Tufted carpet, find out okorder

What is a tufted carpet? What are the characteristics of tufted carpets and what are the types of tufted carpets? The tufted carpet is a mechanical carpet that is mechanically woven with a pin header on a chemical fiber fabric backing to form a looped or cut pile surface. Referred to as tufted carpet.
Tufted carpets originated in the 19th century Georgia, USA. Originally known as a turf, it is also known as a turf fabric. In the 1930s and 1940s, tufted carpets were developed from single needle tufting to row needle tufting. In the 1950s, there were also tufted carpets of jacquard and print, which gradually became popular in Europe and the United States. Since the 1960s, tufted carpets have used chemical fiber as the main raw material, with a width of 4~5m, which has become the largest and most widely used variety of mechanical carpets.

What is a tufted carpet? The characteristics of tufted carpets What kind of tufted carpets are there

The characteristics of tufted carpets are: cheap, but less variety. Plush yarns are generally blended with polyester, nylon, polypropylene, etc., and high-grade products are made of pure wool yarn. The plush of the carpet is made of a special tufting needle to insert the yarn on the base fabric to form a loop, the loop is cut to form a plush, and the back of the base fabric is coated with a resin, a rubber compound (backing rubber), a terry or a plush. It prevents the fluff from loosening and pilling, and can improve the dimensional stability of the felt. On the back of the rubber-coated carpet, a layer of foam backing can be attached, and some second fabrics are attached to the back of the carpet, which are called secondary backing, which have the function of increasing the elasticity and durability of the tufted carpet. The product is mainly used as a floor covering material for walkways and indoors.
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In the era of stock market, home business choices: upstream or downstream? okorder

Two directions: upstream & downstream
   The stock market forces the home furnishing company to make choices: upstream or downstream? Going upstream, holding the real estate giants to do the B-end hardcover housing business, downstream, continue to shape the C-end brand for consumers, the road is gradually narrowing and the competition is increasingly fierce.
   Doing a focus on the type of brand, positioning engineering supporting service providers, is a good path to the upstream. The door for the supply of wooden door products for home decoration, the Opec, which focuses on the sliding door system solution, and the Dabao paint, which supplies the water-based adhesive for the wood-making enterprises, have taken the first step and the market share has been considerable. In addition, powerful players can also choose to be a system solution provider, Shangpin Home, Europa, and Sofia are all providing full house solutions.

   Being a focused product type brand and positioning a professional retail service provider is an important route to the downstream. For example, the Bulls are innovating around a socket and switch. Through the small store distribution model, the scale can also be several billion. If you are not satisfied with the listed giants who compete around the single product, you can try to be a system solution provider and locate an integrated retail service provider. Recently, Gujia Home has frequently mobilized capital leverage to improve the software category in the form of acquisition to expand market share.

   Subdivided into kings, or the whole audience, the ambition and strength of the helm. I have long been aiming at the stock market and have been positioning myself for a long time. In the new market, we are deepening our positioning, deepening the demand for old house decoration services, and launching “adequate decoration”. “As long as we maintain our core advantages, There will be no food to eat.” In the view of Wang Xiaobing, the vice president of decoration now, no matter how positioned, he must exert his core advantages.

Three Ways Out: Products, Channels, Talents

   “Products, channels and talents will be the three ways for home companies to break through the era of big integration.” The views have been recognized by many people, some are nodding, some are thinking.

   Accurate product positioning is a higher demand for products in the stock market. The home industry that has been in the state of “selling and selling” for a long time needs a rapid transformation. In product innovation, it is necessary to build a basic structural product platform with the same basic technology, basic technology and basic standards, to achieve agile, large-scale customization, and to make its own differentiated value. In addition, intelligent home must be the future of the industry, and it is necessary to seize the intelligent port of the product.

