Cathedral ceiling okorder

So far, you should have a clear understanding of the appearance of the cathedral ceiling. Obviously, no two are the same, but they all share several key features in common, such as the symmetry of the sloping sides and the fact that they make the room feel more spacious and more dramatic without hindering its comfort and welcoming atmosphere.

Someone would say that the vaulted ceiling is almost the same as the church ceiling. In some ways, this is true, but there are some major differences between the two styles. The vaulted ceiling is not necessarily symmetrical because it actually has only one inclined side. In addition, it can have a curved or arched shape, while the cathedral ceiling can’t.

The ceiling of the cathedral is meaningful in the design of the building and there are many different situations. As mentioned earlier, each individual design or structure has its own characteristics. For example, the height of the ceiling, the material being covered, the finish and the color may vary from case to case.

The distinction between vaulted ceilings and cathedral ceilings is sometimes very similar, making it difficult to distinguish. Usually it is reduced to the exact length of the bevel or the angle or shape of the bevel and the extension of the entire ceiling. In this case, can you figure out what type of ceiling is there in this home?

The vault and the cathedral ceiling are ideal for skylights. It makes sense to install a skylight on a sloping ceiling. They give plenty of sunshine and also provide a fantastic view of the night sky.

There are a lot of cool ways to take advantage of the cathedral ceiling. First, you can emphasize its dramaticity with beams or hanging specific types of luminaires, such as this great restaurant chandelier.

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Adirondack Chair okorder

The Adirondack chair is an outdoor sofa with a backrest that can be angled and a sofa seat that is usually made of wide long strips.

It seems that building an Adirondack chair is not a difficult task. In fact, this will be a fairly simple š project, especially if you can find some plans. First you need some wood, more precisely, western red cedar, as explained, this can reduce waste.

An interesting option is to use the recycled tray wood to build an Adirondack chair. As you can see, this design is very simple and it should be fairly easy to complete this project. Here’s what you need: drill, saw, sandpaper, screws and pallet wood. If you want, you can paint the wood, but we really like its natural surface.

This particular model is not exactly the type of chair you can easily move. This is because it has a strong and quite heavy base. Part of the project is made of waste wood. Pay attention to all the different wood tones. This is a very inspiring sight.

The Adirondack chair should be practical and comfortable, so if you want to make a recliner, It won’t be that big. You can decide if you want to use scrap wood or new wood for this project. Just make sure you pay special attention to all the dimensions.

This simplified version of the chair is easy to put together, with no curves or unusually shaped elements. When everything is collected, the assembly can begin. First assemble the legs, then the seat, then the arms and back. Put them together and they should fit perfectly, just like a puzzle.

You have some old skis, don’t you mind re-adjusting? Check out this awesome project and show you how to use them to make an Adirondack chair. This is another inspiring project to look at the design plan and supplies list and find out how to turn it into a special personal project.

Now let’s take a look at some plans for the Adirondack Chairs, which are in scale and overall form. The aspect is more faithful to the original design, but by providing a very unusual thing for such a chair, the folding mechanism, this is also a prominent feature.

We believe that paint can really bring out the beauty of a piece of furniture, and it can also give it a lot of features. That said, take a look at this solid Adirondack solid wood chair, which has a brighter color paint that looks more polished than ever.

One of the best places in the Adirondack chairs is that they are very comfortable. They have wide seats, high backrests and perfect angles that make them resemble rocking chairs. Speaking of rocking chairs, check out this great mix. This is an Adirondack rocking chair. The cutest thing about the project is that it also shows how to make a cute version of the child.

This Adirondack chair is made of treated wood and is simple and easy to follow. The design is a simplified version of the original design. Cutting all the chips and sanding the edges is probably the most time consuming part of the project. Putting it together, assembling the chair is very interesting and easy.

This Adirondack chair offers great comfort and elegance, and has a simple and rigid construction with a shaped seat and back. The plan includes a grid map, a supply list, and details on how to cut all the parts and how to assemble the chair at the end.

