Why is the floor quality product difficult to find? Quality can not only look at the logo okorder

Recently, some wood flooring products were marked as superior products on the floor quality inspection report issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

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Why is the floor superior? Quality can’t just look at the logo

The price of flooring is very expensive.

Published by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine On the floor quality sampling report, the reporter found that, for example, impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (reinforced flooring), only 10 batches of products are marked as superior products, and most of the others are labeled as qualified products. Due to the Spring Festival holiday, most building materials The market has not yet opened for business. The reporter visited several home improvement companies that have opened to see the floor displayed there. According to the floor salesperson, most of their products meet the standard of superior products, but according to industry practice, they are generally marked as qualified products. The relevant national regulations also meet the needs of consumers for environmental protection, psychology, aesthetics, etc. The dragon floor promotion staff introduced that one point of price is divided into goods, and the floor of superior products is selected from the source, processed products, packaging, and related departments. They are all stricter and the price is naturally rising. Floor 610 × 125 × 18mm red sandalwood (iron wire), the general quality of the price is 255 yuan / m2, superior products will be more than 600 yuan / m2. A well-known brand of Zhejiang, the floor said that the superior products in the Nanjing market There are not many people to buy, they will automatically ‘degrade’ as qualified products to cater to the market taste, so that it can quickly move and reduce inventory pressure.

The reporter is still on the phone Interviewed the heads of eight flooring companies in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, and six bosses said they would not be the top sellers. The two bosses thought that the stores could show samples. As for whether they can sell, they don’t care. The reporter also understands At the time, consumers are generally unaware of the floor of superior products.

There is little or no risk in the floor market

Li Jiafeng, president of the Association’s Floor Professional Committee, said in an interview with the Express reporter that the floor of superior products is indeed higher than the qualified products in terms of appearance and certain items. Take the blockboard as an example, in terms of appearance and curvature. The national standard has made a strict distinction between superior products and qualified products, and the requirements for superior products are higher. The parts are more demanding.

But why is it better to find better flooring on the market? Li Jiafeng revealed that it is not difficult to make superior products in the flooring industry, but because Some of the requirements are higher than the qualified products. If the problem is nominally ‘excellent product’, once the problem occurs, the relevant departments will not be ruthless if they are punished, which is equivalent to the floor enterprise has to face but give itself ‘land mines’. Li Jiafeng In order to avoid the risk of sampling inspections by functional departments, many manufacturers have always labeled them as qualified products even if they produce products with superior specifications. In addition, the national standard stipulates that there are many differences between the superior and the qualified products in appearance. Few manufacturers are willing to spend their time on this unsatisfactory ‘surface work’. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the floor products in the market do not see superior products.

Floor quality can’t just look at the logo

In the purchase of floor products, consumers look at the labels to find superior products. It is not foolproof. Zhang Xiaoqiang, president of Nanjing Decorative Materials Trade Association, believes that the quality of flooring products is not written by the logos of ‘excellent products’ and ‘qualified products’. Many miscellaneous brand floorings also dare to be labeled as superior products. In fact, they still fail to achieve the quality of qualified products. And texture. Large brand flooring products, even if they are nominally qualified, may actually have reached the level of superior products.

Zhang Xiaoqiang reminded that if the floor meets the standard of superior products, it is definitely better, but consumers should also know how to compare. In addition to looking at the product logo, it is also more credible than the floor brand. In the line of equivalent word-of-mouth, it makes sense for consumers to select good products and superior products. But if consumers are too eager to pursue ‘excellent products’, they must pay attention to the cost and their own economic affordability. In fact, the products of the formal flooring company, as well as the quality products of the big brands, can fully meet the needs of home decoration.

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The decorative floor is damaged, and the damage is artificial. okorder

Yesterday, when Mr. Sun walked on the hydrophilic platform of Fumin Bridge, he found that the decorative floor on the ground near a leisure pavilion was seriously damaged, and it became a ‘trap’ everywhere.

The reporter came to Fumin Bridge, and the floor of the leisure pavilion was decorated with wooden flooring. However, nearly half of the floor is not lost or damaged. Some floor visitors step on it and will be lifted with a loose sound. The reporter observed that most of the damage to the floor should be man-made damage. The reporter contacted the city appearance department, and the staff said that they would verify it as soon as possible and notify the relevant units to carry out the repair.

