How to clean stains on white tiles? okorder

Can be treated differently depending on the stain

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Carpet cleaning and maintenance has a coup okorder

The carpet is a kind of soft paving material. It is different from hard floor covering materials such as marble and ceramic tiles. It is not easy to slip and bump. There are recommended carpets or carpets for children and the elderly. So how to clean the carpet? Here are some small ways to collect and clean the carpet for your reference.

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Carpet cleaning tips clean up in time

Clean it with a vacuum cleaner every day. Do not wait until a lot of stains and dirt have penetrated into the carpet fiber and clean it. It is easy to clean only when it is cleaned frequently. When cleaning the carpet, pay attention to clean the floor under the carpet.

Equivalent use

After a few years of carpeting, it is best to adjust the position to make it wear evenly. Once there is unevenness in some places, gently tap it, or gently iron it with a steam iron.

Carpet decontamination method

Ink stains can be wiped with citric acid. Wipe the area with water after washing. Then wipe off the water with a dry towel: coffee, cocoa, tea stains can be removed with glycerin: The fruit juice can be removed with cold water and a small amount of dilute ammonia solution: the paint stain can be porridge-like with gasoline and detergent, and it is applied to the paint at night, and then washed with warm water the next morning and then dried with a dry towel. P>

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In addition to foreign object

dropping the velvet light weight material, paper dust and the like on the carpet, the vacuum cleaner can be resolved. If you accidentally break a glass on the carpet, you can use a wider tape to stick the broken glass: if the broken glass is powdery, it can be glued with cotton and then vacuumed.

Coke mark treatment

The carpet has scorch marks. If it is not serious, use a hard brush or nickel coin to brush off the burnt part of the hair. If it is a serious scorch, use the book. Press on it, wait until it is dry, and comb it.

carpet dusting

Sweep the broom in soapy water, sweep the carpet, keep the broom moist, then sprinkle with fine salt, then sweep with a broom, and finally wipe with a dry rag. When cleaning the carpet, the chemical fiber carpet can be washed and dried. Pure wool carpets have to be placed in the sun for a while, pay attention to turn the carpet over, hang on the rope and beat with a thin stick to remove the dust as much as possible. This can also effectively kill the mites on the carpet.

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Poisoned floor 引 惕 验 验 精 精 精 精 精 精 okorder

Talking about the recent development of the flooring industry, a brand of flooring was exposed to excessive formaldehyde, causing concern in the real estate and flooring industries, involving listed companies such as Vanke, Zhonghai and Longhu. According to the latest report, the poison floor involved housing companies have urgently launched the investigation process for the brand floor. The ‘Poison Floor’ incident not only plagued the housing industry and the flooring industry, but also made consumers feel guilty. The housing enterprises involved in the ‘Poison Flooring Event’ are mainly decorated with fine decoration, which makes many owners very worried about whether there will be problems in the floor of their house. However, for the test results, everyone can only wait anxiously. In fact, no matter whether there is an outbreak of ‘toxic floor incidents’, the floor problem of finely decorated rooms has always been prominent. Common diseases include: color difference, drumming, deformation, high and low deviation, and sound when walking and stepping, as well as blinking, gaps, Scratches, pungent odors, etc., directly affect the quality of living and overall aesthetics and human health of the house. Therefore, the acceptance of the floor is an important part of the process of acceptance of the fine decoration. First of all, the acceptance of chromatic aberration: Acceptance depends first on whether the color of the floor is consistent. If the color difference is too large, it directly affects the appearance, and can be exchanged. If the color is too consistent and there is no color difference, it depends on whether the pattern on the floor surface is the same; if the pattern is also similar, it may be the art floor, not the so-called precious wood material floor. . China Flooring Network reminds consumers that some suppliers of solid wood composite flooring materials use ordinary wood materials, but they are super-filled with a layer of precious wood veneer on the surface, and the reverse side is covered with aluminum foil. Moisture-proof, in fact, fear that the pattern on the opposite side is different from the front. Secondly, we must see if there is any sound on the floor: When you are inspecting the house, you can walk back and forth on the floor, and the footsteps should be aggravated. In particular, pay more attention to the wall parts and the door and hole parts, and find that the parts with sounds should be repeatedly moved to determine the specific position of the sound. mark. In this case, the resurfacing should be requested. The parts with sound are caused by the non-standard operation of the construction personnel during the construction process and the unqualified use of materials: the operation is not standardized, and the keel is not firmly fixed; the material failure is mainly reflected in the fact that the ground keel is not dried. In addition, some decoration construction units used unground keel construction, and there were traces of drying on the surface, but they did not dry. Again, the acceptance of the floor is deformed and warped: The acceptance method is to use a 2 meter long ruler, leaning on the floor, the flatness should not be more than 3 mm, and take a few more measurements, if the pass rate is above 80% To be qualified, otherwise it is unqualified. Sometimes you will find that the floor is partially arched. For solid wood flooring, it may be because the paving is too tight or the floor is too dry (the moisture content is too low), but for the parquet, the floor quality is definitely poor. China Flooring Network once again reminded consumers that floor arching is a serious quality problem. Finally, check the surface of the floor for blemishes, crevices, and scratches: It is more common because the keel is untreated and has mites inside. If it is found to be untimely, when the floor is found to be blinking, the floor has been almost smashed. Gaps and scratches can be seen directly with the naked eye. However, for the country of floor scratches, there is a clear provision: the gap of the solid wood composite floor should not be greater than 0.5 mm; the scratches are mainly caused by rough decoration, and if it cannot be repaired by waxing, it must be exchanged. Fine decoration is in place, and the baggage stays to reduce secondary pollution. In recent years, under the ‘environmental protection’, developers are increasingly driving the promotion of hardcover rooms. In this situation, it is not excluded that the hardcover room will cut corners. But for this ‘toxic floor incident’, the author believes that this is not a substitute for the entire industry. China Floor Network reminds consumers that when purchasing a finely decorated house, everyone should pay attention to whether the quality and brand of the main decoration materials are clearly defined in the house contract, instead of simply marking ‘in line with national standards’. If there is proof of contract, it will be beneficial for consumers to have such disputes in the future. In addition, it must be eye-catching when inspecting the house, especially when accepting the floor.