One of the key defining elements of the Adirondack chair is its iconic tilting base, so the bar stool version that builds this piece doesn’t make much sense. Of course, if you really want to create such a piece of work, you can try it.

We like furniture that looks neat and has a reasonable design. Our favorite of these special Adirondack chairs has the fact that they have these crisp and solid lines that have been personalized with very elegant colors.

The Adirondack rocking chair is actually a thing, but finding it in the store is quite difficult, so it may be better to build it yourself. See how smooth this combination is and how this design fits into this relaxing chair.

These garden chairs are not replicas of the original Adirondack chairs, but they share some common design, especially the overall comfort. However, as you can see, this is actually a small built-in table that is connected by two chairs. In a way, you can think of this as a bench, but with a personal seat.

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Tokyo greenhouse becomes a multi-sensory experience when you touch plants okorder

As part of the Tokyo 2017 Design Touch event, design studio PARTY built a technical color greenhouse installation in the Grass Plaza in downtown Tokyo. As part of a one-month festival, the focus is on “designing through five sensations” – an interactive event that combines color LED lights with seven different types of touch-sensitive digital vegetables.

Visitors are invited to observe and learn how to use touch, vision and sound gardening. When touched, each vegetable emits its own unique color and melody. PARTY’s sound engineer Ray Kunimoto explained that he recorded authentic plant noises such as “揉搓 seeds” and “touch leaves”. He then mixes the natural sounds with the orchestral instruments to create seven different melodies.

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New Zealand house around a spiral core organization okorder

New Zealand has a house that is structured like a small village. Its center has a large double height space around which it forms several single-layered areas. There are also two mezzanine platforms and side lanes that bring the house closer to the adjacent old stone wall. There is also a good dynamic inside the house. There are a total of 247 square meters of living space. The house was designed by Vaughn McQuarrie and was completed in 2016.

The house is open to the environment at either end. It has a fully glazed façade that allows many natural light to enter, exposing the interior to the view. Of particular interest to us is how these spaces are organized. As we have already mentioned, they are concentrated in a central space with double height ceilings. Spiral staircases and floor-standing fireplaces emphasize the height of the space and serve as the focal point.

The spiral staircase is not only a functional element in the design of the house, but also has sculptural features that increase its visual appeal and overall elegance while maintaining space efficiency. Its main role is to provide access to two mezzanine platforms. One of the platforms is the main sleeping area and the other is the work area.

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More than just a parking garage concept okorder

Weinheim, Germany, this family home has a design that reflects the division of the internal space structure. The street-facing facades are almost always compact and closed, with the aim of ensuring privacy. This allows the garage to blend seamlessly and fit the bottom layer in a natural way.

In 2014, architect Paul Bernier redesigned a private home in Estre, Canada, and offered a new look. The new design is minimalist with a subtle sculptural look. The garage is located at the back of the house, hidden and seamlessly connected to other spaces.

This house in Vancouver was originally built in the 1980s and has recently been transformed into a modern home with new interiors and a range of updated features. In addition to the new distribution of indoor space, D'Arcy Jones Architecture also provides a neat garage for the house with an open carport extension.

When designing the M4 house in Higashino-machi, Japan, the team of the architect firm ensured that the site was fully utilized. They gave the house plenty of room and a good privacy. The garage is designed without a carport or a traditional fence, it simply completes the house, which houses the car and the bike, with no boundaries.

A house can look simple and doesn’t look monotonous, or like other homes around. Take this as an example. This is a house in Sydney, Australia, designed by Choi Ropiha Fighera. Despite the simplicity of the garage and driveway sections, it has a lot of personality.

When this gorgeous house was built in Cape Town, South Africa, the client wanted a holiday home that could be the perfect place to retire. It must be modern and provide a view of the ocean with a limited budget. The team at Gavin Maddock Design Studio presented a very clean design that contrasted perfectly with the surrounding environment. The rich wooden garage module is particularly satisfactory in a way that complements the clear white lines of the rest of the house.

