inventory management, reduce operating costs; collect offline data through the Internet of Things and cloud technology, and open up with online data, unified processing And analysis.

Subdivided customization – from mass-based products to segmentation customization

With 80&90 gradually grasping the right to speak in consumer decision-making, as the main crowd of new home retail Most of them are tired of the homogenization of large-scale production of factories, and their needs are more subdivided and personalized. Brands have begun to discover the unique needs of these market segments faster and more accurately through various digital means, launch new products in a timely manner, and work closely with e-commerce platforms to proactively study the most popular product features in the next season. Product design provides timely and efficient input. Today, custom services have extended from the furniture industry to the relatively standardized home appliance industry. For example, Haier has introduced a customized refrigerator that customizes the refrigerator volume, temperature adjustment method, door material and appearance pattern. However, for the niche but has certain common needs, the user asks for the demand on the platform, and the designer recognizes the idea and A number of samples were designed, and then voted by the user. After the technical feasibility verification, the pre-sales were released, and the products were iterated according to user feedback. The sales growth of Haier’s various customized products was as high as 57%.

Solutions – from buying a product to a user solution

The difference between the previous brand and the service provider provides consumers with a single category of home products, or simple services + Limited products (such as decoration services + building materials). At present, the big home strategy in the industry has been widely recognized and practiced. The home furnishing brand has changed from providing single-category products to multi-category products, and at the same time, it is accompanied by service integration with products. In the future, with the emergence of providers of high-quality solutions that provide consumers with everything from design to soft-package, consumers will enjoy a “what you see is what you get” consumer experience and user solutions.

We believe that there are two general ideas for implementing user solutions.

First, upgrade from sales items to sales items + services. In the context of ecological integration, the boundaries of products are also blurred. Brands not only want to gain value from selling products, but also find breakthroughs in products and extensions, such as increasing contact with consumers and providing value-added services. In addition to selling paint, Nippon also provides door-to-door service, creating new value growth points.

Second, upgrade to a full solution. More and more brands are beginning to offer consumers a complete solution to cover multiple aspects of their needs or in a specific scenario.

If home appliance manufacturers provide smart kitchen solutions, they can meet the needs of users in the specific scene of the kitchen. The smart kitchen has a range hood and stove ignition automatic association, the central control panel controls the oven switch, temperature and duration, and can realize refrigerator storage management and one-button ordering through the touch screen. It can also download recipes and even do it. When you see the dishes through the screen, whoever knocks on the door and talks remotely, gives an intelligent solution to what needs to be done in the kitchen and what may be encountered.

Regulating the market – from non-standard to standardization

New retail use and upgrading of standardized services, processes, and products to support higher frequency and personalized needs and services Make the new retail consumer experience optimized. In this logic, standardization and new retail are positively driven relationships.

The most typical standardization is the custom enterprise, which has an increasing installation success rate from scale, design, to production, logistics, installation, and standardization support based on the entire process information. In addition, we can also see the industry standardization in the home decoration process, many e-commerce platforms willSet up the entrance threshold for the decoration company, such as having the decoration qualification of Class C. In addition, UGC content and mechanism such as user comments, user questions and answers, designer works and even decoration forums, decoration diaries, etc., make the decoration company’s service quality, price and other information more transparent, monitoring and standardizing the chaotic decoration service market.
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Is the steel door a security door? okorder

Many consumers often have this misunderstanding when buying security doors, and mistake the steel-wood doors for solid wood doors. Since the shape of the steel door is very similar to the shape of the security door, it is difficult for many consumers to correctly distinguish the real security door. So, how do consumers correctly distinguish between security doors and steel doors?

First, when purchasing an anti-theft security door, you must authenticate the dealer’s business qualifications and check whether the operator holds the “anti-theft security door certification” issued by the technical defense management department of the Public Security Bureau.