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Floor faked fake solid wood floor horizontal expert reveals insider okorder

In the golden season of the decoration of the gold, nine silver and ten, to buy a house to carry out renovation, inevitably to lay wooden floors, especially solid wood flooring. Because of its high grade, natural pattern, durability, comfort and environmental protection, it is becoming the first choice of more and more consumers, and its sales volume is also rising.

However, in the solid wood flooring market, some unscrupulous manufacturers, decoration companies and floor distributors have colluded with each other in order to make profits. Industry experts hereby summarize three characteristics to uncover the inside story of solid wood flooring and safeguard consumer rights.

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Flooring fake fake solid wood flooring horizontal expert reveals insider

Feature 1: Fake floor

Well known, solid wood flooring The processing technology is extremely complicated. According to the statistics of the floor enterprises, from the log into the factory to the finished solid wood flooring, the yield is only about 20%, except for bark, sawdust, dust, material truncation, etc., there are still 50% Wire materials can be used, such as non-standard plates and C, D grade blanks, side skin panels, thrifty plates, cracked plates, insect shells, etc.

The comprehensive utilization rate, the use of the underline materials to innovate in the production of other products, such as wood-plastic panels, small wood products, etc., is an environmentally friendly move worthy of promotion. But now, some unscrupulous manufacturers can not do the lower-line boards of solid wood flooring. Simple techniques such as finger jointing, horizontal flattening, and putty putty, and processing standard raw materials for counterfeit solid wood flooring will be sold at low prices to small manufacturers of fake flooring. There are three specific practices: one is printing The law, through a small wood grain printing machine, prints a variety of wood grain on the counterfeit floor, such as pear, red oak, ash, teak, cherry, walnut, etc.; the second is the skinning method, the board in the shoddy floor On the surface, a wooden veneer of 0.2 to 0.3 mm is attached; the third is the sticker method, and the same type of wood grain paper is attached to the front and back of the shoddy floor.

Feature 2: Types of fake materials

It should be said that there are thousands of woods that can be made on the floor, and the wood quality, origin, price, etc. of various woods vary widely. For example, there are several hundred yuan and one cubic meter, and there are tens of thousands of yuan and one cubic meter, and some even higher. Wood identification is a difficult science. Consumers are more difficult to distinguish between true and false because of lack of professional knowledge. At the mercy of the seller.

Therefore, consumers should polish their eyes when purchasing. The wood flooring used in the market, such as red sandalwood and jade sandalwood , iron sandalwood, ebony, rich wood, gold does not change, gold sandalwood, sea rosewood, are all typical fake species. Regarding the name of wood species, China has introduced special standards , the legality of 128 kinds of wood species was identified.

Feature 3: Fake Brand

There are more than one thousand flooring manufacturers in China, and there are more than one hundred solid wood flooring brands. Because these brands have good quality, high credibility and guaranteed after-sales service, they are favored by consumers. The hot sale of solid wood flooring has also led to mud and sand. The products that counterfeit them often appear in the market and lie to consumers.

At present, in many places, some small processing factories provide OEMs with branded ‘services’, while some merchants or agents who do not care about branding will brand the flooring. Selling with the floor produced by the regular route, it is difficult for consumers to find the ‘catty’. Since most of these foundry factories belong to workshop-style production, the scale is small, the equipment is simple, and the hand-made is the main one. The technology and management are relatively backward, so the quality of the produced floor is difficult to guarantee.

Finally, experts reminded that in today’s relatively confusing building materials market, consumers should be vigilant, and buy flooring can also choose to go to the professional building materials procurement platform to view or Direct procurement, not only price transparency, quality assurance, trading is also very safe, so as to avoid being deceived.