   Channel change is imminent, looking for consumers to talk to it has become a topic that home businesses must think about. In addition to relying on the integration power of mainstream strong channels such as Real Home and Red Star Macalline to seize market share, it is necessary to adapt to the trend of new retail to try diversified business forms, and to create diversified consumption scenarios by new modes such as community. The community is becoming the next battleground for high expectations of home furnishing enterprises. Beijing Oupai has been involved in the second-hand community layout community service station since 2017 and has been intimately interacting with the owners; TATA wooden doors have added “neighbor plan” to the owners of old communities. The service, and in September 2018, transformed the traditional storefronts of 100 cities into bookstores to attract more passengers. In addition, the relationship with the dealers should be upgraded, reduce the dealer burden, adjust the dealer structure, close to the dealers, and integrate the dealers to establish the enabling system to build the advantages of the retail terminal.

   Talent is the core issue that home furnishing companies need to break through in the big integration. The low threshold of the home industry and the long-term dependence on market dividends, we all know. Recruit high-quality professional talents, establish a multi-level talent training mechanism, increase organizational tension with high goals, high pressure and high motivation, and build high-energy organizations is a compulsory course for the entire industry.

   The stock market is a challenge and an opportunity. Zhang Ren, chairman of the China International Home Furnishing Industry Development Forum, said that although the stock market is a limited number for the entire industry, For enterprises, the market is big enough. No matter which track is broken out, it is the kingly way to make good products and services. “To put the action into practice, there are blue seas everywhere.”
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How to distinguish the quality of art paint products? okorder

How do you distinguish the quality of art paint products? There are four main observations:
A look at water soluble

After a period of storage and storage, the colorful art paint will sink and the protective particles will have a protective glue solution. This layer of protective glue solution generally accounts for about 1/4 of the total amount of colorful art texture paint. Where the quality of the colorful coating, the protective glue aqueous solution is colorless or slightly yellow, and clearer; and the poor quality of the colorful art paint, the protective glue aqueous solution is turbid, obviously showing the same color as the pattern color, its main problem It is not the stability of the colorful paint, that is, the storage has passed, it is not suitable to use. The art paint will be stored in a layer of protective glue solution

Look at the floats

Where the quality of the colorful art paint, on the surface of the protective glue solution, usually does not float There are very few floats floating in the grain, but often, if the number of floats is large, the surface of the protective gel is covered with a protective coating, even if it has a certain thickness, it is not normal, it indicates this kind of colorful The quality of art paints is poor. Good art paints are usually free of floats on the surface of the protective glue solution.

Three look at the degree of particle

Take a transparent glass, hold a half cup of water, then take a little colorful paint and stir it in the glass. Where the quality of the colorful paint, the water in the cup is still clearly bottomed, the particles are relatively independent in the clear water, the anions and cations are not bonded together, the particle size is very uniform; and the poor quality of the colorful paint, the water in the cup will Immediately becomes turbid, and the particle size is differentiated. A small number of large particles are like facial paralysis, and most of them are fine particles of villous shape. Good quality art paint particles will be very uniform in size.

Four look at the sales price.

Good quality colorful texture coatings are produced by regular manufacturers according to formula, the price is moderate; and the quality is poor, some are cut corners in production, and some even personal counterfeit production, cost Low, the sale price is much cheaper than the better quality paint. If someone saves money and urinates, they will suffer big losses. Good quality art texture paint not only makes your home space personality stand out, but also does not have to worry about the subsequent bad phenomena such as falling off, cracking and peeling after decoration. The price of poor quality art paints will be very cheap

Therefore, before the decoration, it is important to control the quality of the paint products.
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The use of bathroom products requires a better understanding of “maintenance” okorder

The frequency of use of bathroom space is also significantly higher than other seasons. Urban owners spend a lot of money on quality showers and bathtubs, but it is often unclear how to make life-saving sanitary products last for a long time and extend their service life. The reporter visited the head of the Nanjing Sales Department of Faenza Sanitary Ware and learned that the use of bathroom products requires a better understanding of “maintenance of the heart”.