This is an amazing example of the home that stands out because of the elegant and complex contrast between the garage door and the rest of the building. In this case, the design created by Mark Brand Architecture also gave a great focus. The garage door is made of wood and features five thin horizontal windows.

The architect Christopher Simmonds did not make the garage stand in stark contrast to the other facades of the house, but by making the floor white, while covering the upper layer with stained wood, like a garage, let the house. The dynamic is very interesting.

Sometimes limit leads to new and creative creations, as well as new and unique ways of dealing with this problem. This is the case in this home, which was built in a steep location in Vancouver, Canada. The house is highlighted from the hillside and due to limited construction, the architect must be innovative and create a series of suspended spaces that form unspoiled land beneath it. The garage is a structure that has to be placed on the ground.

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Livable family home in Marseille, France okorder

Several steps from the beaches of Marseille, France, architect MauricePadovani created a livable and stylish home for a young family. The refurbished space is bright, airy and comfortable.

The family has two young children living on the first floor, which means that the children must temporarily share a bedroom. Padovani removes all the walls and false flat tops in the space, and the open area reveals a complex and attractive frame.
The decoration of the neutral color space is ingenious. The chandelier is made of stainless steel and heat resistant glass. All furniture has clean lines that help keep the space open. Floor-standing bookshelves provide plenty of storage and display space. The top of the main wall is completely open and the stairs are made of folded galvanized steel that occupies one end of the room. The white beams and trusses visually expand the space and magnify the natural light. It creates a bright and relaxing space.

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Contemporary duplex apartment overlooking the Selma Bay, Greece okorder

Across more than 1,000 square feet, this contemporary duplex apartment is located in the Twins Thessaloniki, Greece, overlooking the Therma Bay, designed by the NORMLESS Architecture studio for a young family. The project involves a comprehensive transformation of the two-story space to create a functional and comfortable space. The moderate area requires the use of space at each point, and the designer creates an open floor plan by modifying the layout to improve line of sight and functionality. The lower floors have more public space, including the kitchen, living room, guest rooms and bathrooms, while the upper level includes two bedrooms and one bathroom. The kitchen has an abundance of blue cabinets, warm wood and black details. In the rest of the interior, the designers used white, black and grey tones with green and blue details.

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Household utensils collection okorder

The Constance Guisset studio in Paris collaborated with the French retailer Monoprix to design a fun and colorful collection of household utensils, including cutlery, supplies, stationery and furniture. The work is decorated with circular and summer watercolor patterns, which lead to happy and dreamy objects, designed for everyday life.

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Simple lighting – the art of hand-made exploration lights okorder

Float is a minimalist lamp created by the Australian studio Articolo. Articolo explores the art of light by hand.
Float is reminiscent of Hollywood charm, with a stylish and slender proportion. Amazing stained glass and copper rods reflect a luxurious and refined feel, while its simple form adds a modern touch to the design. The contrast between classical and modern produces an elegant grandeur.
When lit, the lampshade will cast a soft light. The lampshade is detachable for easy cleaning and has two options: frosted white glass and emerald green glass. The lamp has a chandelier or wall light option.

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Simplicity is happiness, this concept inspired LifeEdited’s project okorder

This concept provides a great solution that allows space to be both a living room and a sleeping area. From day to night, the transition zone of space is very simple. As the wall bed is folded up, the modular furniture is displayed and the space becomes more open and airy.

Nano Studio is a miniature apartment designed for students. This is part of a project to build 70 such studios in a complex, including games and gyms, music practice rooms, study lounges, conference areas and storage units. The project revolves around the concepts of convenience, comfort and low cost.

This Murphy bed looks a bit unusual. It is embedded in a large unit that spans the entire wall. This is a clever idea, considering that the entire apartment is long and narrow, dividing it into small rooms will be less practical.

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