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Where did the TV’s accompanying runners go now? okorder

From the popularity of computers to the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the video store in the past corner became a forgotten time overnight. The antenna and signal receiver on the roof were sent to the waste station, sitting in the living room waiting for the gold power of a TV station to exit, people no longer look for a TV station for a drama. The once cumbersome TV and small flat-panel TVs were sold to less than 100 yuan for the old home appliance recycling vendors. The traditional set-top boxes, DVD players, amplifiers and various DVD and VCD discs were taken away from the TV cabinets. Instead, they were replaced. Smaller and more sophisticated Blu-ray player and the latest set-top box devices and larger screens and thinner LCD TVs that can be connected to the Internet. The drawers of the TV cabinets have become the drawers, and the sounds on the side are becoming more and more popular. They used to be on the open square. The big movie screen was cut down and hung in the home theater, and the wall of the home began to play high-definition pictures under the illumination of the mobile projection device. The DVD players and amplifiers that follow the audio-visual technology have found a world of sustainable development in the needs of the majority of home theater enthusiasts.

Those who have accompanied the color TV from the plasma, CRT era to the flat-panel TV era have gradually fallen behind, or after decades of growth, the color TV is strong enough to not accompany the coach And those little characters who are behind the heroes? But in fact they have not left, they are the unreachable role of the color TV industry, but they are no longer used to meet the needs of all the audience, and make up for each other with the color TV. Screen playback, one responsible for technical support. When the color TV comes with the protagonist aura as the center of the living room economy, there has been some fatigue since running all the way. Although the shape of the color TV has changed dramatically, it can even be thinned into a piece of paper attached to the wall and hung in the window. A picture, but while all the features and new technologies are eager to be integrated, the TV has a little bit more “weak.”

Once the foil, most of the interfaces left for them have been closed. The place that was used to insert the CD is now replaced with a network cable interface or a USB flash drive. Big data dominates everything. But they still experienced their own glory days, just as the set-top box is still running. The birth of VCD and DVD players was actually caused by the restrictions on people’s viewing needs. People are eager to see more scarce sources and higher HD quality under the restrictions of TV stations.

When the image quality technology and compression technology are constantly being upgraded, in the HD DVD era in the overseas market, the domestic EVD player that can burn TV programs into CD-ROMs has appeared for a while but has not stirred up the layers. wave. The audio-visual industry needs the linkage of all parties, the active cooperation between DVD player video technology, video content and specification providers, CD standard development and production line construction, as well as consumer market demand feedback, can promote the continued change of DVD player technology. .