  The shower faucet “cleansing makeup”
   showers often have a variety of shower gels , shampoo, detergent, etc., these detergents will make the chrome-plated surface of the faucet dull. Spray a neutral detergent on a soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the faucet once a week to give the faucet a perfect “paint”. However, do not use “acid or abrasive cleaners or wire brushes” to “torture” the faucet. Scale cleaning is an inevitable task of maintaining the shower. According to the function of the shower itself, it can be hand-washed. The net cover or other parts that absorb the scale at the shower head are removed, and then cleaned with a brush and then returned to the original place. Some brands of showers are equipped with a special shower head opening tool for easy use.
  Some shower sprinklers are designed with rubber particles. The rubber material is soft and comfortable to touch, and it is not easy to scale. It is easy to clean. Just rub the rubber particles with your fingers. , you can easily smash the scale and pop it up. Even if some showers have an automatic cleaning function, it is better to open the shower head after a long time of use, for a thorough manual cleaning.
  Bathtub maintenance available soda powder
  Generally, use a neutral detergent or soap and water It is better to clean the bathtub and avoid using detergents for tiles or enamel surfaces. It is best to clean them once a week to ensure that the bathtub stays dry after each use. Use a neutral liquid cleaner and a flexible cloth or sponge to clean the bathtub. Corrosive cleaning agents can cause damage on the acrylic surface. Thoroughly clean the acrylic surface after each use, do not let the cleaning agent enter the circulation system; do not place the container containing the liquid detergent on the surface of the bathtub for a long time, and do not use the spray. Agent or concentrate or other similar cleaning products. Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they will rust the bathtub and stain the surface. In addition, the effect of using soda powder to eliminate dirt is not bad.
  If you are bathing in hot spring water, there are a few points to pay special attention to. It is better to buy disinfectant water, dew drops, etc. in the pharmacy, drip in the bathtub, and disinfect the water. You can also buy a soft water machine yourself, so that the hot spring water passes through the water softener and then flows into the bathtub to remove minerals and impurities from the water.
  The faucet is recommended to wax regularly
  The faucet will produce dirt and tarnish after a long time of use. Avoid using cleaners and wipes that damage the polished metal surface. It is better to use the special cleaning agent provided by each brand company, and immediately rinse the residual detergent with clean water, and then use a soft damp cloth to remove residual water droplets on the surface.
   As for the wiping tools, most green fiber cushions or sponges contain mineral particles, which will cause scratches on the surface of the faucet. Please pay attention to the acrylic resin. qualified. The hard water mark on the faucet can be gently wiped with 50/50 white vinegar and an aqueous solution. It is recommended to wax regularly and choose car wax or furniture wax.
  Bathroom lavatory avoid hot water cleaning
  When the bathroom is cleaned, the appearance of the bathroom porcelain basin is soft Clean the bristles or sponge with a neutral detergent, but do not pour it directly into the hot water to prevent the basin from cracking. Once the surface of the basin is formed into small scratches, it becomes rough and it is easy to deposit dirt. In addition, the water trap under the basin can be removed and maintained, and the accumulated stains can be taken out to keep the drainage smooth.
  If it is a submerged wash basin, pay special attention to the dead corners at the junction of the underside of the countertop and the basin when cleaning.
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Brand competition is increasing, and dealers’ operating pressures are getting bigger. okorder

With the rapid development of the home furnishing industry, the brand competition is intensifying, so that the pressure on the dealers is even greater, especially the dealers of the first-line brands! The sales price is too low, the frequency of activities is too small or too large, the product is faster, the payment for the payment is difficult, the delivery is delayed, the sales are difficult. The dealer’s operating cost is higher year by year, whether it is rent or labor. Still management costs and so on.

