CommScope launched a new modular FIST ™ fiber optic splice closure, to meet the required high fiber connector 5G

Countries in the world today is increasing its investment in digital infrastructure, promote the further development of broadband. According to the GSMA Report, 2025 5G access volume will exceed 1 billion. For this reason, it is imminent in the next few years to build to meet the needs of the network. Optical fiber with excellent efficiency, performance and transmission rate, become both meet the immediate future but also to achieve the best choice for 5G desired. In response to the market for fiber optic growing demand, a global leader in communications network infrastructure solutions provider CommScope announced a new FISTTM modular cable connector box, helps operators lay a solid foundation for future fiber optic network development. In the course of a large-scale deployment of optical fiber connection, speed of deployment and shortage of skilled labor is a serious challenge. The plug and play technology, CommScope FISTTM modular cable connector box used to meet customer demand for rapid deployment. Also Copyright Control Engineering , a modular construction which allows customers to configure on-site, reducing the time and labor costs arising from site survey, thereby shortening lead times. FISTTM new modular cable connector box can adapt to changing network demands which innovations including: gel sealing technology: the sealing tape is wound eight interchangeable end cap composition can be completed with pre-installed at the factory site · for a variety of cable specification: 1-27 millimeters (mm) diameter cable end into the FIST fiber management ·: unique single-line fiber optic splice tray member and the unit can be achieved at a high welding of large capacity. · Easy installation: Removable stand CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the installation and configuration process more flexible CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , easy to operate CommScope network operator in Greater China South Korea and the cable networks business sales director Yang Yajun said: “we are all interconnected towards a Gigabit network era, government policy support, licensing, subsidies etc. help build a comprehensive fiber optic infrastructure, while the infrastructure for support 5G coverage is critical. the new CommScope FIST modular cable connector box is a disruptive solution CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , The company also carried out for decades one of the most comprehensive portfolio of fiber optic products and a major upgrade. We believe this innovation will, as always welcomed by the industry, and can provide more robust business use case in the convergence of wireless and wired networks for telecom operators. “The Director General of the European FTTH Council Erzsébet Fitori said:” The digital economy is the backbone of the future development of the Control Engineering Copyright , while the optical fiber is the global market growth engine. Increase investment in innovation by wisdom, governments have the opportunity to enhance their competitiveness in the global economy and society in the digital world. The fiber infrastructure is the Internet of things, the cornerstone of key areas such as mobile computing and 5G innovation. ”

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