According to industry insiders, the price of a few discs on the market and the high-definition discs of tens of hundreds of dollars are the obstacles for consumers to give up the DVD player, but on the other hand, In the powerful Internet era, under the trend of the world, the source and source of the Internet and content providers are already strong enough. 1080P, Ultra HD, Blu-ray and 4K will appear one after another, as long as you buy members, you can watch them without consumers. In the market, there is no purpose of Haitao, but the audience has no right to watch, and many movies are hard to trace on the content website of the millions of film and television resources. Therefore, there are many more intimate sources on the Internet. Websites, but their instability is still not secure with a permanent disc, but not all movies are necessary for collection and secondary viewing, and there is no need for the studio to spend a lot of processes to produce one. Zhang disc. Many audio-visual collectors have become a pleasure in the market, but for those who do not have high requirements for viewing, this group of enthusiasts is only a minority.

The video store that once squatted in the waiting room of the train station and the streets and lanes disappeared quietly. Some old stores with fixed Taobao customers are still sticking day after day. Many enthusiasts are admiring, but actually Many of them are out of print. With the development of technology, people can watch countless videos through mobile phones, computers, tablets, and Internet TV. The demand for consumer demand has kept China’s BD pressure plate factory in single digits, and there will be no pirated DVDs in the era of DVD players. The phenomenon is different from DVD discs in a short time. It takes several months for a BD disc to be cracked. Therefore, consumers are more inclined to choose genuine BD discs or select the BD seeds that flow out on the Internet. A DVD player is considered a defective or outdated product.

But in fact, the existence of the DVD player is the pursuit of ultra-high image quality by consumers, and it is the quality that cannot be found in the source library of the TV source provider, especially for the quality of life today. After the improvement, people’s hearts are suppressed by the home theater that is suppressed because of the quality of the picture and various aspects. When the conditions are met, this part of the people’s requirements for the viewing experience is more demanding. DVD player technology continues to meet this part of the fans.

With the emergence of laser projection + screen combination, it is considered to be the ultimate blow to the DVD player. In fact, the DVD player has always had the support of a wholesale fan. For Sony and other manufacturers, the DVD player is The existence of a category, in order to meet the existing needs, is the pursuit of some people, not the business to make money, so it is meaningless to discuss the quality of the DVD player market. Many consumers’ demand for DVD players, in addition to the quality requirements of some specific movies, is also used to collect some videos that cannot be downloaded or found on the Internet. At this time, there is a demand for Amoy movies, and fans of DVD collections. The source of the Amoy will need to use the DVD player, but it is in the specification of the disc, so it also needs a DVD player of the same specification, or even an old TV.

With the popularity of home theater in the consumer market, Blu-ray HD projectors and Blu-ray players take overThe DVD player has become the core of private viewing, and the built-in source library and audio and video technology have become the key to video quality and sound quality. In the era of big data, everything that beats behind the human eye is the arrangement of 0 and 1. Those who have been accompanying runners have quietly transformed into a standard for home theater enthusiasts, an ultra-high-definition TV, a Blu-ray player, an AV amplifier, and of course the most important ones are audio systems and speaker equipment. The three lack any playback system that cannot be called a home theater.

The core purpose of building a home theater is undoubtedly to pursue the ultimate HD demand. At present, Blu-ray still provides the technology as the most outstanding source quality. But it also faces a problem, the corresponding Blu-ray discs are scarce, the genuine source variety is scarce, the purchase channel is narrow, the 4K disc is more scarce, the price is 100 yuan, and a set of home theaters is tens of thousands, if there is no rich disc Fans who want to enjoy the cinema level will also be deterred. There is also a Blu-ray hard drive that can be used to play HD files on the network and become a choice for more people. Many enthusiasts have their own source website to get the video or picture quality that is difficult for ordinary viewers to obtain. This makes the hard disk drive more popular than the player. The hard disk collection source is more important than the collection disk. More convenient.

Today’s DVD players have not stepped out of the game, it was born out of demand. For a period of time, there was a TV set that Sony could directly insert a disc to play a movie, eliminating the existence of a DVD player, but the TV card often prevented the DVD slot from being used again. Nowadays, TV can be inserted into a USB flash drive, and a computer plus a video transcription card can relive the old movie dream of childhood. If the TV content provider’s source is more perfect and high-definition, the audience only needs to pick a film in the cloud. . For many families, although a U disk or a cloud disk can store images permanently, past images and audio are recorded on CDs and tapes, and DVD players and tape drives are still in need of technology transfer. And continue to exist.