  In the past two years, various problems of big brands have been frequently exposed, and many dealers have voluntarily given up the agents of first-line brands. The second-tier brand that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises even leaves the industry! In the past, dealers were very eager for big brands. Who wouldn’t want to represent a big brand? Large brands have easy access to channels, large sales volume, high visibility, and the ability to quickly establish sales channels. In addition, the agent brand can enhance its management ability. With the help of manufacturers, it can quickly standardize its own market, management, marketing and other standards, so that its own market is more standardized and controllable, making money easier.
   In recent years, the economic situation is not good, the sales tasks of manufacturers have not decreased with the changes in the market, but have risen year by year, and the tasks and markets are not strange. Acting big brands, gradually become a headache for dealers. In order to live, more and more dealers have given up big brands.
   In 2018, dealers who felt that their business was still available accounted for only 16%. When it comes to bad business, everyone is almost unanimous.
   This is the reality before us. The overwhelming economic crisis on the Internet has been rumored in the dealer circle, just because it has touched itself and revealed the real status quo. Advise the majority of brand manufacturers, cherish their own dealer friends. Without them, your brand is still a small brand, and thousands of dealers hold up your brand to help you capture the market and lay down the country. I can’t take care of my family, my children can’t take care of it, my wife doesn’t have time to care… Day and night, for many years, I have a foundation of a big brand, build brand awareness and expand the brand. Market share.
   Now, why are big brands not eating?
   In the past, big brands were very popular. why? Because big brands can bring huge benefits to agents. The benefits brought by big brands may not be direct profits, but they must indirectly bring profits. Because big brands often become “good products,” big brands and small brands, both sales and profits. At that time, all Chinese companies, both manufacturers and merchants, were growth-dependent enterprises. As long as sales increase, profits can grow. All problems of the company will be covered by sales growth. But this era ended in 2013. In 2013, most of China’s industries reached the highest peak in sales history. In 2014 and 2015, in the face of sales decline, the normal work of manufacturers is to “save sales”.
   Below, please listen to the voice of the majority of dealers:
  1. Speaking of large companies, there are naturally a large number of familiar brand names in front of them. The advantage of big brands lies in products. The best-selling quality, the disadvantage is that it has an advanced internal management system, and it is precisely the standardized system that has hit itself. Big brands have entered the market from market development to market maintenance, from heavy sales to re-execution. In the era when there is no truth in the picture, almost all the data is false, and the false data is finally aggregated to the head office and as the next year. The implementation of the reference standard, false data to make a correct judgment, there is almost no possibility of success. The inverted value system leads to the loss of confidence from top to bottom, and the chaos will inevitably lead to defeat.
  2. The analysis is too right. When it comes to the dealer’s heart, now the manufacturer has repeatedly compressed the cost. A bit of the product is originally a bit profitable, but the manufacturer sees that you can sell it. The dealers have increased their money, and the dealers are now so difficult to do so that the following customers will not be able to rise.
  3. The dealer is prepaid, and the cash is + owe + return + dead account + pad payment + marketing. If you encounter a dishonest manufacturer, if you don’t do it, you may not be able to do it. Maybe it is a wise decision.
  4. When the dealer is maliciously overdrawn by the manufacturer, when the dealer becomes a tool for the profit extraction of the manufacturer, he loses not the customer, but the people, then the enterprise will not have a future!
  5. It is the fault of the goods, the pressure is quick and easy, simple and rude. Large brands should build outlets, open channels, distribute profits reasonably, and distribute accurately.
   Here I would like to say to the executives of the factory: “Actively adjusting sales strategies and developing more products and methods that will make your partners and employees make money is now a key stage in China’s economic transformation. It is also the stage of industry shuffling, don’t let your partner leave you!”
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Capital entry is a boost and a challenge okorder

The big home industry is undergoing a major change. New species have seized the highlands, outdated production capacity has withdrawn from the market, living homes, smart homes, and custom homes have become popular. The industrial upgrading results triggered by consumption upgrades have begun to appear. When capital began to pay attention to this virgin land, new technologies, new models, and new products instantly flooded into the market. Capital incorporation accelerated the pace of upgrading the big home industry, but it also induced the so-called “innovation” of barbaric growth, which was unstable and determined. Insufficient companies may be caught in the whirlpool of capital games.

   From 2005, MUJI entered the Chinese market, and the concept of living and home began to be accepted by domestic consumers. As the most intuitive result of the consumption upgrade, the living home has been in the limelight for nearly two years. Not only has a number of living and home brands that emphasize the quality of home and life aesthetics quickly take root, Netease strictly selects, Xiaomi has products, Taobao heart selection and other giants join, There are Zara, HM and other clothing brands across the border to grab food, living and home enterprises are enjoying huge challenges while enjoying the consumption bonus.