Release date: 2015/10/15 16:46:43

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How does a pure wool carpet prevent insects? okorder

Generally speaking, the middle part of the carpet is not easy to be worms, and the corners and the surrounding area of ​​0.3-1 meters are prone to insects, because this part is not often pressed, there is a certain space in contact with the ground, and there is dust. And the air to make the carpet worm survive. However, all parts of the carpet that is handed over and pulled may have insects. This is because there is a gap between the latitude and longitude lines behind the carpet, and it can still flow into the air after contacting the ground. In addition, carpets laid on wooden carpets are more susceptible to insects than carpets laid on cement, tiles, and terrazzo. The reason is that the wooden floor is easy to absorb moisture, thus providing the growth conditions for the insects. The part of the carpet that is pressed under the furniture is also a part that is prone to insects.

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1. Keep the carpet clean and dry. After the carpet has been used for one year, it should be moved outside, knocked off the dust, and aired, but do not expose to the sun. When the carpet is re-applied, the floor should be cleaned.

2. After that, it should be cleaned once with chemicals. If the carpet is cleaned, if it is used continuously, the floor should be cleaned and then cleaned.

3, the wooden floor should be waxed, and after two or three days, go to the floor. Spread a layer of hygienic spheres and then lay the carpet. 4. When storing the carpet, spread the sanitary sphere evenly on the carpet, then wrap it tightly and put it in a ventilated place. It is best to put it at a height of half a meter to one meter above the ground. Place.

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The cost of raw materials has risen. okorder

Avoid rare imported wood to find new types of panels. The impact of timber supply on the production of downstream furniture and flooring is the first to bear the brunt. In the furniture and cabinet industry, some manufacturers are looking for new sources of plates. Enterprises such as the Top 100, Peugeot and Spree have expressed such intentions, which gives more development space for other plates. However, the superiority of wood is difficult to replace, and it is difficult to replace wood with other materials.

The author’s investigation revealed that from the current gains, the price of red rosewood will increase even more sharply after September. In many places, there may be a priceless situation. The pineapple grid logs are smooth, and the market is heating up steadily, mainly because some merchants in the coastal areas have more goods. According to market participants, pineapple logs, which are relatively stable in price and have sufficient supply, are favored by buyers in the case of rising prices.

Recently, the Beijing market has quietly moved. The Dongba precious wood market in Beijing is full of dimples and Dalbergia. The merchants in Beijing Dongba Market have started selling dimpled Dalbergia and the sales volume is good. At present, the overall inventory of the market is not much, and the market outlook is likely to rise.

Controlling upstream resources becomes the ‘amulet’ for some businesses. For example, Anxin Floor acquired 1000 square kilometers of forest resources in Brazil. The impact of plate price increase is relatively small. Opel floor simply built a factory into the African forest area, and the water floor has a monthly income, which greatly reduces the cost. It can be seen that the expected price increase of the plate has prompted the downstream industry to find various ways to spread the risk.

Small profits promotion to promote the rapid withdrawal of domestic demand funds

Many enterprises in the downstream industry chain still need to face together, practice internal strength, small profits but quick turnover, the current stage is mainly to ensure that no losses. Especially this year’s gold, nine silver and tenth, it is difficult to raise prices. The current difficulty of enterprises is to spread the brand more widely, occupy more market share, increase product sales, and return a large amount of funds in the retail market to ensure Cost recovery and stability of the capital chain.

Especially in contrast to the domestic and international economic markets, the foreign economy is sluggish and the digestion capacity is weak. More companies are turning to the domestic demand market. Seizing the mainland market has also become a top priority.

Release date: 2011/10/28 11:04:19

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How should China’s wood flooring industry respond to international trade frictions? okorder

After more than ten years of development, China’s wood flooring industry has been recognized by industry insiders at home and abroad as the ‘three big countries’, namely, large floor producing countries, large floor exporting countries, and timber importing countries.

Wood flooring production country

Wood flooring has grown by an average of 10%-15% since 1999. The total production and sales volume in 1999 was 67.8 million m2, and the total output to 2010 was more than 390 million. M2.

Timber importing countries

The 30-year reform and opening-up policy has promoted the rapid and stable development of the national economy, the people’s living standards have been continuously improved, and the demand for wood products has continued to grow. However, China’s timber supply still cannot meet domestic needs. Therefore, China 40% of wood is dependent on imports. According to incomplete statistics, imported wood and sawn timber reached 55.237 million m in 2010.