Source: Home Grid

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Installation of the three floors and the ultimate maintenance points okorder

When the wooden floor of the house is used for a long time, it will be dull. How should it be maintained? Maintenance points of solid wood flooring: 1) The floor should be laid in the later stage of construction and should not be cross-constructed. It should be sanded and painted as soon as possible after laying. So as not to soil the floor or deform the moisture. 2) Before laying the floor, it is advisable to unpack and stack it on the paving site for 1-2 days to adapt it to the environment, so as to avoid expansion and contraction after laying. 3) The paving should be well protected against moisture, especially in the damp areas such as the bottom layer. Moisture-proof measures include moisture-proof paint, moisture-proof film, and use of padding. 4) The keel should be flat and firm, and should not be reinforced with cement. It is best to use expansion bolts and nails. 5) The keel should be made of larch, Liuan and other wood with strong nail holding power. The moisture content of the keel or wool floor should be close to the moisture content of the floor. The keel spacing should not be too large, generally not more than 30 cm. The ends of the floor should be placed on the keel, and should not be left empty, and nails must be nailed on each keel. Do not use water-based glue.

6) The floor should not be laid too tight, there should be enough expansion joints (0.5 ~ 1.2 cm) around, and should not be super wide laying, in the case of wider space should be separated and cut, then press the copper strip transition.

7) Floor and hall, bathroom, kitchen room and other stone ground junctions should have complete isolation and moisture protection measures.

8) Floor chromatic aberration is unavoidable, such as high requirements for chromatic aberration, can be pre-sorted, and adopt a gradual transition method to reduce the visual abrupt change.

Wood net

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What if the floor is arched and condensed? okorder

1: Find the reason for the right medicine. Solve the summer floor arching

The floor arching is due to the expansion of the floor after damp. For the arching of the floor, the reason is probably that the floor is accidentally blistered, or the expansion joints are not reserved when paving.

First, the floor is soaked in moisture

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The main cause of arching is that the floor is covered by a large area of ​​blisters. The following storms do not close the windows, the rain washes in, the cups are splashed and not treated in time and immersed in the floor. After the floor is blistered, the floor volume increases, causing Arched, this problem is often caused by improper handling of people, and its responsibility should be the responsibility of the water leaking party.

Second, the wooden floor is laid too tight

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If the drying season is during the laying season, the gutters are too tight, and when the ambient humidity increases, the floor follows the environment. The humidity increases and the width is widened. The floor is tightly assembled and cannot be stretched. It can only expand upwards, causing arching. For this purpose, the responsibility should be the responsibility of the laying construction personnel.

Third, the floor moisture content is too low

In addition, there is a possibility that the moisture content of the wooden floor is too low, the wooden floor is too dry, once the deformation caused by the moisture absorption transition arch . For products from large manufacturers or well-known manufacturers, there are very few cases where the indicator is not up to standard. This responsibility should be the responsibility of the floor manufacturer.

Fourth, to solve the problem of family floor arching

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If the degree of arching of the floor is relatively small, then close the door and window, use the air conditioning dehumidification function, control the indoor humidity can be restored by itself. Then you can only find the manufacturer to adjust the expansion joint.

If the degree of arching is very serious, it is recommended that the master re-lay and re-adjust the expansion joint. Remove the skirting stone and replace the old floor. If the floor surface is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one.

V. Precautions for laying the floor to prevent arching

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First, choose a stable product before paving. The construction of the insulation layer against moisture, moisture and moisture during the paving must meet the laying requirements. When the floor is paved, reserve enough expansion joints. After the pavement is completed, don’t forget to strengthen the maintenance, ventilation and indoor relative humidity control of the wooden floor.

2: Find the reason for the right medicine to solve the summer floor discoloration

The discoloration of the wooden floor is actually a layer of protective film on the surface is oxidized, or caused by wear and tear in use, after discoloration What you see is the true color of the wooden floor.

First, due to loss of protective paint caused by discoloration

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The floor paint is affected by the external environment, and the floor gradually loses its luster. This is reflected more clearly in the bright floor. The bright floor can give a bright feeling when it is just laid, but it is used. After a period of time, the original luster may be lost. It is mainly caused by improper maintenance and incorrect cleaning methods.

Second, wood is discolored by photochromism

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The wood itself is discolored by the influence of the external environment such as sunlight and air. Experts explained that photochromism is an inherent property of wood, and it is a normal phenomenon that the floor gradually changes color during long-term use. If it is not exposed to strong sunlight, the degree of change is often not obvious.