  Innovation helps industry upgrade, capital game induces melee risk
   “Why is the profitable company worthless, and the unprofitable company is highly valued?” When Wei Junyi raised this question in an industry forum, it caused many people in the industry to resonate. This is a strange phenomenon that has been formed since capital entered the home industry, and it has also plagued a group of business managers. Many companies that have been deeply involved in the household sector for more than ten or twenty years, with complete profit models and stable sales channels, are considered to be lagging behind. Emerging companies that emphasize model innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation have attracted a lot of capital attention without their profitability.
   Like all industries, the Internet and informationization of the huge home industry is an inevitable era, and any industry will have such problems during the transition period. Wei Junyi believes that embracing change Keeping pace is what every business must do. But change does not mean abandoning the fundamentals. Whether it is new consumption, new retail or smart home, you should not forget the attributes of the home itself, heavy products, heavy operations, heavy service, and heavy supply chain, because its essence is the industry that serves people. Only by closely following the needs of people, on this basis, new technologies and new models will be grafted into them, and the righteousness will be eliminated. At this stage, capital has just paid attention to the blue ocean of home. There may be some institutions that have a gambling mentality and pay too much attention to various innovations. However, investors have been very good at how to find good investment targets. When they have a good understanding of the home industry, those balloons that are big by capital will gradually shrink. Capital entry will help transform and upgrade the home furnishing industry, but it will also bring some problems to the unfounded enterprises:
  1. The pace of consumption upgrade conversion in the home industry is overestimated. Home is a slow industry that accumulates. No matter what new technologies or new models are applied, it is impossible to achieve double profit growth within one year. Short-term arbitrage is not high in this industry. Play capital games. Aggravate the speed of the disappearance of new businesses.
  2. Excessive belief in innovative models. There is no model in the market that can subvert everything. It should not be overly obsessed with new technologies, new models, etc. They are not the essence of the home industry, but a way of diversifying the development of the home industry.
  3. Some companies overestimate the ability to expand in the future. There are a lot of behaviors in the home industry to harvest franchisees and harvest weak suppliers. This way allows companies to grow rapidly in a short period of time, but the future is unsustainable. Enterprises should not use innovation as a tool for money.
   “The valuation of unprofitable companies is very high. In fact, it reveals a dangerous signal. The unrealistic confidence given by capital may cause those companies without foundations to fall into crisis.” Wei Junyi thinks The home industry is unlikely to undergo fissile growth like the sharing economy, social e-commerce and other industries. Its transformation and upgrading will be a continuous process, which will steadily increase with the step-by-step pace of consumption upgrading. In the future, consumption as a family scene will become more and more subdivided and more comprehensive. Living home enterprises like natural waking homes will become more and stronger as consumers demand, and continue to harvest household consumption dividends. This process will not be as fast as the market expects, but it will last longer than expected, and the ability to continue to meet market demand is not a simple mode replication, which requires a more solid and stable integrated output capability.
  The future of living and home will grow hundreds of billions of unicorn
   the information asymmetry between supply and demand in the home industry has a long history, many companies use this asymmetric acquisition interest. However, a generation born on the Internet has become the main force in the market. This asymmetry effect is rapidly weakening. The new generation of consumers are more aware of their own demands, and there are more channels to obtain information. The era of making money is over. In addition, domestic living homes started late. After MUJI entered China in 2005, some people noticed the potential of this market. In countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan, where the living and home market has matured, home furnishing companies rely on the integration of global quality products to meet the needs of upgraded consumers. At present, China’s consumption upgrading momentum is obvious, but the local living home has not yet formed the awareness of introducing the world’s high-quality production capacity to China. Most of them are trapped in integrating local supply chains and using low-end excess capacity to fight the world. This is obviously related to consumption upgrading. The overall trend does not match.
  Wei Junyi believes that a good life home business should be based on the local, against the world.
   First of all, living home will be a big enough market in the future, and thisThe enterprises in a market should also be large enough to grow a lot of billions and billions of companies in China’s living and home market.
  Secondly, the unicorn company in the living and home industry must have been immersed in the industry for many years, accumulated for a long time, with a complete profit model, product development and iteration capabilities, supply chain integration capabilities and home retail experience.
   Again, living and living are on the one hand the product of consumption upgrading, on the other hand, it is also a concentrated expression of the national way of life, so it has obvious national boundaries, has a strong nationality and regionality, so copy and copy The strategy of successful foreign companies is not feasible. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the domestic market, be good at insight into market demand, and grasp consumer preferences.
   Finally, we can configure the highest quality product matrix, which can integrate global supply chain, configure high-quality resources, and have original IP to meet individualized market demand. Product matrix configuration capability is the real hard power of an enterprise. The more accurate, efficient, and gradual the configuration, the better the user experience, and the lower the cost of the enterprise.
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Look at these when buying copper chandeliers okorder

All copper chandelier selection tips

1. Look at the surface: The surface treatment process of copper lamps is complicated, and each process has its existence value. The surface is evenly and densely attached with a protective film. This layer of fine protective film not only can block the air, but also avoid the oxidation of the surface of the copper part, and can also increase the gloss of the surface of the copper part to make it more beautiful.