Wood flooring exporting countries

According to incomplete statistics, the annual growth rate of 15% has been increasing since 2002. In 2006 and 2007, China entered the international market at the peak of about 500,000 tons of wood flooring. In 2008, although the financial turmoil in the United States affected the decline in exports, it gradually stabilized in 2010, and the export of wooden flooring has reached 43.2. Ten thousand tons increased by 13.03% compared with 2009.

It can be seen from the above that in the development process of China’s wood flooring industry, the floor has reached an astonishing scale and level of export for more than 10 years. In the international market for export, it is dominated by the US and European markets. Statistics on China’s floor exports have accounted for nearly 20% of the international market share. To this end, at the same time of rapid development, China’s flooring industry is also facing international intellectual property, market and other levels of competition and trade barriers of various countries, but also must deal with the constraints of international law and regional law, these issues force our company When products are exported, they have to make correct thinking and response.

First, China’s international trade frictions encountered in the international market

1. Technical barriers–Intellectual property

On July 1, 2005, Unilin Beheer UnilinFlooring and Irish Industrial Company, two companies of the European-based Unilin International Group, filed a lawsuit against the US International Trade Commission (ITC) in violation of the US 1930 Tariff Act. Article 337 stipulates that the production and sales enterprises of 30 companies (including 18 Chinese enterprises) in the United States and abroad have adopted the patent technology for locks, and requested the ITC US International Trade Commission to immediately initiate a 337 investigation of related patents.

The case company responded after three years of long and expensive expenses. On January 10, 2007, the US International Trade Commission overturned all preliminary results and finally ruled that 38 global respondents were sold in the United States. The patent infringement of the floor was established, including 18 flooring companies in China (except Yan Jialong), which ended in failure. At the same time, ITC also issued a general exclusion order, the US Customs will then limit the import of relevant production according to the requirements of the order, the final decision will be issued, Chinese flooring companies will no longer be able to export any lock floor to the United States, for the United States and The stocked products will be paid a deposit according to the ITC’s prohibition order. If they are sold in the US market, they must pay the patent fee to Unilin, which will cause the Chinese flooring companies to pay an expensive US dollar patent fee each year.

2, trade barriers


National excuses China’s non-market economy system to contain Chinese flooring into the country, to protect domestic industries, since China entered the WTO Anti-infringement.

(1) On July 30, 2008, the Turkish Foreign Trade Agency issued the announcement No. 26952-2008/24 to make an anti-infringement final ruling on composite wood flooring originating in China. The announcement pointed out that the products imported from China constitute dumping and As a result, there is a causal relationship between Turkish domestic industry damage and dumping and loss. Turkey’s foreign trade decided to impose anti-dumping duties on the above products from the date of the announcement. The anti-infringement tax rate of responding companies is $1.60 per square meter, and the anti-infringement tax rate of other Chinese companies is $2.4 per square meter.

(2) On May 28, 2009, the Canadian Border Services Agency issued a notice to make a counter-subsidy ruling on the composite flooring originating in China.

(3) October 21, 2010 American Hardwood Flooring Merchants Union to the US Department of Commerce And the US International Trade Commission filed an application, accusing China’s 169 multi-layer parquet companies causing industrial damage to the US flooring industry, and proposed a dumping margin of 242.2% to initiate a ‘counter-subsidy, anti-infringement investigation’ on China’s solid wood composite flooring products. . Regardless of whether it was included in the list of 169 companies, as long as the company exported multi-layer parquet from the United States from April 1 to September 30, 2010, it was classified as a dumping target.

On December 31, 2010, the US International Trade Commission announced that the preliminary result of the ‘industrial loss’ of the multi-layer solid wood composite floor double-anti-counter case for China’s ‘beauty’ was decided to be a Chinese multi-layer solid wood composite flooring for the United States. The industry caused losses.

On May 20, 2011, the US Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of the ‘anti-dumping case’ preliminary ruling:

Three compulsory enterprise sample survey

Zhejiang Yuhua Wood Co., Ltd. 0% tax rate

Zhejiang Liangyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. 0% tax rate

Sanlin Group 10.88% tax rate

Other responding to 74 companies is 10.88%

Unreported enterprise penalty rate is 82.65%

Announced in 2011 On June 27, 2011, the preliminary ruling results were revised.

