Robot core components reducer, the principle is public, but why we are more than Japan?

Industrial robots are widely used in automobile manufacturing, electrical equipment, food processing, machinery manufacturing industry, with the growth of labor costs in China, the robot to replace the manual trends are becoming evident, the good robots produced product consistency, precision assembly advantages are also more and more manufacturers attention. At present, the global cost of the robot main components are: reducer 35% Control Engineering Copyright , about 20% of the servo Control Engineering Copyright , about 15% of the control system [ 123] Copyright control Engineering , the robot body machining point only about 15%. Global high-end robot consists of ABB, Fanuc and Kuka Robotics Corporation, a few international control, and precision gear they use 75% of Japanese manufacturing company. Robot industry application of precision reducer can be divided into three types: RV reducer, harmonic gear and planetary reducer, the three share ratio on the market in about: 40%, 40%, 20%. In the articulated robot, generally placed in a position RV reducer heavy load stand, arm, shoulder and the like, generally placed in the harmonic reducer arm, wrist or hand. RV is the rotation vector reducer (RotaryVector) referred reducer, first invented by the Japanese, it is a new species of conventional mixing cycloid gear and a planetary gearing, larger gear reducer RV (30-260) . RV reducer principle have long been publicly , and No patent protection, and all of us have heard there is a discrepancy, but the entire industry reducer RV market is still 80% occupied by Japan, the main brand is Nabtesco and Sumitomo. RV gear unit
RV gear reducer by a first stage in two parts involute spur gear reduction mechanism and the second planetary stage CYCLOID reduction mechanism composed of a differential gear closed system. Active sun gear is connected to the input shaft 1, if the involute center wheel 1 is rotated clockwise, it was 120 ° driven three planet wheels arranged around a central hub 2 in the heart as well as revolution counterclockwise rotation, and three crank shaft 3 is rotated with the same speed as the planet wheels 2 fixedly connected, two 180 ° phase difference cycloid three crankshaft 4 is hinged, and with the pin wheel fixed to meshTogether, while the needle about its axis of revolution wheel axis
Copyright Control Engineering , also in the opposite direction of rotation, i.e. clockwise. Output means (i.e., the carrier) three pairs of the crank shaft 6 mounted thereon to push the axial bearing, the rotation of the cycloid vectors in a 1: 1 ratio pass out. (See below) RV reducer works
RV reducer core manufacturing difficulties closely fit the process, comprising: a tooth surface heat treatment, precision machining, parts symmetry, Group Technology, assembly accuracy, the results of these processes assembly tolerances bring the total allocation is the product of wear and life. RV reducer domestic manufacturers are Nantong-Hong and Hengfengtai, Nantong-Hong 2017 annual output reached more than 200 products have been tried a number of robot manufacturers, including foreign ABB, KUKA, Fanuc and domestic Evry special, Eston and other enterprises. Achieved by the reduction gear between the gear size, the simple principle that is inversely proportional to rotational speed and number of teeth to achieve. However, to achieve a large transmission ratio, with the spur gear if we usually see, that the volume of the entire gear differentials will be very large, if you want to achieve the smallest possible volume, how to do it? The harmonic gear reducer is built into! Harmonic gear (harmonicgeardrive) mainly by the wave generator, the flexspline, the flexible bearing, gear four substantially rigid member composition.
harmonic gear structure
harmonic drive reducer, the wave generator by a bearing assembly so that the flexible flexspline produce a controlled elastic deformation, and the gear transmitting motion and power to the rigid gear engaged transmission. (Below)
harmonic gear works
Technical difficulties harmonic gear is mainly reflected in the flexspline life and machining accuracy. October 1970, Hasegawa teeth Motor Corporation and the United States reached an agreement the two sides USM 50-50, set up HarmonicDriveSystemsInc (Hammer NACCO) in Ota-ku, Tokyo number six South Township 3-chome 24 Fan 13. The company in 2002 and 2004 respectively in Germany and the US public offering
Control Engineering Copyright , Germany and the United States set up a subsidiary, responsible for product sales in Europe and America. Hammer NACCO Japan, Germany, the United States company basically monopolizedGlobal harmonic gear market. Since 1961 our country harmonic drive aspects of development work. So far, China has with Beijing grams in the United States and harmonic drive technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Institute of harmonic drive technology research and production in this area is represented by dozens of units, and has developed many types of harmonic become wave gearing. Manufacturing capacity harmonic drive device of the present stage only resembled Japan eighties CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the main problems of the harmonic drive domestic industry is small scale and low product range , inadequate investment in research and development personnel and so on. Currently there is a handful of domestic companies with rival Hammer Nako. Overall, the country is subject to two major areas of materials and precision machining precision reducer aspects.

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