2. Look at the color: The surface treatment of most copper lamps is polished, sealed, and coated to give the original color. In order to create a more colorful color, some of the surface of the copper lamp will be specially treated, such as red bronze, green bronze, or even black.

3, touch the surface: After seeing the appearance, if the copper lamp can still make you satisfied, we can proceed to the next step, touch the surface of the copper lamp, copper The surface of the lamp has been carefully polished and polished. There are no burrs and can make your hands feel uncomfortable.
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Blackboard paint, children’s letter pen graffiti is also very art okorder

Blackboard paint is a kind of paint. The biggest difference from paint is that after applying black lacquer on the wall, you can write it on top. In the past, the use of blackboard paint is common in the industrial wind space that is fashionable and feels, or In order to provide a wall that can be painted by children at home, it can be integrated into the space design. It can be seen that the blackboard paint is accompanied by a strong interest and random impression, which can bring a free and unconstrained space atmosphere to the home space.
In the past, the main colors of blackboard paint were black and green. The color selection was not much, and it was easy to limit the color of home space. However, as the use became more and more popular, blackboard paint also developed in recent years. A variety of multi-colors, providing users with more choices, in addition to handwriting and writing functions, has become one of the choices for adding color elements to space. It is recommended to combine the function of blackboard paint with space, such as study, kitchen or children’s room. Color selection, if the most basic black, green, the surrounding wall is not suitable for the use of deep paint color, if you choose other colors, try to match the overall color of the space. A large area of ​​black lacquer paint creates a stable end view for white homes, while at the same time it has a hand-painted texture different from traditional paint, which makes the space more rich in life. When using blackboard paint, the traditional black and green are still the most popular. Because of the heavy color, even if it is painted in a large area, it is best to maintain it in a single wall. The surrounding wall color is recommended to use white to solve the heavy color. The heavy feeling, but also the use of black and white strong contrast, highlighting the dark wall, creating a spatial visual focus. Blackboard paint is applied to the wall on the aisle, which not only facilitates the temporary handwritten recording of the owner, but also brings color to the white space and adds rich elements. Local use is the most common method of application, and some people will paint on the door. Because the blackboard paint is black and green, the others are all highly saturated, so whether it is in a small area such as a wall or a door. By using it, it is also possible to create a striking spatial highlight by making the color jump effect of the original color of the paint.
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Chandelier installation needs to pay attention to these okorder

Chandeliers, many consumers will choose to use, it is also a type of family, and we know that its appearance is more beautiful, and there are many styles, so it is also very popular with everyone. Of course, it also has a lot of brands, the price is more suitable for our consumers to buy, the owners are still more. Then, after purchasing the ceiling, how do we install it? Here are some of the steps related to the installation of chandeliers? What should be noted in the installation?
  1. Choose a location. The first thing to do to install a chandelier is to determine where the chandelier is installed. For example, the chandeliers in the living room, dining room, and kitchen are preferably installed in the middle, so that the light at each position is relatively even. In the bedroom, considering the effect of mosquito nets and light on sleep, the chandelier should not be installed above the bed. In addition, the chandelier needs to select a wall or ceiling that can withstand the weight of the chandelier for installation, and try not to choose a wooden wall surface, so as to avoid the risk of falling for a long time.

  2, remove the lamp cover. Remove the chandelier mask. Under normal circumstances, the chandelier mask has two fixed ways of rotation and snapping. When disassembling, pay attention to avoid damaging the chandelier. After removing the mask, remove the tube. Prevent the lamp from being broken during installation.