Second, pay special attention to inspection. The thickness of the steel plate of the qualified security door frame should be greater than 2mm, the thickness of the door is generally above 20mm, and the weight of the door is generally above 40kg.

When purchasing an anti-theft security door, you should check whether the national certification standard “FAM” is printed on the safety door, and you can also ask the dealer to provide the national security security door inspection report brand safety door. If it is not a national inspection report, special attention must be paid to the inspection report or the inspection report of the “steel gate”.

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In addition to general lighting, what are the ways for LEDs? okorder

LED has been promoted in the lighting market since its inception, with its low energy consumption, small size, long life, no pollution, fast response, low driving voltage, strong shock resistance and high color purity. A generation of lighting sources and green light sources. In recent years, the general lighting market has become increasingly saturated. What are the ways for LEDs to be used outside of general lighting?

The LED market with hundreds of flowers

LED just came out At the time, due to insufficient power and insufficient color, it was only applied in scenes such as billboards and traffic lights. With the advancement of technology, the application of LEDs on the backlight display has led to an explosive growth in the market for LED displays, and the emergence of white LEDs has also opened up the general lighting market. After years of hard work, these fields have become saturated. Special lighting such as automotive lighting, flashlights, and medical treatments have gradually entered the public eye and become a new direction in the LED field. The LED lighting market is showing a hundred flowers.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Shenzhen Research Professor Li Shizhen of the hospital

In addition to lighting, LEDs are also promising in many non-illumination fields. At the “OFweek (fifteenth) China LED Lighting Industry Development Summit Forum held on November 13th, Professor Li Shizhen from the Shenzhen Research Institute of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology introduced the technology trends of LED in the field of non-lighting. Professor Li Shizhen believes that applications that are not related to human vision are non-lighting applications. These include plant lighting, visible light communication (VLC), and applications for invisible bands. Among them, plant lighting can be extended to animal husbandry and aquaculture, in addition to agricultural and horticultural applications. VLC technology can complement the WIFI to a certain extent by virtue of its security, economy and confidentiality. It can also be combined with lighting applications to expand into other application scenarios, such as environmental monitoring.

For non-lighting applications, the prospects and applications of invisible light are no doubt broader. So what are the applications of infrared LEDs and UV LEDs?

Application of IR/UV LEDs

In accordance with Professor Li Shizhen, the application of IR/UV LEDs It already exists, but its marketization is still in the initial exploration stage. It is still a blue ocean market. It is still far from the mass production and the inflection point of the outbreak of the industry. There is also a lot of room for improvement in technology.

He believes that most of the current IR LEDs are used in the military and other special fields, but will be extended to the public in the future. The future of IR LEDs will be locked into portable products for night vision, pupil recognition, heartbeat detection, cosmetic beauty and biomedical applications. In contrast, UV LEDs will be used more in the industrial sector and will be much larger than IR LEDs in terms of market size.

The wavelength range of ultraviolet light is 200nm-400nm, and these different wavelengths of UV light application scenarios are also different, so it is divided into UVA (320nm-400nm), UVB (280nm-320nm) and UVC. Three types (200nm-280nm). UVA is mainly used for polymer curing, such as printing ink drying, nail polish second drying, 3D printing fast curing. UVB is mainly used in biomedical applications such as dermatological treatment. UVC is mainly used for the disinfection of gases and fluids.

Research status and R&D difficulties

In LED research In terms of aspects, universities and research institutes at home and abroad have different priorities. International research focuses on new materials, while domestic focus is on LED packaging. For the development of domestic LED, Professor Li Shizhen believes that the most critical issue is the mentality problem. From material development to packaging structure to process optimization, it is a long process of continuous research and continuous investment. To do research, you must first find the right position, sink your heart, and move forward slowly.