Third, use a vacuum cleaner to remove paint and wear paint

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When cleaning the floor, use a damp cloth or mop as little as possible. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the floor dust to reduce the wear on the floor surface varnish. It can also keep the floor bright.

Four, wooden floor needs frequent maintenance

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To prevent discoloration of the wooden floor, don’t forget to maintain the floor. The maintenance method usually uses the essential oil or floor wax to maintain the floor. Play once in the first two or three years, at least once a year. In addition, in areas such as the living room balcony where the sun is directly exposed, it is more effective to take appropriate measures to cover the light.Protect the floor from discoloration.

3: Find the reason for the right medicine to solve the summer floor squeezing

In the winter when the floor has a shrinkage, the summer has not fully recovered. In this regard, the shrinkage of the floor should be dialectically, not necessarily because of the quality of the floor.

First, the floor shrinkage is a normal phenomenon

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According to national standards, floor coverings have different standards depending on the materials. It is normal for wood to be heated and cooled. If the seam is larger than the standard, it needs to be carefully checked.

1 For solid wood flooring and bamboo flooring, the paving seam should be less than 0.8 mm. Within one year warranty period, the joint seam must be within 2 mm.

2, for laminate flooring, paving seam Should be less than 0.2 mm. During the warranty period, the seam of the laminate floor should not exceed 0.35 mm.

3, for composite flooring, paving seam should be less than 0.4 mm. During the warranty period, the seam Can’t exceed 1 mm.

Second, dialectical analysis whether there is a squeezing oversize

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According to experts, the shirring is also dialectical. Take solid wood flooring as an example. In winter, the seam is larger than 2 mm. If it is still more than 2 mm in the summer, if it is within the warranty period, the manufacturer can repair it free of charge. However, if the seam is only 1 mm, although the owner may feel it, it does not exceed the standard.

Third, the floor shrinkage is recommended to re-layout

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According to national regulations, the general clearance exceeds the standard. During the warranty period, the merchant can repair it free of charge. If the seam is exceeded, it is recommended to re-lay it instead of replacing it, because the new floor may repeat the similar situation after replacement. After paving, it is better to have no gaps in the floor during the summer.

Fourth, good habits to avoid floor problems

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In addition, improper use of the floor can cause shirring. In daily life, the floor of the air conditioner should be avoided, otherwise the floor will be more likely to shrink.

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What kind of wallpaper is good How to choose wallpaper when decorating okorder

What kind of wallpaper is good? Wallpaper is the product that will be used in home decoration nowadays, because the wallpaper is very beautiful, and there are a lot of colors for different people to choose. The wallpaper on the home will be very neat and looks very fashionable. So what is the wallpaper like? How to choose wallpaper when decorating? This is a question that everyone will care about. First of all, plastic wallpaper. This is a common wallpaper on the market. Most of the surface materials used are polyvinyl chloride (or polyethylene), also known as pvc wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is divided into many types, each of which is divided into several varieties, each of which is subdivided into a variety of colors. Generally, paper is used as a substrate, plastic pvc paste resin is coated, and then printed and embossed. Generally, there are several types of flat printing, light printing, monochrome embossing, and printing embossing. The wallpaper is relatively inexpensive, has a wide range of uses, is durable, but is environmentally friendly. We must choose carefully this point. Secondly, the straw wallpaper, this wallpaper feels like the previous hay weaving, such a wallpaper is very simple, like returning to nature. It would be very pleasant to paste such a wallpaper in the home. This kind of wallpaper is like a rural style. It is very happy to see the landscape like the pastoral after returning home from work. This will forget the troubles of the day, such a wallpaper is very good. I hope everyone can look at this wallpaper. Third, wood fiber wallpaper. For a new generation of classic and practical high-end wallpapers, the wood fine fiber surface or polyester extracted from the tree species is not harmful to the body, the environmental protection performance is very good, and it is also very resistant to corrosion and moisture. When you are dirty, you can take a brush directly, there will be no scratches, and the breathability is very good. This is why many people choose wood fiber wallpaper.

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Have you cleaned the rubber floor correctly? okorder

Rubber flooring is a floor made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymer materials. Butylbenzene, high benzene, and butadiene rubber are synthetic rubbers and are products of petroleum. Natural rubber refers to rubber extracted from artificially cultivated rubber trees.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170150785.jpg”>

First, in use To clean the water, add 1 cup of fabric cleaner per half barrel of water to make the rubber floor look like new wax.