On October 12, 2011, the US Department of Commerce announced the final ruling on the multi-layer solid wood flooring produced in China:

The Ministry of Commerce confirmed that Chinese manufacturers/exporters used to Solid wood flooring is sold in the United States from 0 to 58.46%. The Ministry of Commerce also confirmed Chinese manufacturersA countervailing duty of 0.33 (minimum) and 26.73% was accepted.

In the investigation of anti-dumping duties, Zhejiang Yuhua Timber Company’s dumping tax was zero. Zhejiang Liangyou dumping tax is 3.98%.

Sanlin Group’s dumping tax is 2.63%. (The above three are all major exporters and one of the 30 double-committed companies of our association.)

74 Chinese manufacturers are suitable for a separate tax rate of 3.31%. All other Chinese manufacturers (multi-layer solid wood flooring) received a nationwide 58.84% dumping tax. (74 companies are members of our association, and their brands include Kangda, Longsen, Fudeli, Dazhuang, Jinqiao, Yihua, Fuma, Xinsihe, Simba, Beyak, Anxin, etc.) The other Chinese manufacturers (solid wood composite flooring) listed above are subject to a 58.84% dumping tax.

In addition, the Ministry of Commerce confirmed the unfavorable factual data of 124 companies (26.73%), because they did not respond as required.


From 2004 to 2007, Canada conducted a countervailing investigation on laminate flooring from China for three consecutive years in accordance with its Import Measures Act.

On October 21, 2010, the American Hardwood Flooring Association applied to the US Department of Commerce and the US International Trade Commission to accuse us of anti-dumping of multi-layer parquet and also accused of countervailing.

US Department of Commerce in March 2011 On the 23rd, the anti-subsidy preliminary ruling announcement was announced,

October 12, 2011 final ruling

Three compulsory spot checks companies

Zhejiang Yuhua Wood Co., Ltd. countervailing duty rate was 0%

Zhejiang Liangyou Wood The countervailing duty rate of the company is 0.33%

Shanghai Weijiajia and affiliated Tonghua Wood and (Shishou) Weijia Plantation 1.5% countervailing duty rate is 0%, and other Chinese companies participating in the countervailing investigation questionnaire are against The subsidy tax rate is 2.25%

Other Chinese companies that have not participated in the countervailing investigation questionnaire have 124 countervailing duty rates of 26.73% (by price)

II. Actively responding to reflections in international trade frictions

1. Recognize the situation and prepare for it. Dealing with trade friction is our long-term strategic task.

Through the reflection of the financial crisis, Europe and the United States are actively taking measures to reverse the economic efforts to protect domestic enterprises. In particular, Obama proposed to reshape the US manufacturing industry and to make the United States the world’s largest exporter. In order to protect domestic enterprises, the state will jointly suppress the rise of China, and the use of trade imbalances will increase the export restrictions on China (the flooring industry is no exception). According to incomplete statistics, by 2010, China’s export of forest products and 29 cases of dumping cases are excuses for China’s non-market economy as a premise that it is difficult to protect local products.

2. China continues to unite and hold high the banner of free trade. The flag is clearly opposed to trade protectionism.

3, in the face of international trade friction should actively respond to stubborn resistance to fight and fight, be good at struggle, the struggle is reasonable, beneficial, and festival.

4, the most fundamental response from trade friction is to adjust the industrial structure as soon as possible, enterprises should develop in the direction of deep processing, high value-added, high-grade, and brand-name.

5, in the export to mobilize the enthusiasm of importers and users to do a good job in international market research and improve early warning capabilities.

Release date: 2011/11/2 8:43:11

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Analysis of the trend of the floor industry style in the second half of 2011 okorder

Just like the important position of house ownership in the new marriage law, it affects the nature and direction of marriage. The concept of the floor is accompanied by the conflicts of ideas brought about by various new life styles, which is affecting the refinement of the concept of room decoration. Simple, warm, romantic, luxurious and so on. No matter what kind of floor style feeling is the mapping of the owner’s happy life, it is also the world in which the owner is introspective, and the spirit is vividly created according to the changes of the owner’s life and the environment.

