ON Semiconductor will showcase aware networking applications, the coupling and actuator technology and innovative design tool

Promote energy-efficient and innovative ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor), to be held in Shenzhen, China July 30 to August 1 International Exhibition of Things (IOTE) show for Internet of Things (IoT) of power, perception, and an actuator coupled programs and tools. Perception is the basis of IoT, and it is one of the main areas of expertise Semiconductor. The company will showcase a number of representative scheme (SPS) temperature data including smart passive sensors record the demo CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , which is a new generation tag first product to provide significantly enhanced flexibility, and higher power RFID sensitivity. Vision-based IoT demonstration will include low-power Bluetooth camera, highlight ON Semiconductor image perceived market-leading position in the world. The camera with low power CMOS image sensors, and provides the ability to capture high-speed motion detection of an object Copyright Control Engineering , while minimizing the application footprint and system power requirements. In connection field presentations ON Semiconductor will include RSL10 5 Bluetooth radio system-on-chip (SoC), bringing the industry’s lowest power consumption of Bluetooth low energy wireless applications. Wherein the solar collector comprises a continuous multi-sensor platform. A demonstration of the machine-to-machine (M2M) will showcase an ultra-low-power program Control Engineering Copyright , to provide a flexible, rapid prototyping capability CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to quickly join Ali IoT cloud platform. In terms of lighting driver, intelligent lighting presentations Semiconductor switching power supply-free (the SMPS), AC direct drive dimming, a high-voltage linear regulator NCP786A power company, and the use of linear LED driver and NCL30170 Bluetooth control, the viewer will showcase practical and innovative lighting solutions end to end connection. ON Semiconductor will also demonstrate its continuous optimization of Strata Developer Studio ?. Strata is a comprehensive, plug-and-development, evaluation and design tools, support is continually updated, integrated, and intuitive environment to quickly and easily develop IoT solutions. ON Semiconductor will be a total of nearly 30 presentations and exhibits, toTo show the audience the true IoT almost infinite possibilities. Wiren Perera ON Semiconductor director on the company’s strategy IoT this exhibition, commented: “The potential of the IoT is achieved, the twelfth IOTE for application developers to provide information and inspiration ON Semiconductor’s innovative programs and tools to assist and accelerate this. exciting all areas of design and development of end markets. “for more innovative IoT solutions , please July 30 to August 1 visit to Shenzhen, held IOTE ON semiconductor booth (Hall 1, booth No. 1A67).

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