Preview 2020: around six major trends, AI development to upgrade!

2019 increasingly approaching the end of the countdown, 2020 arrival bell will soon ring. In the past year, the development of artificial intelligence turns out to be flourishing, brilliant. With the artificial intelligence for the third consecutive time the government work report is written, the state established a new career related to artificial intelligence, as well as the establishment of new professional and related new Institute of Education for approval, artificial intelligence technology landing environment increasingly good, intelligent industry trends increasingly strong. Based on this, in 2019 enterprises are accelerating the commercial exploration technology, and around the chip, platform, cloud computing, block chain, networking and other areas, to create some new competition and new developments regarding AI, which undoubtedly contributed to China’s digital economy to a new level. Overall, the 2019 landing artificial intelligence technology in Carnival! So as 2019 in the past, in 2020 the industry which in turn presents a new trend? What new developments or turn a continuation of it? We might look at it! A trend: AI Artificial Intelligence chip industry continues fiery dispute, on the one hand is the technology of the dispute, on the other hand also the data of the dispute. Nowadays, with the industry’s escalating intelligent, businesses and developers who test positive for mass application data, and improve the AI ​​algorithms and calculation power is the key to solving the problem. So, how to improve the calculation algorithm and force it? We have to rely on AI chip. This year, at home and abroad has been more and more enterprises begin to chip layout of AI development. For example, Ali developed the “Han Guang 800”; Huawei launched the “unicorn 990”; Baidu issued a “swan”; Apple released a new generation of bionic core A13; and Intel also introduced a Nervana neural network processor and core making related (NNP) …… in addition to technology giants at home and abroad in addition to making a positive core, some of the traditional chip makers, companies and a large number of algorithms start-ups, they are also keen to join in making the core boom. Relevant professional bodies to predict Control Engineering Copyright , AI 2021 global chip market is expected to exceed $ 22 billion. Currently AI chip development in the ascendant, making competition on the core sports of the future will be more intense. Trends: AI AI platform to accelerate open source development so far, the industry has become increasingly important ecological distribution, and ecological development of the joint power industry enterprises, so enterprises need to be open-source technology, enabling the industry to achieve a comprehensive. Based on this, this year many large domestic InternetCompanies have launched their own high-level AI development framework that provides one-stop solution enabling AI industry, so that other businesses and developers to more easily carry out AI research and development, application and innovation. For example, Ali launched a flying machine learning platform; upgrade Baidu brain to the 5.0 stage; Huawei announced the completion of construction of the whole scene full stack AI solutions; bit by bit AI travel officially released an open platform, and so on. By enabling open source platform, these enterprises also realized the technology fee, so that the accumulation of technology, brand and customer resources, leading the industry to become an important part of the ecological building. All in all, AI ecology as long as the industry has not yet fully constructed, AI platform enabling open source will continue. In 2020, AI holds advanced technology companies will further accelerate its own AI platform, and actively open source enabling more segments, promote ecological construction AI continues to accelerate. Three trends: cloud cloud computing to speed up the process as an emerging technology, has achieved beyond the Internet on key technologies and applications on the scale AI. Information industry, the Internet, data era, every industry sector to embrace the cloud has become a trend on intelligence, so “AI + cloud computing” will also be bound to usher in the explosive growth. This year, China’s overall public cloud services market size of more than $ 5 billion, an increase of more than 70%, which is inseparable from Ali cloud, cloud, etc. Tencent powerful boost: where Ali cloud in 2019, hundreds of union partners, published 100 different joint solutions, covering new retail, new finance more than 20 industries and 1,000 kinds of scenarios control Engineering Copyright , undisputed first Asia-Pacific cloud; and Baidu also rapid growth in the past year, users, revenue, double the growth in traffic, the growth rate became the first cloud. In the future, Baidu further proposed AI industrialization path of development; Ali cloud also plans to cooperate with enterprises face more books, which no doubt will accelerate cloud on the development and progression of AI. At the same time, the rapid development of leading enterprises will also stimulate more companies to seize on the cloud, the year 2020 is bound to be “AI + cloud” hot development. Trend: Face to upgrade a large concern widely used as artificial intelligence technology, face recognition can be described as a mess fire in 2019. Of course, on one hand, and the development of this hot trend for the better about the Control EngineeringCopyright , on the other hand it is also associated with many negative problems out. This year, the country broke out the “first case of face recognition,” “Face into the campus”, “AI face transplant APP ZAO” and other incidents, the face recognition technology security risks exposed, lead the industry concerns about the face recognition application; at the same time, Ali, Tencent and other Internet giants are accelerating brush application layout face payment, bring convenience to people’s lives and convenience. Under these challenges and opportunities of the situation in 2020 should focus attention or recognition of a year. Since the controversy about the face recognition application has not been completely resolved, questions about the safe use of face recognition is also still waiting for us to break through. CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , layout, development and exploration of face recognition will also be deep-seated around both face recognition applications and safety supervision. 2020 hope to have good results and conclusions emerge. Trend five: Things to deepen integration in 2019 was the first year of commercial 5G, 5G arrival completely changed the AI ​​development. Since 5G ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency characteristics, making the future “Internet +” model has become increasingly important, “Internet +” is becoming a new dynamic of change all walks of life. In this trend, “AI + Internet of Things” will usher in further development of integration. In 2019, there have been numerous industry has begun to try to combine artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. For example, the autopilot field rely on this fusion applications, has launched the relevant commercial vehicles; and the smart home, smart city, industrial robots With this combination of technologies , realized the information, data of a comprehensive upgrade. Of course, this is just appeared at near commercial 5G case. Consider 2020 as the middle of the AI ​​brain and things connector lubricant 5G commercial will be fully open up, we can foresee, AI next year and will further accelerate things for enabling applications in other industries, enterprises and objects for AI convergence of networking will be further deepened. Trend six: Contact 2019 block chain increasingly dense fire up there is a technology that is block chain. As we all know, the application of the block chain can solve the credit, privacy and other issues as other technical and industry, and artificial intelligence whenBefore just have this concern to be addressed. Thus, what is a matter of course a combination of both. By block chain blessing artificial intelligence technology, enterprises will not have to follow user behavior data required to master, just to provide algorithmic tools, so that the block chain network to authorize and complete the payment related to the right to use the data, you can allow users to experience the service and you do not have to worry about data privacy issues. In other words, the application of the block chain, it is possible to make the traditional Internet, science and technology enterprise data transformation from monopoly supplier of products for the algorithm, which constantly for business, industry and users alike, is a positive change. In view of this, in 2020 with the further maturation block chain technology development and application of artificial intelligence and application integration block chain, is expected to enter a new phase.

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