China instrument industry will face a severe impact from foreign-funded enterprises

June 30 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce issued “to encourage Foreign Investment Industries (2019 edition).” July 30, 2019 edition catalog and encourage the negative list of the official implementation of the 2018 edition repealed simultaneously. Encouraging directory involving the instrument manufacturing, such as hydrological monitoring sensor manufacturing, industrial process control system and the automatic manufacturing apparatus, precision instruments large, high-resolution microscope (resolution of less than 200nm) development and manufacturing, high-precision digital voltmeter , producing ammeter (display range over seven and a half), environmental monitoring instruments manufacturing. At present, China has become the world’s second largest producer of instruments, some products have reached the world advanced level and exported to overseas markets. Data show that in January 2018 to December, instrumentation industry export delivery value of 129.539 billion yuan, an increase of 3.90% over the previous year. At the same time, China’s low-end instrumentation industry homogeneous competition, lack of core technology, product quality and other issues of instability still widespread. At present, the domestic high-end instrumentation of high dependence on imports, Thermo, Shimadzu, Agilent and other foreign brands accounted for the majority of seats in the domestic laboratory equipment. With the domestic traditional industries, promote the transformation and upgrading, speed up the development of new industries, major projects, complete sets of equipment, intelligent manufacturing, environmental control, inspection and quarantine, and many other fields of instrumentation demand is expected to further release. Market analysts expect that by 2020, domestic instrumentation industry sales revenue is expected to exceed one trillion yuan. With the reform and opening up of China’s increasing, and the rapid expansion of domestic market instruments, foreign and international well-known instrument companies have entered the domestic market. Such as hashing, Shimadzu, ABB, E + H, Siemens, built by a joint venture, co-production, joint manufacturing, etc. occupy the domestic high-end market, access to excess profits. The “Encouraging Foreign Investment Industries (2019 edition),” the release, means that China’s instrumentation industry will face new challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, foreign-funded enterprises with high-speed layout and technical advantages in its possession, will further weaken the competitiveness of domestic enterprises. On the other hand, foreign-funded enterprises by investing in our plant in cooperation with Chinese enterprises, domestic enterprises will learn more advanced technology and management experience, to stimulate technological upgrading of China instrument industry. However, with changes in the international environment, particularly the United States and Europe sealing technology to ChinaLock, instrumentation industry to enhance technology in China CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , mainly from the introduction of digestion and absorption adjust to self-reliance, only the core technology firmly in their own hands, in order not to be. ” strangle hold. ” 2018, the ministry identified 53 “major scientific instruments developed” key projects, project implementation period 3 years Control Engineering Copyright , the central government invested funds totaling 519,603,600 yuan, to further boost Instruments instrumentation industry technology research and development. The first half of 2019, China’s instrument industry generally showed weak growth performance, but good market fundamentals, is expected in 2019 , our equipment and instrument manufacturing will start from the second half of [ 123] control Engineering Copyright , showing a steady upward trend, in 2019 Chinese equipment, instrumentation industry will be stable development in 2019. All along, the instrumentation industry’s most direct relevance is the largest sensor to achieve the interconnection of all things and all action links application scenarios, we need to accomplish by the sensor, the sensor has become the basis and prerequisite for the hardware interconnection of all things. According to industry is expected to , 2019, China’s smart sensor market will reach 96 billion yuan of scale. The face of an attractive piece of cake, as long as a depth sensor companies to make high-quality products, the future will be promising.

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