Aesthetics of visual conflict

The second half of the style predicts Baroque’s luxurious, dynamic and ever-changing visual conflicts. The aesthetic and rhythmic details of Rococo’s details will become the protagonist of the floor style, and the noble and elegant in the noble. Soaked in luxury, its international fashion style invades the essence of creation, maximizing the redundancy in the traditional floor making process, and condensing the traditional floor craft essence to achieve beautiful and practical.

The quality of smart fashion

The trend of floor style in the second half of the year is the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic fashion. After a new thinking, interpretation of new understanding. Comply with the perfect combination of intelligence and fashion, stunning, dynamic, agile, free, tasteful…. Zhang Yang is not exaggerated, swimming between classical and modern, everywhere is the classics of the new technology mechanized production can not afford to fall The charm and aristocratic complex pay attention to taste, emphasize comfort, and conform to the way and habit of modern people’s life.

The Freedom of Freedom

The release of agile and free, the manifestation of taste, provides people with a new way of understanding life, and will still follow the ten styles of leadership in the style of positioning. The way of presenting the whole body, the soul of the stunning and exquisitely scattered is the most unique interpretation of quality. The flying skirts, the falling ribbons, gracefully rotate, and in the interlacing, the brilliance, the extraordinary.

The floor created by the new technology is ‘stunning’

In the process of the gradual evolution of the flooring market, the floor style is highly regarded by the quality of life, compared with the traditional craft floor, through the spirit of the times, lifestyle, consumption In-depth analysis of preferences and value orientation, the appearance of the floor style ‘stunning’ not only injects the organic, fresh and beautiful fashion trend into the 2011 floor, but also uses the core technology to ensure the quality of each piece of flooring due to the precise and scientific rational design. Stable, so that consumer satisfaction is not just ‘glamorous’ on the surface.

Deductive life, every floor is full of a style of heart, just like you know how to live, enjoy happiness, enjoy the spirit, enjoy the love, the beauty of visual conflict, the quality of intelligent fashion, the free movement of the spirit Whale creates, self-confidence, taste, and happy life!

Release date: 2011/11/7 15:25:00

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Multi-layer solid wood lacquered board for a healthy and happy life okorder

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021807241563.jpg”>

Multilayer solid wood Painted board for your healthy and happy life

Multi-layer solid wood lacquered board as a revolutionary home decoration material, suitable for home decoration, office furniture, leisure club decoration, not only high-end trend, but also durable, Environmental protection, anti-friction, acid and alkali resistance, etc., have irreplaceable advantages.

The advantages of multi-layer solid wood baking slabs are derived from high-quality raw materials and sophisticated processing techniques. High-grade precious solid wood is used as the skin surface. The original ecological wood grain and tube hole show its high-grade ecology; the use of 60-year-old North American softwood is the core material, which not only strengthens its own strength, but also has anti-insect and anti-corrosion function; the eucalyptus is used to strengthen the inner layer as a balanced structure. It has the quality of perseverance.

The high-quality raw materials give the multi-layer solid wood lacquered board a strong quality, while the exquisite processing technology gives it a high-grade appearance. The surface of the board adopts the UV paint production process, the dust-free paint Homework, take 8 sprays The process makes the paint film full and non-sticky, not only highlights the high-grade taste, but also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, acid and alkali resistance and pollution resistance.

Use multi-layer solid wood paint The board is to enjoy the high-end and composite board of the solid wood board. Its seven advantages have become the reason you choose to use:

The first is the high-grade appearance. The multi-layer solid wood baking board is made of solid wood surface with clear texture. Naturally, there are more than 200 wood grain varieties such as cherry red, ebony, Brazilian rosewood, white elephant, zebra, washed autumn incense, Thai pomelo, etc., each of which is a boutique, each of which exudes a natural atmosphere. The high-quality essence of the paintings, such as the art of luxury, is more luxurious than the solid wood board.

The second is superior quality. The core material is made of high-grade wood, enhanced technical treatment, scientific fine processing. It is not only flat and balanced, but also has high strength, warpage strength ≥32.6mpa, screwing force ≥1757N, which is more than twice that of ordinary large core board.

Three is environmental health The skin, core layer and reinforced inner layer are all made of solid wood materials. Internationally renowned environmentally friendly paint, in line with national standards and international E1 standards, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body, real ecological sheet, environmentally friendly sheet.