  3. Install the base. Place the base in the predetermined installation position, mark the wall with a pencil, then take the base, drill with the electric drill at the marked position, and then install the expansion bolt for the fixed base in the hole, pay attention to the diameter of the hole and the depth of the bolt and the bolt The specifications match. Then put the base back to the predetermined position and fix it.

  4, connect the wires. After fixing the base, you can connect the power cable to the terminal block of the chandelier. It should be noted that the two wires connected to the chandelier power cable should have good electrical contact, and should be wrapped with black rubber tape and kept constant. The distance, if possible, try not to put the two wire heads under the same piece of metal to avoid short circuit and danger.

  5. Install the mask and charm. After connecting the wires, you can try to power on. If everything is normal, you can turn off the power supply and install the chandelier mask. The living room chandelier also needs to be equipped with a series of charms, because each chandelier is different, so the specific installation method can refer to the product manual. The charms will generally remain, can be stored after installation, and can be replaced when needed later.

   chandelier installation precautions

  1, if there are multiple chandeliers during installation, pay attention to their position, length and relationship, can be installed The chandelier is installed at the same time as the ceiling, so that the position and height of the lamp can be adjusted based on the ceiling joists.

  2, the ceiling can be used for direct and method of casing. The method of adding the pipe is advantageous for the installation, and the roof panel can be ensured to be complete, and only the hole where the pipe is required to be taken out can be drilled. Straight out of the ceiling of the hanging cup, the drilling of the board surface is not easy to find. Sometimes it is possible to install the boom first and then cut off the panel to install the hole, but it has an effect on the decorative effect.

   The above is what we are talking about about the installation steps of the chandeliers. What are the related issues in the installation? We should have some understanding of these problems. Ceilings are also used in our home life, and it is not only beautiful, but also very practical. So if we want to buy a ceiling for renovation, it is also very good. After the selection, we can follow the instructions for everyone to install, I hope to help everyone.
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Anti-radiation curtains, find out okorder

With the increasing number of curtain brands, the categories will be more and more, and the functions will be more diverse. Many people will choose radiation-proof curtains when they decorate, but many owners choose such curtains, but they don’t know. The role of radiation protection curtains, so many owners will be curious to know. Then the next series will take everyone to understand the function of the radiation protection curtains and the maintenance methods of the radiation protection curtains.

Anti-radiation curtains

First, the function of radiation protection curtains

1. Anti-electromagnetic radiation damage: radiation curtains can be effective Shield high-voltage lines, substations, TV and radio towers, cell phone base stations, radars and other electromagnetic radiation generated by the surrounding environment to provide safe and healthy living and working environment for the owners.

2. Anti-electromagnetic radiation interference: Effectively resists electromagnetic wave signal interference from the surrounding of the working environment, providing a very effective guarantee for protecting the normal operation of electronic instruments and equipment systems.

3. Anti-information leakage: Effective shielding suppresses electromagnetic signals passing through the window, which can help prevent information leakage and stealing.

4. Anti-infrared imaging: This type of curtain has significant anti-infrared sneak and thermal imaging functions, effectively preventing the need for confidential work scenarios and home life scenarios from being stolen and candid Imaging.

5. Shading function: It has multiple functions such as anti-ultraviolet radiation, heat insulation, warmth, environmental protection and energy saving, and is the first choice for families.

Anti-radiation curtains

II. Maintenance methods for radiation protection curtains

1 The radiant fabric can also be washed, but it should not be washed regularly, it will affect its anti-radiation function. And if it is the curtain, the metal fiber inside will be broken, the anti-radiation effect will be worse. So keep at home. Clean it, don’t let the dust get too much on the curtains.

2, it is recommended to add a layer of blackout cloth between such curtains and doors and windows, do not let the radiation curtain It is often exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise it will affect its effect, especially the radiation-proof fabric made of silver fiber will oxidize.

3 Generally speaking, this type of curtain is generally more In order to choose the fabric of metal fiber, if the material is light-colored fabric, it is easy to see a black line with poor coloring. Unlike cotton fabric, it can be dyed into a lot of colors, a little gray, don’t black. The line mistakenly thinks it is dirty and washes and washes. If you want beautiful curtains, you can put beautiful ordinary curtain cloth hanging, and the radiation protection curtains are placed behind the ordinary curtain cloth. .
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