Mitsubishi Electric extends to five new low-power and high-power spectacle

In industrial electronic upgrade process, as power semiconductor devices one of the basic components of electronic products more and more attention and application. While Chinese demand as a big country, has occupied about 39% market share, in a critical period of transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, the demand for power semiconductor devices will be increasing. Since the 1980s CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , power semiconductor devices MOSFET, IGBT and power IC gradually become the mainstream application types. IGBT 7 which has experienced technical evolution vertical device structure, the gate structure and the wafer processing process or the like, the current capacity of withstanding voltage 6500V, and to achieve a high power density. In this context, June 26-28, PCIM Asia 2019 exhibition will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to bring the latest products unveiled its sixty years of experience and accumulated technology brought us a new technology feast. In this exhibition, Mitsubishi Electric will bring a power module section 19 and a surface mount highlight the IPM, large DIPIPM + TM, X series HVIGBT, discrete devices, and SiC MOSFET, the whole high-voltage module SiC five new power module. Wherein the SiC MOSFET devices and discrete SiC whole high-voltage module is the first exhibited. It can be said, Mitsubishi Electric has an absolute advantage in the field of frequency appliances, by “a small” products and “bigger” extended power in both directions, Mitsubishi Electric will further consolidate their experience in IPM and DIPIPMTM manufacture. Mitsubishi Motor Technical Director Greater China, soaring Song said, whether it is a small or big, has a big challenge. It is reported that Control Engineering Copyright , Mitsubishi Electric attack small power inverter market is mainly to open up to fans, refrigerators and dishwashers and other new areas of consumer appliances. Last year, for this area, Mitsubishi Electric exhibited a small package SLIMDIP-S for frequency appliances / SLIMDIP-L, this year, Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit surface mount type IPM smaller packages, used in fans, washing dishes machines, refrigerators, fans, etc., the product is higher RC-IGBT chip level of integration, the use of SMD package, so that the smaller IPM; built full protection (including short circuit / under / over-temperature protection), may be employedReflow to reduce production costs.
Surface mount the IPM
and in the “big” power, Mitsubishi Electric will DIPIPMTM current levels up to one hundred amperes or more, to expand the range of the variable frequency drive power. This year, Mitsubishi Electric large DIPIPM + TM module upcoming production, the rated current of broader coverage. Large DIPIPM + TM module is mainly used in commercial air conditioning cabinet machine or on-line, fully integrated with the rectifier bridge, an inverter bridge circuit and the corresponding driver protection, the product wafer CSTBTTM passage 7, built in short circuit protection and undervoltage protection analog output and a temperature function and bootstrap diode (BSD) and a current limiting resistor bootstrap current rating cover 50 ~ 100A / 1200V, PCB layout can be simplified, reduced substrate area.
Large DIPIPM +
in the rail traction applications and high reliability of the power transmission flow, etc., this display Mitsubishi X series HVIGBT further spread current level 3.3kV / 4.5kV / 6.5kV achieve more current density, the product is CSTBTTM silicon technology and RFC silicon diode technology, the 7th generation IGBT and diode RFC silicon technology to reduce power consumption; In addition, the product is reduced LNFLR technology – junction-case thermal resistance, full range of operating junction temperature range of up to -50 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, large margin safe operating area (SOA), Snap-off and no reverse recovery. By optimizing the internal structure of the package, X series HVIGBT improved heat resistance, moisture resistance and flame retardancy, extend product life. The conventional package series, H series and compatible with existing R series HVIGBT Copyright Control Engineering wherein , LV100 and HV100 package, separate AC and DC the layout of the main terminals, facilitate parallel applications; HV100 and LV100 packaging, new packaging structure, to achieve low internal stray inductance.
LV100 conventional package packaging (withstand voltage 6kV) HV100 package (10kV withstand voltage)
In addition to the X-Series HVIGBT, domestic first whole display module is also highly anticipated high-voltage SiC, SiC MOSFET therein comprising and anti-parallel SiC Schottky diode (SBD). In order to reduce the internal inductance module package (<10 nH)和提高并联芯片之间的均流效果,这款模块采用了一种被称为LV100全新的封装,使得交直流分开的主端子布局,利于并联应用并实现极低内部杂散电感。  早在2013年,三菱电机供轨道交通车辆使用、搭载3.3kv的全SiC功率模块便已经实现了商业化,其后,三菱电机一直坚持致力于推广更节能的SiC功率模块以逐步取代传统的Si功率模块。与Si-IGBT模块相比,FMF750DC-66A具有更低的开关损耗,其Eon相对降低了61%,Eoff则相对减小了95%。
In the PFC, photovoltaic, car charger applications, SiC SBD SiC MOSFET and two products anticipated, wherein [123 ], SiC SBD forward voltage drop, higher I t Copyright control Engineering against the inrush current has a greater ability;? in addition, the product also has a stronger high-frequency switching characteristics , the peripheral device can be downsized (reactor), can be applied to automotive electronics. and the second generation of SiC MOSFET using SiC technology, having a
Copyright control Engineering low Ron and low reverse recovery loss [ 123], suitable for higher switching frequencies, can be applied to industrial products, it may also be used in automotive grade product. in addition to the display of power modules, this will display a VR Mitsubishi spinning system solutions, which uses a servo drive Mitsubishi DIPIPMTM products. visitors can experience the VR scene spinning, and thus more intuitive and profound understanding of application scenarios DIPIPMTM. VR spinning
No Come in frequency appliances, Mitsubishi Electric will accelerate the development of the 7th generation DIPIPMTM, raising the temperature range DIPIPMTM of; in the industry and new energy, accelerate the development of the 8th generation IGBT module; the rail traction terms, improve X series HVIGBT product line ., and gradually promote the full commercialization of SiC MOSFET modules in addition, electric vehicles, it is the development of the Chinese market for automotive power module solutions, and gradually increase production capacity forecast new conference June 26 – 28, PCIM Asia 2019 exhibition will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center, Mitsubishi Electric semiconductor Greater China will continue to bring the latest products unveiled, with its experience and technology accumulated six years to bring new technology feast for us. in this exhibition on Mitsubishi Electric will bring 19 models of power modules and related solutions at PCIM Asia exhibition to meet with you (June 26, 2018 – 28), while the “innovative power components to build a sustainable future – Mitsubishi Electric semiconductor media conference “(6January 27) released emphasis on surface-mount IPM, large DIPIPM + TM, X series HVIGBT, SiC MOSFET discrete devices, full-SiC high-voltage module five new power module, for more information, please visit Mitsubishi Electric micro-channel public number Learn More Information.

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