600){this.width=600} ” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021807241564.jpg”>

Multi-layer solid wood lacquered board for a healthy and happy life

Fourth, the construction is simple. The sheet was double-sided baked before leaving the factory, saving the user the trouble of painting. At the same time, it saves time and is convenient to use. Really save trouble, worry, save money, and save time.

Five is convenient for care. Modern people pay attention to simple and exquisite life, and the cumbersome maintenance of many solid wood furniture is daunting. Multi-layer solid wood paint board high-strength surface paint film, effectively isolate stains acid and alkali, effectively prevent scratching, anti-penetration, high temperature resistance, is to enjoy the high-grade furniture, while eliminating the cumbersome maintenance care troubles.

Six is ​​cost-effective. The multi-layer solid wood lacquered board has the advantages of all solid wood boards, and overcomes the shortcomings of the solid wood board which is easy to crack and bend, but the price is more favorable than the solid wood floor. At the same time, the multi-layer solid wood lacquered board has a service life of more than 20 years, and the nursing and maintenance is simple. In comparison, the cost performance is super high.

In short, the choice of multi-layer solid wood lacquered board is to choose a simple and exquisite life; choose multi-layer solid wood lacquered board, is to choose high-grade elegant taste; multi-layer solid wood lacquered board, together with you to create health Honorable and beautiful life.

Release date: 2014/7/8 11:44:38

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The “plagiarism” incident is not uncommon. Floor companies need to strengthen their sense of innovation. okorder

Recently, Qiong Yao sued Zheng Zhengsheng, which may have become one of the hotter events of the culture. In this incident, Qiong Yao himself also said: “Intellectual property has won!” In fact, in the cultural world, the incident of “plagiarism” is not uncommon, and the phenomenon of “plagiarism” in the flooring industry is even more numerous.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”http://www.chinafloor.cn/image/2015_1/0112/2015011215135054831.jpg”>

“Puzzle” incidents are often seen in the floor enterprises need to strengthen their sense of innovation

The phenomenon of homogenization is serious, and corporate innovation awareness is weak

In the current floor market, we can easily see many similar “faces”, and this phenomenon is also intensifying. On the one hand, due to the lack of protection in the design patents of the industry, on the one hand This problem also reflects the weak sense of innovation of domestic flooring companies, and the “takenism” is deeply rooted. As the development of the flooring industry matures, the “similarity” phenomenon of the flooring market is also increasing, whether from the design and production of flooring products. Still to the sales model of enterprises and businesses, all are full of plagiarism.

In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that plagiarism is not conducive to the sustainable development of flooring companies. Recently, obtained Liu Heping, the screenwriter of “2014 Chinese Cultural Figures”, “Nothing to Fight in Beiping” also said that Firmly opposed to plagiarism, which is the bottom line. Therefore, floor enterprises should strengthen innovation, get rid of similarities, and implement all aspects of product production and sales, which is not only a perfect way for floor enterprises to get rid of homogenization competition, but also bring new opportunities for enterprises.


Floor companies can try to sell new models

At present, the homogenization of the flooring industry is serious, and plagiarism is even more numerous. When new products come out, there will be rushing plagiarism. If imitation and reproduction become the norm, the vitality of the flooring industry will no longer be, and the entire flooring market will fall into an infinite vicious circle. Therefore, the only innovation of flooring companies is The last word is to actively cater to the needs of consumers, integrate consumer demand into the design and production of flooring products, and always look at the nature of products from the standpoint of consumers and strengthen product design.

Of course, the innovation of flooring products can not only be reflected in the design of flooring products, but also in the channels of product sales. Young people have different preferences for the Internet than the older generation, and online shopping has changed from fashion to fashion. The popularity of e-commerce has provided new channels for consumers to shop and quickly occupy the young market. Floor companies can use this as an entry point to try out e-commerce models, drive sales while increasing brand influence, or offline. Stores are diverted.

In a highly competitive market, opportunities and challenges coexist. Floor companies can only continue to innovate and innovate, and continue to use innovation to meet consumer demand. /P>Published date: 2015/1/12 17:17:29

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