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What is wood-plastic flooring? Wood plastic floor installation method okorder

Wood-plastic floor is a new type of environmentally-friendly wood-plastic composite material. The wood phenol produced in the process of producing medium and high-density fiberboard is added to the recycled plastic to make wood-plastic composite material through granulation equipment, and then extruded. The production team is made of wood-plastic floor.

The main material of wood-plastic outdoor flooring is PE and wood powder or bamboo powder. After adding auxiliaries, mixing at high speed, granulation, and then using an extruder to squash extrusion molding materials, such The floor can be used for garden landscapes, villas and other outdoor platforms.

Installation method

Fixed keel

Fixation of wood-plastic keel Use the expansion tube to directly fix the wood-plastic keel on the ground, and fix the plastic expansion tube The spacing between 500mm and 600mm requires the screw cap to be lower than the surface of the wood plastic keel. When the wood plastic keel is fixed, it needs to be flat.

Assembly of the floor

The self-tapping screw cap is required to be flush with the surface of the wood-plastic floor, and the pitch of the wood-plastic floor is 5mm.

Use the self-tapping screws to fix the wood-plastic floor and the wood-plastic keel at the beginning and end of the floor. The self-tapping screw cap is required to be flush with the surface of the wood-plastic floor. The junctions of the other wood-plastic floors and wood-plastic keels are connected and fastened with plastic buckles and wood-plastic keels. The spacing of the wood-plastic floor is determined by the plastic buckle.

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Floor consumers always maintain the right to explain. Operators cannot deprive them of their rights. okorder

A few days ago, some consumers reported that they had just participated in a 1 yuan rushing activity of household products such as flooring, but found that the corresponding terms of their products indicated that the auctioned products could not be returned. Relevant experts explained that this damage to a certain extent. The legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021803561553.jpg”>

Floor consumers Operators can’t deprive them of their rights to interpret them at all times

The right to interpret household products such as flooring should not exclude consumers

The author browsed a number of home shopping websites and found that there are actually some articles in the website when they engage in activities such as low-priced rushing to shoot flooring and other household products, saying that ‘the final interpretation right belongs to the business owner’. In addition, in the daily home life In the process of consumption, the terms of the final interpretation of the clause belong to our company, and the terms of the company’s interpretation of the contract according to the contract law, the consumer rights protection law and other laws and regulations are also common.

The reporter learned that as early as 2011, the Beijing Consumers Association had commented and released the terms of the unfair format contract, in which the ‘final interpretation right belongs to the business’ is in it. Comments, in accordance with Article 125 of the Contract Law: ‘If the parties have disputes over the understanding of the terms of the contract, they shall comply with With the words and phrases used, the terms of the contract, the purpose of the contract, the trading habits, and the principle of good faith, determine the true meaning of the clause. ‘

Visible, for the terms of the contract The right of interpretation is not enjoyed by one party, but is shared by the parties to the contract. In the process of performance of the contract, if the parties understand the dispute over the terms of the contract, it shall be settled by the parties to the contract without negotiation. The parties have the final say, and should not use the format clause to exclude consumers from the right to interpret the terms of the contract.

Operators are not allowed to deprive consumers of their legitimate rights and interests

According to the new amendment to the Consumer Rights Protection Act, which is implemented on March 15th, Article 26: ‘The operator shall use the format clause in his business activities, and shall remind him in a significant way. Consumers pay attention to the quantity and quality of goods or services, the price or cost, the time limit and method of implementation, safety precautions and risk warnings, after-sales service, civil liability and other content that have a significant interest to consumers. Consumers’ requirements are explained.

Operators may not exclude or restrict consumer rights, reduce or exempt operators from the format terms, notices, statements, store notices, etc. Responsibility, increase consumer responsibilities, and other unfair and unreasonable regulations for consumers, may not use format terms and use technical means to force transactions.

Format terms, notices, statements, If the store notice or the like contains the contents listed in the preceding paragraph, the content is invalid. ‘The Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce explained that the format clause is the clause that the parties pre-drafted for repeated use and did not negotiate with the other party at the time of conclusion of the contract. The new amendment to Article 26 of the Consumer Protection Law is about the provisions of the consumer contract relating to the format clause, which states the specific obligations of the operator to use the format clause and the legal liability for breach of this article.

On the issue of ‘final interpretation right’, the reporter consulted 12315 staff, the staff said, ‘the final interpretation of the right to the business owner’ alleged unfair format terms, if found business This behavior, floor consumers can report to 12315.

Release date: 2014/10/28 12:05:31

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