The development of LEDs from the visible to the invisible band is not just a matter of changing a chip. Taking UV LED as an example, compared with visible light LED, there are three major problems in the development of UV LED, namely epitaxial growth equipment, chip material, and LED package. UV LEDs have higher requirements for MOCVD uniformity, temperature tolerance, etc., and the epitaxial growth conditions of visible light LEDs are not applicable. In the past, blue LEDs used GaN or indium gallium nitride as the substrate, while UV LEDs required aluminum gallium nitride as the substrate. The lattice defects and adaptation of the two were different, and they needed to be re-examined. The packaging system is also very different from the traditional packaging, and it needs to be re-developed.

At present, Professor Li Shizhen’s research group has realized the development of UVA LED packaging materials and structures. He said that the previous concept holds that silver is the best reflective layer material, but for the ultraviolet band, aluminum is much better than silver. The reflectivity of aluminum to different wavelengths is relatively constant, and is still stable after heat aging treatment, while the reflectance of silver varies with wavelength and cannot be stabilized after heat aging treatment. In order to ensure the stability of industrial design, his research group chose silver as a reflective layer to achieve good results. In addition, the UVC below 280 nm is basically a metal or ceramic package, which is not only expensive but also bulky. How to replace the traditional package with plastic packaging is a research direction.

Requires scientists and engineers.

At present, China’s optoelectronic talents are in short supply, and market demand is strong, and universities are carrying the responsibility of cultivating talents. Professor Li Shizhen believes that the current lightThe electronics industry lacks a large number of technical talents, and colleges and universities should focus on allowing students to “learn and apply”. Now many students are lost after they finish school, and they forget when they finish the exam. This is not unrelated to the disconnect between the school and the industry. To this end, Professor Li introduced the concept of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The HKUST also attaches great importance to cooperation with enterprises and the combination of production and research. HKUST advocates that professors participate in industrial projects. For example, they cooperate with Huawei, Zhouming Technology, Ruifeng Optoelectronics and other enterprises to provide support for enterprises. On the one hand, they also use enterprises to enhance students’ understanding of the industry and enable students to graduate after graduation. Quickly integrated into the enterprise’s echelon. In terms of teaching recruitment, it is also more inclined to hire professors with several years of industry experience. Such professors can transfer some relevant knowledge in the industry, whether they are teaching or guiding students. This is good for student development and industrial development. . Of course, the school also has a highly sophisticated team. The goals of these teams are in research, and for engineering schools, they are more focused on learning.

In addition, the layout of many disciplines of HKUST is not in the direction of the depths, but in the direction of Guangbo. The establishment of a large number of interdisciplinary subjects, in addition to teaching students’ professional knowledge, can also be extended to related fields in the surrounding areas. There is an evaluation indicator in the doctoral thesis defense of HKUST. In addition to the content of the paper, it is sufficient to understand other relevant fields involved in the same large field.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Shenzhen Research Institute

Professor Li Shizhen Said: “In the field of pure scientific research, we need a very specific and very deep professional accumulation. This part belongs to people who create knowledge and are at the top of the pyramid. But this can only be a small group of people, a small part is extremely intelligent and extremely talented. The proportion of people in the middle and lower levels of the pyramid is much higher than that of the spire. What they need to do is to transfer and apply knowledge. For this group of people, after mastering the basic professional knowledge, they should go to the broad and problem-solving problem. Direction to develop.”

Where is the LED lighting road?

In the past ten years, the basic idea of ​​LED is to replace, just to put the traditional light source The replacement of the light source into an LED makes many of the characteristics of the LED not reflected. In the future, with the upgrading of architectural design, there will be more and more light sources designed specifically for LED size specifications, hidden, or flat-panel, instead of the traditional lamp holder design.

LED has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and responsiveness. These features have many application scenarios to be developed, and the market space in this area is very broad. Although the current replacement market is still large, the profit margin is already low, and it is difficult to increase the added value of the product. For the LED industry practitioners, we should try our best to use the imagination of LED technology to develop new application scenarios, find the edge that can reflect the advantages of LED, and open the next application door of LED.


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